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Author: Debbie Mink & Jamie Roseman

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Talking Smack 415 keeps evolving. Season 4 has a new co-host... Jamie the Great. Jamie has been my BFF since 6th grade. We’ve reconnected during Corona & we're taking you deep into Jersey and our roots where we can blame & praise our moms for everything.  Laugh with us as we keep it real & do it messy.  Sometimes we're shallow & talk about our favorite mascara & lipstick. And, other times we go deep & talk about our souls.  We're more than moms and know you are too.  Talking Smack 415 Season 4 is laughter & friendship to feed your soul! Let us know what you want us to talk smack about.
29 Episodes
In this episode,  Jamie the Great and I talk smack with Alyssa Abrahamson who shimmied her career from burlesque dancer to functional nutritionist. We talk about stress, body pain, and auto-immune disease, which you may suffer from.  We discuss how having a compassionate and positive mindset can start the healing process.   Alyssa offers highly personalized 1:1 nutrition & wellness coaching as well as a 6-week small group coaching program, "Nourish Till You Flourish.” You can find all things Alyssa at the Wellness Headquarters.   Go to her website to set up a free 30-minute call to determine which first step you should take to restore your health today.  Also, Alyssa is about to launch a Podcast called Positively Anti-Inflammatory.  If you want to keep your inflammation down and your spirits up, check it out, subscribe and leave a rating and review.  And, if you're listening before 1/7/2021 11:59 pm pt,  there's still time to register for Debbie's Un F*YOUrself digital course.  Click here if you're an overcommitted mom and are looking to get unstuck and find more time.  And, check out all things Debbie at  
In this episode of Talking Smack 415, Jamie the Great and I fangirl over Rory Davis, creator of Roryography, choreographer for Peaches Christ Productions and the co-creator of Baloney, San Francisco's acclaimed Gay All-Male Revue.We talk smack about our teenaged dance troupe battles and how his teaching has evolved through Covid.    Make sure you listen through to the end because Rory has advice for young people in your life who need encouragement to be their true selves. Plus a story about Cher.    You can find all thing Rory here:  https://www.roryography.comInstagram: And Info about Debbie's digital course, Un F*YOUrself, starting 1/11/21 here: website: https://www.debbiemink.comInstagram:
In our latest #TalkingSmack415 episode, Menopause Femme-O-Pause, Jamie the Great (@jamieroseman) and I talk smack about: Thanksgiving in the time of coronaMenopause which we rename "femme-o-pause" a topic inspired by a member in our smack talking community! Dreams and past life regression ( again)!We also talk about Tapping which is an active meditation that can be used for motivation, focus, manifesting, releasing anxiety and.... I use it to help me fall back to sleep.  And, as mentioned, here is the link to the app I use want to know about you. Do you have questions for our self proclaimed women's health expert Jamie the Great? Are you going through perimenopause, menopause or femm-o-pause? Are you going through anything else you'd like to share?  DM us, drop a comment or email us  Don't forget to subscribe on apple podcast  so you can stay up to date on all our new episodes.  And, if you are picking up what we're putting down please leave us a rating and review so more peeps can find us.  Laughter and friendship to feed your soul! PS- we are really trying hard to show off all our leopard print in this pic! 
In this episode of Talking Smack 415,  we have a special guest,  my cousin Gabby who is a freshwoman at GW University.  This was recorded on 11/11 and someone in our rad community reached out and asked us to talk about superstitions.  So naturally, we take that topic and run with it.  And, since we have a relative on the show with a different perspective, we talk smack about generational body image issues and how that affects you in the age of social media.  I know it's a mouthful.  Definitely listen up if you have kids and don't want to mess them up too much! 
In this episode, we cover a lot of ground.  We talk smack about, turning 47, the release of my new song, Bangs or Botox and how to make it go viral.  Ironically this brings the convo back to my Bat Mitzvah.  If you were there I'm sure you remembered what went down.  If you weren't you aren't gonna want to miss this little window into our childhood.  Then, Jamie the Great shares that she is always putting love out in the universe.  Can you feel it?  And, of course we get interrupted by our kids.  We decided to leave that in this episode.  You know because we like to keep it real! 
Get to know Jamie the Great in Season 4 Episode 1 of Talking Smack 415. We talk about: her covid scareher brand new special coat for outside dining and an awesome quote from her mom, "if one is good two is better."Share this episode with not one but two friends & leave us a rating & review so others can find us.   And, email us to let us know what you want to talk smack about.  
In this episode, I chat with Ilyse Opas, an Educational Consultant specializing in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). We dive deep into SEL, anti-racism in education, & self-care.Ilyse has put together a list of mindfulness & anti-racists resources for us and our teachers. She created a Facebook group for educators called Kind Mind in partnership with Kindness Matters 365, MindUP, and Marianne Altschul. This group is committed to ennobling and supporting educators worldwide by providing a safe space for sharing and collaboration. Check it out!And if you are a parent and/or educator in need of support, please reach out to Ilyse at so she can help you navigate through this crazy time. Free 30 minute consultations are provided upon request.
Season 3 episode 11 is another Corona Cast because we are still in the throws of and can't stop talking about the pandemic.  We talk about a change of scenery and how good it is for your soul. That P in pandemic stands for pissed off.  And, I school Megan on what it means to pitch a Jersey fit.  Bear with us as I was recording from the Jersey Shore with out electricity so it is a bit glitchy ( as the cool kids say) in spots.  Please share this and or any episodes with your friends and don't forget to leave a rating and review so more peeps can laugh with us.  
In this episode I chat with my friend Cassie, a mom, a wife and a Professor of Fashion, about her experience with racism and discrimination.  We also discuss my racial biases.  I believe we learn through story and Cassie's story is important to share as we start to educate ourselves about how we can better support the Black community and put and end to racism.  
Another Corona Cast! This time we have a special guest, Saskia! We are about 6 weeks into the quarantine, shelter in place orders because of the Corona virus.  And, if you are anything like us, you are questioning what your life may be like once this is all over. Are there any big or little life changes that you will be making?  And then, there is Saskia, who is already planning on creating a 180 radical shift in her life under the belief that we aren't going back to normal. She is challenging herself to do something really incredible.  Take a listen and hear her interesting perspective on a wide range of topics.  And, of course have a laugh with us.  
We are calling this Season 3 Episode 6 (even though it is actually Episode 7) because: 1. we messed up and 2. it seems appropriate to repeat an episode now that we are all on corona lockdown and our lives feel like a never ending loop of the same day. On this corona cast we talk about the VIRUS and in true fashion we bring a tad of levity and humor to the situation. Spoiler alert... you don't want to miss when chat about our vices! xoxoxo 
This is our first episode in 2020 and we finally close out 2019.  We say goodbye to Megan's mom, Jean, who sadly passed away in December. We welcome 2020 as weset rad intentions. And, we want to know what intentions are you setting for the year?
Decade in Review

