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Linked via their passion for yoga, their traumatic accidents and their healing journeys, their divorces, their love of furry animals, their shared dislike for the hideous '20's' years, their interesting families and upbringing, their mutual understanding of mental health, anxiety and depression, their experience of suicide, their hatred of periods and people who eat with their mouth open, their intriguing relationship stories and their incessant ability to chat s***, Becky Taylor & Alexandra Legouix come together to, is 'Girl On Girl - the Podcast'
55 Episodes
Series 6: Episode 5: A Parents Guide to Teen Slang 2021Over the summer holidays, Becky found herself spending a alot of time with her kids and discovered that she pretty much has no idea what they’re talking about…so her and Al have created a guide for you so…no cap, fam…this is lit….don’t be a Karen, have a listen.
Series 6: Episode 4 - The one about potatoes, trolls and social mediaAfter a summer break, the girls are back….Becky’s been trolled, Al has eaten loads of toast and the baby has a fur ball….
Season 6: Episode 3 - Contraception (…and Black Widow film review)It’s been 5 months now since Alex had her baby so Becky has decided it’s about time we talk contraception….and mainly how awful having a Mirena coil inserted into your uterus is.Uteruses and periods not your thing? We’ve gotchu hun…there’s also a review of the new Marvel movie too…ticking all the boxes.
Season 6: Episode 2 - The one about trauma (again), grief, sobriety and putting your bins outBrace yourself for nearly 40 minutes of chat that takes us through bins, booze, trauma and grief as we fall down the rabbit hole yet again.
S6: Ep 1 - Girl on Girl; Released back into the wild?Welcome to a new season of Girl on Girl! As Covid restrictions here in England begin to ease in big ways, Alex and Becky have a chat about how prepared they feel to enter back into the big wide world….with a full face of make up….
S5: Ep 10 - Mystic Mexy and her amazing tarot skillz (and ultra marathons)In this final episode of the season, Becky wows Alex with her tarot reading/witch  skillz that she picked up during lockdown  before they go on to randomly discuss ultra marathons... all the usual lolz....
S5: Ep 9 - Making (non)sense of the Census...and tales of fashion faux pas and reinventionBecky and Alex check in for a catch up of what they’ve been up to over the past couple of about the census and Becky shares her latest fashion faux pas and details of her reinvention....Join’s a fun one !
S5: Ep8 - The one where Alex psychoanalysed BeckyIn this episode, Alex - who is currently studying to become a professional counsellor, has recently been studying Freud and psychoanalysis and has been learning some Free Association and Visualisation Analysis techniques... so... decided she would use Becky as her lab rat this week!.Before we recorded, for the 'Free Association' section, Alex said a list of 9 words and Becky had to say the first 5 words that came in to her head. We didnt keep this in the edit because it took too long, but, for those of you who want to play along, here are the 9 words:Sport Surprises Work Pleasure Friendship Love Sunshine Father Social media .Disclaimer: Alex is not yet a qualified counsellor but on a Level 3 Counselling course therefore we want to make it clear that this is NOT a representation of a counselling session, nor is Alex treating this as any form of mock counselling session. This is merely a very light hearted look at some of the fun exercises and tools used in psychoanalysis.
S5 Ep7: Not All Men?

S5 Ep7: Not All Men?


S5: Ep7: Not all men?  Alex & Becky join the conversation....In this brand new episode, the girls spend some time responding to the backlash from the previous episode before sensitively delving into the conversation about the safety of women following the tragic abduction and murder of Sarah Everard.It’s not an easy conversation...but with 52% of the population trying very hard to not get assaulted when they’re out alone after dark, it’s important to join the discussion.*please listen with caution as we discuss incredibly sensitive topics such as rape, assault, consent and mental health*
S5. EP6 : The girls are back after Alex’s brief Girl on Girl maternity leave!They’ve been wanting to discuss feminism for a while now  but have been a bit worried about proper feminists laughing at them for getting it wrong...So to celebrate International Women’s Day they’ve decided to overcome their sit back and enjoy a brilliantly useless analysis of feminism.
The one where we meet Harlow Today the girls are joined by a very special guest....Alex’s new baby Harlow! In an episode not for the squeamish....Alex talks us through her birth experience from the trippy birth pool to the bit where she had a go on every metallic instrument they could find in the hospital in a quest to get a baby out just in time for Becky’s first lockdown birthday!
Comedian and podcaster Julian Dean joins the girls this week to offer his expert parenting advice and his incredible maths knowledge... turns out he's a (self proclaimed) homeschooling extraordinaire...You can find Julian on his weekly podcast TVI with fellow comic Carl Donnelly on all the usual platforms.Insta: @juliandeaneofficial
Thoughts we’ve had recentlyIn this episode the girls get together for a Zoom chat to discuss thoughts they’ve had in their heads over the past week....and ponder important things like would Alladin be the type of guy to shag your best mate and is anyone else on this train pretending to be in a music video?
The one with the new moon in CapricornIn this fresh new episode...the girls realise that series 5 is taking a life of its own as they delve into the woo-woo with a beautiful special guest...Jo Porter.As well as being a good friend , Jo is also a fellow yoga teacher and Becky’s spiritual guru...join the girls as they discuss harnessing the power of the new moon,  spiritual animals and astrology shiz...You can find Jo on Instagram @soma_space
S5 Ep1: Yogi Bryan!

S5 Ep1: Yogi Bryan!


It’s just fuckin’ Yogi Bryan!!!In the first episode of the new season and the new year Alex and Becky are joined by Bryan...38...Yogi....Memer....Karen & Karl hate him...he gives zero fucks...tells people to go sage themselves...for a fun chat about being a yoga teacher, a meditator, a parent and a human being in 2021...
MERRY CHRISTMAS!Things are looking pretty festive...In this last episode of the season, the girls reminisce about Christmas in the 80s and ponder the big would it be better to only be able to eat brussel sprouts or cheese for every meal for the rest of your life !This episode was recorded before the new Coronavirus restrictions were put in place.
After a pretty strange year, Alex and Becky have a chat about coping strategies for managing all the madness....from cold showers to staring out the window at a knackered bike wheel, it’s all here for your listening pleasure...
We love a random question episode! And we love it even more when you join in too!So kick back, have a listen and decide for yourself would you rather be stuck in a lift or trapped on a ski lift?Thank you so much to those who sent in some excellent answers! X
Terrible sound quality....the sound of kids screaming in the can only mean one thing! Lockdown Zoom podcasting!!!In this new episode we reach out to our lovely listeners to find out their thoughts on how communication is being affected during the Covid pandemic.  Wearing a mask all the time might be good for hiding your double chin but can anyone actually understand a word you’re saying?!!!
Series 4: Episode 6The girls are back! Alex is round at Becky’s for dinner and they have a chat about the little things that really get on your nerves....and Becky shares with Alex some of the chat up lines she’s been on the receiving end of since she ventured back into the world of dating....things that make you go ewwwww indeed...
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