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Trinity Baptist Church Sun City Center, FL
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Trinity Baptist Church Sun City Center, FL

Author: Dr. Tom Townsend

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Sermons and inspirational material from Trinity Baptist Church, Sun City Center, FLDr. Tom Townsend - Senior Pastor
511 Episodes
Message: The Ingredients for VictoryI PersonsII PlaceIII PlanIV Praise
Message: The Sin of Aiming LowI Get on top of your circumstancesII VisualizeIII FormalizeIV EnergizeV Realize
Message: Spiritual LawsI You Will Reap What You SowII You May Reap What Someone Else SowsIII You May Reap Good Fruit From a Bad Harvest
Message: Be Doers and Not Hearers OnlyI. Doers of the WordII. Perfect Law of LibertyIII. Pure and Undefiled Religion
Missions OutreachRev. Ernie Cabrera
Message: The Choice is YoursI The Choice to ServeII The Choice to SeverIII The Choice to Savor
Message: Living to CapacityI Rewards were not proportional II Individuals are unfulfilledIII Enemy was deeply entrenched
Message: Borderline BelieversI DividedII Distracted III Defeated
Message: Asking For A MountainI Work was not finished II Worker was not finishedIII Promises were kept
Message: Growing Your Prayer LifeDr. Gary Rohrmayer
Message: Claiming Your Possessions with Gary RohrmayerI Recount God's VictoriesII Remember God's PresenceIII Re-enter God's Rest
Message: Which Day Are You Experiencing?I Palm SundayII Good FridayIII SaturdayIV Resurrection Sunday
Message: Turning Defeat Into VictoryI Source of DefeatII Effects of DefeatIII Victory From Defeat
Message: How to Seize VictoryI God's Will May Be DifferentII God's Will Must Be FollowedIII God's Will is Always Right
Message: Preparation for ConflictI God's ProvisionII God's PresenceIII God's Expectations
Message: The Untraveled PathI Proceed with PrayerII Proceed with CautionIII Proceed with Faith
Message: The Scarlet Thread of FaithI The SettingII Rahab's PastIII Rahab's PresentIV Rahab's Future
Message: Facing Your GiantI God is AbleII Don't Listen to SkepticsIII Never Wear Another Person's ArmorIV Run, Don't Walk, Towards Your "Goliath"
Message: "The Mighty Minority"I Call of GodII Confidence in GodIII CourageIV ConcentrationV Controlled by God
Message: Breaking Nets and Sinking BoatsI Difficulty they were inII Directions they receivedIII Discoveries they madeIV Decisions they made