Decade in Review


This is the last episode of 2019 and we jump on the Decade in Review bandwagon and discuss the last ten years. Spoiler alert,  neither of us remember the first few years tune in to find out why.  And, we set intentions for 2020.  The year we can all see clearly. Sending gifts? Give the gift of laughter, it is free and comes along with a multitude of self care side effects. Share Talking Smack 415 with all your friends and family! #gift
This is our least funniest episode ever. We have two guest hosts who are our least biggest fans ( aka Debbie's Parents) who freeze on the microphone. We talk smack about a boozy New Zealand Thanksgiving. And want to know if we should continue to record over the holidays or take a much needed vacation. What do you think we should do? 
In this episode we talk almost exclusively about babysitters: the good, the bad and the ugly! Plus we have another super fan co- host, Johanna Newman @Sloejofizz.  And check out that glowing mic in the pic! 
New format/ guest host alert! Melissa P. Cohen,  @eatsaltysweet, talks smack with Megan & Debbie.   In this episode we talk smack about: New Zealand HalloweenThings that are embarrassing one way or the other And our first ever PROMO CODE for you, our listeners.  Listen to the end of the episode to get it or, spoiler alert...... Go to eat salty sweet ( enter TALKINGSMACK415 at checkout.   The cookies make amazing holiday gifts! 
It is Season 3 Episode 1 and we want to know, do you have what it takes to be our third? We are taking guest co hosts.  DM us on insta @talkingsmack415 or email us  In this episode it is Debbie & Megan and talk smack about: If it is ok to be embarrassed by your children?Debbie's second act- she is a rising star in the pop star world. Do you tell friends and strangers if they have food stuck in their teeth?Do you have what it takes to be a guest on Talking Smack 415? Be our guest host! 
In this episode take listeners q's and talk smack about:SexHalloween Candy Debbie is turning 46 
In this episode we talk smack about: Costco Slime My new entrepreneurial idea called a "momalogue" And per listener request, the rents in SF!  
In this episode we talk smack about Cindy turning 40.  And all the feels that go along with that! 
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