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We all dream, we all have blessings, and we all have challenges… and if we were truly lucid, we wouldn’t take any of those things laying down. Join Dream Expert and Bestselling author, (the irreverent) Reverend Doctor Kelly Sullivan Walden, as she explores nighttime dreams, daytime desires, and the best ways to transform the tragic into magic. Kelly’s excited to explore the topic of her new book with you, A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, (released Spring of 2023). Join Kelly in exploring the ways in which you can make the world a lighter, brighter, more beautiful place…one dream at a time.

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If not now, when? Besides exploring the 3 words to avoid to make the best of the rest of your life, we have a we explore the hilarious way Nancy T and Jude met.  Here's a hint--it had something to do with the amazing Byron Katie. Jude Luttrell coaches with full-on wisdom and enthusiasm. She is a weekly blogger whose articles can be found on her website, Videos about empowerment, awareness, creating a better life and tips on clothing and makeup... you name it can be found on her daily TikTok and IG page. Jude is a writer and a published author, an ordained minister, a graduate of the University of Santa Monica with certifications in Consciousness, Heath and Healing, Spiritual Psychology, and Soul Centered Life Coaching, a 50-year meditator in TM and Mindfulness and a Breast Cancer Survivor. Watch the Show on YouTube Kelly Sullivan Walden web site  X-Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn  TikTok  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you ready to emerge from your cocoon but struggle with pseudo-comforts like food, drugs, technology, and relationships that are no longer working? Are you ready to listen to the voice of love rather than the voice of fear? If you said yes, this is when the healing moment occurs when you decide to flip your internal switch and let light flood your consciousness. With this change, you can regain control of your life and recognize you are enough. In The Healing Moment, Dr. Donna Marks integrates psychology, personal experience, and A Course in Miracles to teach people how to use their traumas and pain as the doorway to enlightenment and happiness. The seven paths that Dr. Marks introduces can help turn negative experiences and mistakes into meaning and purpose. Triggers like a lack of love, respect, trust, and more can be transformed by understanding how the mind uses our own fear to manipulate our lives. This is your sign to choose to open your awareness to the voice of love and experience your own healing moment. Dr. Donna Marks has been a licensed psychotherapist and addictions counselor in Palm Beach, Florida, for over thirty years. In 1989, Dr. Marks developed a chemical dependency training program at Palm Beach Community College, which has grown into a four-year degree and received the Florida Governor’s Council Award. She is also a certified gestalt therapist, psychoanalyst, hypnotist, sex therapist, and teaches A Course in Miracles, along with sharing her methods with hundreds of thousands of listeners on podcasts and radio shows. Dr. Donna Marks on YouTube Dr. Donna Marks Facebook Instagram Connect with Kelly Sullivan Walden  X-Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn  TikTok Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
If you’re in pain—of any kind—from the loss of a loved one, a job, or a sense of identity, my conversation with Audrey White will bring you from pain to peace. Audrey White is the co-author of the new book, Grief Coaching: Paving a Path from Pain to Peace. She is the CEO of the Grief Coach Academy, the #1 coach training program dedicated to training coaches how to help people through grief. With her expertise in dealing with life’s setbacks, grief, and stress, Audrey has helped countless individuals find hope and healing during times of trauma and loss. Audrey’s passion for healing is borne from her own journey through grief and loss. Audrey’s journey is one of heartbreak, surrender, and perseverance to find the joy of living again. Connect with Audrey White YouTube: From Pain to Peace Kelly Sullivan Walden X-Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I loved my conversation with Melissa St. Hilaire! First of all, she is hilarious, and she is also deep, profound with so much wisdom about the afterlife. In fact, the title of her recent book is 30 Real Signs From The Afterlife. She is the go-to expert when we are grieving and want to make contact with our beloveds on the other side. My friend, Gypsy, of course, showed up in this convo—as the sweetest, little bird…but so did (trigger warning) Sharon Tate. This is a full-spectrum show, to say the least.   Melissa St. Hilaire grew up in the backwoods of Massachusetts, had her first mediumship experience at age three, began reading tarot cards at twelve, and has been mystified by the occult ever since.   She offers intuitive and mediumship readings and classes at the Green Man store in North Hollywood, CA. She also leads paranormal investigations with the Dark Zone and the Spirit Realm Network. Her new web series, Secrets of the Craft, is available now on Dead Air Full Spectrum, and her new book, 30 Real Signs from the Afterlife is hot off the shelves! Kelly Sullivan Walden-Join the Dream Team Facebook TikTok X (Twitter) Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Melissa St. Hilaire Anatomy of Friendship: Podcast Anatomy of a Friendship- YouTube Instagram Facebook Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Finding it hard to be optimistic about our future? This show will flip that around! Guest Stephen Dinan is the founder and CEO of The Shift Network and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders. The Shift Network has served over 3M people worldwide, with customers in 170 countries. It delivers virtual summits, courses, and trainings featuring over 250 core faculty and 3,000 thought leaders in domains as diverse as spirituality, holistic health, psychology, shamanism, energy healing, sound healing,, qigong, and dreamwork. He is the author of Sacred America, Sacred World and Radical Spirit.  