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Author: A podcast from Wela

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That's rich...A podcast where business meets pop culture. Childhood friends who grew up to become CEOs of some of the hottest tech companies in Atlanta give their insights on everything from football to finance.

Wela CEO Matt Reiner and Pinnacle Shows CEO Evan Shoda share their experience and their insights as two Millenials running growing companies.
92 Episodes
It's the week of Thanksgiving and we're giving you a cornucopia of hot takes and trending topics
Episode 15 - #DearJeff

Episode 15 - #DearJeff


Firey debate capped off with an open letter, #Dear Jeff, to Jeff Bezos to choose Atlanta as Amazon's second Headquarters.
Episode 14 of That's Rich was scary good. Why does Matt think Twitter sucks? Why does Evan think robots are taking over the world and why does everyone fear flying?
Matt's in Vegas this week which means...Special guest and cohost. Don't worry, they brought their hot takes.
This week the guys share how you can generate income in retirement. As Eddie gives a killer market recap, listen close to hear our neighbors from Calendly enjoy their weekly Friday morning screaming match.
Podcast takeover! The Wela office's youngsters take over the podcast. Britni and Marisa hook you up with 9 tips to improve your personal finances. #TheBritmarShow
This week's minisode is all about fresh starts. The time to start investing is now, because tomorrow never comes!
Welcome back to What The Finance?! This week the guys delve into the world of pay day loans. Listen in as Matt and Eddie share stories of the many scams they've fallen for. While pay day loans can be helpful to some, they can be an unnecessary risk for many.
This money minisode is about the overseas markets and how they can affect you.
This week we're talking about craft brews! Grab your favorite local brewski and listen in while Matt and Eddie give you the 411 on everything beer related.
Welcome back to the third installment of Wela’s Money Mix-up, where we bring you the best of the best financial information and advice. This week’s mix-up is all about credit cards and improving your credit!
It's America's "Cinco De Mayo," and we're celebrating with everyone's favorite topics - fireworks and budgets! Just like a firework, everyone will experience boom and busts to their budgets at some point. Join Matt and Marisa as they relate pyrotechnics to your personal wealth. The gang shares with the listeners the fascinating history of the holiday, and predictions about this year's 4th of July are made. Listen in for money saving tips for the holiday and stories about firework-related injuries.
Welcome back to the third installment of Wela's Money Mixup, where we bring you the best of the best financial information and advice. This week's mixup explains the changes in investing over the years and breaks down the finance options you can find within the workplace.
What are your financial regrets? This week Matt and Eddie take a look at the most universal regrets of retirees and discuss ways that you can avoid experiencing the same regrets in your own life. The guys uncover financial pitfalls that can dampen your golden years, and give advice on how to set yourself up for a worry-free retirement.
Take a stroll down memory lane as the guys take a look back at the evolution of video games. The graphics, controls, and characters may change, but the strategies remain the same - and the same is true for investing. Matt and Eddie also look into how a video game company that hasn't produced any games sold for a billion dollars. Find out what the finance this has to do with your investing strategy and more.
This week the guys talk about time shares. Are they a good investment? Are they even an investment at all? Matt and Eddie share time share sales horror stories, then delve into the ins and outs of the time share market. Love going to that vacation spot? Listen in now to find out whether a time share would help or hurt your vacationing dreams.
Stories of mass car recalls have been all over the media as of late. Join Matt and Eddie as they seek out the root of these recalls. As the guys take a look into the situations surrounding two major car companies, they illustrate why cutting corners now can lead to big problems down the road. So will pushing off that credit card debt really hurt you in the long run? Find out the answer to this and much more with this week's What The Finance?!
This week Matt and Eddie take a look at a 124 year old startup - GE. To stay relevant for over a century, GE had to re-adjust and re-invent itself over the years. The guys explain why the same philosophy needs to be applied to your finances. From the sealed refrigerator to the jet engine, GE has been known for introducing big ticket items to the markets. The guys dissect the company's history and business plan to determine if the addition of software development is a profitable addition to GE's laundry list of endeavors.
This week Matt and Eddie are looking at how everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, reality TV, and financial news media are actually similar. The guys first dig into why people love reality TV so much. What's the first reality TV show you first remember watching? This genre has actually been around for a while now, but when it first premiered, people didn't know how to classify it. It was never exactly a documentary, but it's not completely scripted. The guys then look into how financial news media seems to have taken a que from reality TV. The focus turned from news to eliciting emotions.
Matt and Eddie are digging into one of the biggest businesses in the world, Apple. More specifically, the Apple App Store. It's been around for less than 10 years, but the app store revolutionized mobile devices. The guys dig into how the world adjusted to the App Store. It's fun to think back on life before iPhones. They also demonstrate the similarities between the App Store and a financial product you might be using today... Matt and Eddie then look into the business behind the App Store. Who is making money through the App Store? It's not just the developers. All this and more in this week's podcast!
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