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The Escort: Deconstructed

Author: Sienna Hunter

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Sienna Hunter deconstructs the label of 'escort' in an effort to abolish the stigma against escorts, and sex workers. Escorts reveal how they began working in this industry, working conditions, consequences of their involvement, sexuality, stigma and more. Clients and supportive businesses advocate their involvement in the industry and share their stories.This podcast seeks to liberate those involved in this industry from the restrictive labels assigned by examining the essence of 'who' an escort is.
30 Episodes
Sienna chats to three sugar daddies about their experience of using arrangement websites and sugar dating. They have also all seen escorts and discuss their perceived differences between escorting and sugar babying and how they feel sugar babying fits into the sex work industry. Sienna also conducted a Twitter poll geared towards escorts getting their take on whether or not they have arrangements with
Nathalie Lefebvre joins Sienna in co-authoring this piece about the issues with arrangement culture. This was created specifically as a response to Eric Weinstein’s podcast The Portal episode 39, “Admission to Sugar Baby U”, with Seeking Arrangement’s  representative Kimberly.Follow this link for the written version- Testimonials by: @MiaWolfeMtl , , , , , voice over by the amazing @Real_Goode,
Sienna is joined by Kate, a woman in her mid thirties who found out her spouse was seeing an escort. Kate's story has quite the twist and shed lights on another angle of things to consider in this industry.If you want to get in touch with Kate, she has created a special email to interact with anyone else who may want to discuss a similar experience or offer her some kind words.Kate's email -
Sienna is joined by the OnlyFans sensation Savannah Solo to discuss her journey of entering the world of sex work through online content creation. Savannah is the first non-full service sex worker to be on the show and offers great insight into how keeping an open mind to new information can lead to endless possibilities. Savannah’s OnlyFans –’s Twitter – @Savannah_Solo List of the lovely humans shouted out by Savannah to follow on Twitter:@PRAISECHELLE@seductivechef@untitledbaby21@ExclusiveElliot@etherealzoey@YummiKoko69@RosewithTh0rns Watch these YouTube videos, they will be used as a fundraiser to support organizations supporting the #BlkLivesMatter movement and protester bail funds through number of views: 
Sienna Hunter is hosted by Elliot Emerson to share her story about her experience and involvement in the sex work industry.Website: @SiennaHunterTOThe Escort: Deconstructed Website:
Sienna is joined by Peter and Ace to discuss their experience of being the partner of an escort. Special guest testimonials of other anonymous people in relationships with escorts have also been
Sienna is joined by Stefania to discuss her experience of escorting, and what she's learnt about how to properly screen and stay safe in this industry.Find Stefania with the following links:Website: @StefaniaVillaTOStefania's Guide on 'How to Book an Escort: Newbie's Guide' :'s Guide on 'Screening: Frequently Asked Questions' : Stefania has many other blog posts on her website regarding many other facets of the industry for those with an ever lingering curiosity to learn more.
Sienna is joined by 'Modern Whore' author Andrea Werhun to chat about her experience as an escort, her current experience of working as a stripper, and more.Find Andrea with the following links: Website: @andreawerhunFind 'Modern Whore' resources with the following links:Website: @modernwhore
Sienna is joined by Meredith Blidner and Carly Kalish to discuss some aspects of therapy relevant to sex workers.Meredith Blidner, MSW RSW , Kalish, MSWToronto Foundation Study on Social Capital: If you are a professional that would like to be listed on the show's resources page as Sex Worker Allied, whether it be in therapy or other disciplines, get in touch with the show.
Sienna is joined by Riley Marshall to discuss the concept of original content. Is it possible to create original content as an escort? Should one may content reflective of their personality or something appealing to the norm to gain more business? So many questions!Find Bailey with the following links:Website: @RileyMarshallTO
Sienna is joined by Kaia Sophia who reads from a mini-essay she wrote in which she muses on escorting and life. Kaia is based out of Ottawa, ON.“It’s not about empowerment and loving the work. Though many of us do love this job, not everyone does. Supporting sex workers and decriminalization is about safety, dignity, and respecting the right to make choices about our own lives even when our options are limited. Not everyone loves their jobs, but it costs money to live in this world. Sex workers deserve the right to choose their preferred form of labour and work safely.”  -KaiaKaia's Website:'s Twitter: @TheKaiaSophiaOn Astrology Tarot Intersectional Feminism Legislation of Sex Work of United Nations Stance on Prostitution Resources, Ontario Court Case to Challenge Canada’s Prostitution Laws SESTA/FOSTA Of Anti-Trafficking Orgs Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform
Sienna is joined by Nathalie Lefebvre and Kaia Sophia to hear about the collective they founded, along with a few other ladies, called Ottawa Independent Companions. Find OIC with the following links:Website: @OICompanions 
Sienna is joined by Nathalie to discuss her story of working in the industry for almost a decade and the decision to become a mother. Nathalie has worked with sex worker rights organizations both domestically and internationally and she shares her view on the best legal models moving forward.Links to everything Nathalie mentioned in the podcast:Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre: https://ottawabirthcentre.caMidwifery Group of Ottawa: http://midwiferygroupofottawa.comBook:…Global Network of Sex Work Projects: http://nswp.orgPOWER: http://powerottawa.caFind Nathalie with the following links:Website: Twitter: @NathalieOttawa
Sienna is joined by Elliot Emerson to discuss race and biases in the escorting industry. In addition, five special guests share testimonials of their experience in the industry.Find Elliot Emerson with the following links:Website: @ExclusiveElliotThe Emerson Experience: Guests Featured:#1 - Winnie Elle,  @Wondrous_Winnie , - Hadley Darling , @HadleyDarling , - Carmen Rey, @TheCarmenRey , - Seductive Storm, @supergirlstorm , - Tegan Smith, @MsTeganSmith
Sienna is joined by Emilie Silvers who shares her experience of working in the sex industry in numerous different capacities. In addition, the concept of labels is discussed.Find Emilie with the following links:Website: @EmilieSilvers
Sienna is joined by Michaela Banks to discuss self-development in the sex work industry. Michaela is a certified life coach and companion based out of Vancouver, BC. Find Michaela with the following links:Website: @fallformichaela
Sienna is joined by Kitten Kinkie to discuss what it's like escorting while pregnant, deciding to continue escorting while married with a baby and much more. Kitten also shares her experience of working as an escort since she was eighteen years old and what she's learnt along the way.Find Kitten with the following links:Website: @NadiaLovechanko
Sienna is joined by Vivienne Lawrence to discuss exploring one's creative side in this industry and the places ambition can take you. Vivienne has taken the initiative to create and host industry art parties for escorts, clients, and industry friendly individuals.Find Vivienne with the following links:Website: @VivienneL_TO
Sienna is joined by Isobel Andrews to cover the topic of business and security considerations.Find Isobel with the following links:Website: @lafemmeisobelHere are links to some of the things Isobel mentioned in case you’d like to check them out a little more:—Podcast covering the Ben Faulkner child abuse case:— Duck Duck Go private search browser:— Nord VPN: 
Rebranding with Isla David

Rebranding with Isla David


Sienna is joined by Isla David to discuss what its like rebranding yourself in the escort industry. Isla used to be a dominatrix and is now an escort offering a girlfriend experience.Find Isla with the following links:Website: @bed_romper
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