Connect with host Kelly Sullivan Walden The Kelly Sullivan Walden Show on YouTube Facebook: TikTok: X (Twitter):  Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Such a juicy conversation! Honestly, I was a little trepidations for this convo—as much as I’m intrigued, I’m also a bit skittish about the whole “witch” thing. But, holy goddess, was Dr. Linda Murphy, truly magikal! She’s a Third-Degree Wiccan, a high priestess, and an elder in the Craft. She teaches us all about the simple ways to become through the natural art of witchcraft. So powerful! In addition to earning academic degrees in history, anthropology, and geography, Linda has taught in both college and magickal settings. Find Linda Murphy at Get the book Empowerment Through Witchcraft Facebook: TikTok: X (Twitter): Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Much like the legendary heroes and heroines of Greek and Roman mythology, we too, experience love, hate, failure, and challenges along our way to enlightenment. Though no hero’s journey is perfect, we have the power to rise again in cosmic alignment with our inner hero. Embark on an epic journey of understanding, strength, and ancient wisdom with professional astrologist and spiritual counselor Letao Wang, author of Oracle of the Mythic Heroes. On the show, we pull cards that relate to the heroes and heroines of Greek and Roman mythology,modern astrology and the three heroes of each zodiac sign, cosmic laws and alignment within our own life, and. We pulled Achilles and sexy Helen of Troy—and the messages were PROFOUND! Watch episode on YouTube: Facebook: TikTok: X (Twitter): Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Uncover Your Untapped Talents and Abilities as we explore the intersection between DreamCrafting and Witchcrafting. You'll learn a witchy way to meditate, eat, and craft your way to a higher quality of life.   Laurel Woodward shares the wisdom from her latest book, Wellness Witchery, more than seventy herbal formulas and nearly sixty exercises, spells, and recipes that help you feel and live better through nature. On the show, we discuss the power of plants through herbal and self-care applications for boosting immunity, empowering relationships, relieving stress, improving self-esteem, and more.  LAUREL WOODWARD has been a witch for twenty years and a tarot reader. She has written for magazines and ezines on healthy living, organic gardening, sustainable living, and the magick of tapping creative energy and dreams. Wellness Witchery: A Magickal Approach to Nourishing the Body, Mind, and Spirit by Laurel Woodward Find out more about Laurel Woodward Get Kelly Sullivan's Walden's book- A Crises if a Terrible Thing to Waste : The Art of Transforming the Tragic into Magic Connect with Kelly Sullivan Walden (Doctor Dream) - Dream Expert, Best Selling Author, Mdia Personality Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Astrology is the language of nature and KJ has made it her mission to decode its complexities into something useful, meaningful, and practical. She approaches astrology strategically with a background in science, psychology, and health, and an insatiable curiosity for the human mind. A retired nomad and travel enthusiast, she’s an expert in locational astrology and will help you find the best places for you to live and visit based on your unique energy and timing. She also specializes in business astrology. Having synesthesia, she not only reads your chart, but “feels” it and translates it into metaphors and common word. KJ Atlas website Kelly Sullivan Walden Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Timothy Schultz, a dynamic YouTuber and the charismatic host behind the captivating podcast, "Lottery Dreams and Fortune," has a story that resonates with millions. In 1999, he defied the odds by winning the Powerball jackpot in the USA at the age of 21, becoming one of the youngest lottery winners in history. Following this life-altering win, Schultz pursued his passion by returning to college to study broadcast news and immerse himself in film and media productions. Today, Timothy Schultz seamlessly blends his firsthand experience of sudden wealth with his experience in broadcast news to curate compelling interviews with fellow lottery winners, experts, and individuals about defying the odds and the enigmatic realm of luck. With an unwavering belief that anything is possible, Schultz's platform serves as a beacon of inspiration, where the realms of intuition, mindset, manifestation, and destiny converge. Notably, Schultz's journey is underscored by a remarkable premonition—a vivid dream foreshadowing his serendipitous lottery win. With appearances on renowned media outlets such as BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Fox News, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the TODAY Show, and TLC, Timothy Schultz's story has captivated audiences worldwide. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you. . . Living your most authentic, courageous life? Trapped by a lifetime of old habits and paths that constrict and smother your soul? Ready to boldly—or with great fear!—discover your own undiscovered country? It’s time, then, to take a walk, a hike, a stravage across an ancient land and change your life, forever. On the show, I interview my dreamy friend, Dr. Royce Fitts, author of The Geography of the Soul. We talk about dreams and his "stravage" across the elegant English countryside following along the “oldest road in England and Europe”—a path formed in prehistory, by the Ice Age and before the English Channel existed, stretched across the European continent. Dr. Royce Fitts is passionate about working in the areas of spiritual, psychological, and emotional health.  He holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree and is Ordained and Certified as a Dream Work Minister and Facilitator. He, along with his two other Dream Work family members, Billie Ortiz and Vivianna Guzman, hosts the Healing Dreams Project Podcast. Healing Dreams Project Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is it just me, or do you also assume that no matter how much spiritual work you do, moving anywhere--across the street, state, or country--will be a nightmare? Well, it no longer has to be that way. My amazing guest, dear friend, and literary agent, Devra Jacobs, just wrote a book called A Happy Move: Everything You Need To Know Before And After The Boxes Are Packed. This is the book I wish I had read about 25 moves ago. With her wisdom under my belt, moving can now be a dream! A Happy Move aims to help people experience a functional, less stressful change of residence. We discuss her book on the show, the first of its kind. It provides suggestions, worksheets, and first-hand accounts of what to do and what NOT TO DO before, during, and after your move. Whether you’re making a military-related move, going across the city, or across the country, this book will help you enjoy A Happy Move! With over 29 moves under her belt, Devra is practically a professional! She and her family have moved to Korea and across the USA even once. Although she did not personally serve in the military, several of her moves were because she was married to an Army man. Along the way, Devra learned numerous valuable lessons on everything from how to pack properly for do-it-yourself moves to how to hire the right movers for cross-country moves. On the show, she shares the good, the bad, and the happy experiences that can help others experience a happy move. By the way, she’s also my amazing literary agent, the owner of Dancing Word Group! Find Kelly Sullivan Walden on YouTube Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this surprising and ever-so-accidental episode, Doctor Raymond Moody was on fire, and far be it from me to put out the fire of such a great genius. He starts off talking about Moody's 3 Laws of Troubles… and the rest of the episode takes off from there. I've had to listen to this several episode times to grok it. The content is one thing, but the energy where the content leads us is a whole other world and a whole other way of beholding life in the afterlife. Enjoy!, Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you growing older and beginning to wonder about the meaning of life? Are you someone whose enjoyment of life is being severely restricted due to a persistent, intrusive fear of death? Or are you just naturally curious about anything and everything related to the life beyond? If any of those descriptions fit you, then this conversation is for you! Join me as in Interview the legendary Dr. Raymond Moody and Paul Perry—as they share their personal and professional experience and advice based on sixty years of experience studying this mystery. After decades of persistent, rigorous skeptical inquiry, they are confident of a life after death. Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, is the leading authority on the “near-death experience”—a phrase he coined and an experience he defined in the late seventies. His seminal work, Life After Life, completely changed the way we view death and dying and has sold more than thirteen mil- lion copies worldwide. The New York Times calls Dr. Moody the “father of the near-death experience.” For more than five decades, Dr. Moody has regularly enlightened audiences with his lectures and public speaking events. His Life After Life Institute provides a place for leading-edge researchers and thinkers to share their investigations into near-death phenomena and offers online courses and personal consultations. Dr. Moody is also in the private practice of philosophical counseling and consulting on dying, training hospice workers, clergy, psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals on matters of grief recovery and dying. Paul Perry is the coauthor of five New York Times bestsellers, including The Light Beyond with Raymond Moody, Saved by the Light with Dannion Brinkley, and Evidence of the Afterlife with Jeffrey Long, MD. Perry has cowritten a dozen books on near-death experiences, four of them with Dr. Moody. His books have been published in more than thirty languages around the world. Find Raymond Moody MD, Ph.D on Facebook and Instagram @dr.raymondmoody Find Paul Perry on Facebook and Instagram @pperry87 Connect with host Kelly Sullivan Walden (Doctor Dream) Best Selling Author, Dream Expert, Media Personality Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Has your creativity felt stifled lately? Have you been looking for the breakthrough in your ability to access higher energies? Do you wish you could press a button and dissolve all creative blocks and generate new ideas? Well, today’s show is for you! Instead of cattle prodding the muse, or playing hard to get…let’s light some candles, play soft music and ROMANCE THE MUSE! To help us do this, I called on the most talented human on the planet…Suzie Plakson. If you don’t know her, here’s a little background… 7,000 years ago, Suzie Plakson started life as an actor pounding the pavements of New York City –she did tons of temp jobs, some improv comedy, some off-off-off Broadway theatre fiascos, played Maleficent in a Disney spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, and at long last landed the lead in a national tour, playing four characters opposite the musical theatre legend, Anthony Newley – a turn of events which dropped her off in Hollywood. Since then, she’s appeared in things like Mad About You, Wag the Dog, Love and War, Dinosaurs, Everybody Loves Raymond, How I Met Your Mother, Star Trek, a bunch of other guest star roles, and a few seriously bad pilots. As a multi-media artist, she creates sculptures large and small in her otherwise unused oven, sings and writes different styles of songs – most recently the pop song/empowerment anthem U*B*U. She’s written short stories, poetry, a solo theatre show, and an alternative country rock album, out of which sprang the music video DidnwannaDoIt! She’s also written and narrated her metaphysical myth for the eternally young at heart:  The Return of King Lillian. Facebook Find out more about Kelly Sullivan Walden (Doctor Dream) Best Selling author, Dream Expert, Media Personality Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What started off as a conversation between friends, pulling Dia de Los Muertos Oracle Cards, became so juicy conversation we felt it needed to be shared. In the spirit of the time of year when the veil is thinnest and prime for communication between our departed loved ones, Nancy T and I pull cards, and she contacts her mom on the other side. Connect with Kelly Sullivan Walden , Bestselling Author, Dream Expert, Media Personality Connect with Nancy T Get the Dia De Los Muertos Oracle Cards Meet the artist Emily K. Grieves Blue Angel Publishing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
My dear friend the amazing Aurora M. Winter (who I refer to from her days as the founder of the Grief Coach Academy) has written an award-winning fantasy book series (that may soon be a TV series too!!) Aurora M. Winter wrote an award-winning screenplay for a TV movie starring Jack Palance, Eli’s Lesson. She has also written several award-winning non-fiction books. She says Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse is her way of saying thank you to C. S. Lewis and paying it forward to future generations. This series invites readers to believe in the power of love, friendship, and courage." A popular speaker, Aurora is frequently featured on podcasts and other broadcasts. Meet Aurora Winter here Find books by Kelly Sullivan Walden and other podcast hosts in the online store Connect with Bestselling Author, Dream Expert, Media Personality Kelly Sullivan Walden Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
HeatherAsh Amara is the author of nine books, including the bestselling Warrior Goddess Training, The Seven Secrets of Happy and Healthy Relationships with don Miguel Ruiz Jr., and the upcoming book Wild, Willing, and Wise. She skillfully and unconditionally guides people to shift from self-judgment to discernment, victimhood to authentic vulnerability, and to shed limiting domestication so they can ground into their self-intimacy, steadiness, and stillness. Raised in Southeast Asia, HeatherAsh has traveled the world from childhood and is continually inspired by the diversity and beauty of human expression and experience. She brings this open-hearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings.  HeatherAsh Amara web site Meet Kelly Sullivan Walden Author, Dream Expert, Media Personality here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Georgina Cannon is back! And she shares her incredible story of how she healed from debilitating migraines through Past Life Regression. She also shares about her newest book, "Your Guide to Self-Discovery -Twenty Ways to Find the True You"...and I'm excited to be one of the contributors to this amazing book. She invited me plus 19 other experts in New Age modalities, to share their wisdom to help you discover, for example, your emotional intelligence with Beryl Comar and your Akashic Records with Maureen St. Germain and examine your emotional DNA with Judy Wilkins Smith. Other contributors like Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman, Lisa Greenfield, and Richard Webster will enable your self-discovery with insightful passages and light-hearted tutorials where you can discover more of your hidden talents and strengths. Georgina Cannon- Past Life Regression and Hypnosis Meet Kelly Sullivan Walden (Doctor Dream) best-selling author, dream expert, media personality Find books and oracle card decks from Kelly Sullivan Walden and other podcast hosts in the online store Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Machiel Klerk is a psychotherapist, expert and international speaker on dreams. He has travelled the world, studying various cultures, their healing traditions and dream practices. He is the author of DREAM GUIDANCE Connecting To the Soul Through Dream Incubation and explains dream incubation, an ancient practice that has been used by cultures throughout history and provides practical and valuable information on how dreams can help us in all areas of our daily lives. Machiel is also the founder of the online organization Jung Platform, which was created as a result of a dream that he experienced. Machiel Find out about the Jung Connect with Kelly Sullivan Walden Best Selling Author, Dream Expert Find books and oracle card decks from Kelly Sullivan Walden and other podcast hosts in the online store Learn more about your ad choices. Visit