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Join me as I dive into an amazing story on doing business with family and the love of outdoor adventures. Blue Ridge Adventure Park is the place to be this summer, enjoy listening to this on your way there and you'll know exactly what to expect!
Wanting to make your landscape or garden better in 2022?  Want to turn your brown-thumb into a green-thumb?  Enter the world of Lanier Nursery!  With a wealth of knowledge and plant life, you'll find just about anything you're looking for and help grow a local community resource that is on the rise!
Special-needs is a growing segment of the population in our world & with so many resources for these children and families through grade-school, there is little focus on how to facilitate a meaningful life for them as they transition to adulthood.  This episode highlights one of those places in our community that is doing something special in the realm of adult special needs... and your taste buds will thank you for it later!!
Prior to 2020, the internet was almost a life-necessity for in-home use.  With life after 2020, it is even more so.  While not a small, local business, we thought it beneficial to take a look into some of the projects to expand high-speed internet and fiber in our North Georgia region, as this is becoming increasingly vital to thousands of newly established 'home offices' in residential properties, not to mention growing commercial corridors.
Want to put some great close-to-home trips on your 2021 calendar?  This is your ticket to an awesome year ahead!
Need great ideas for the gift-giving seasons that's upon us?  Listen in... you can thank me later!!
Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a selfie-loving-hipster, there's something profound about experiencing a wild animal up close and in-person... and this is absolutely no exception!  Listen in on our conversation atop Georgia's highest point that's just a launching pad for these raptors.
When does a car run its best?  When it is well-maintained & has all the components for all the systems it needs, right? For many people, we have taken the route of medicating to mask problems and/or symptoms instead allowing our bodies to heal and regain our health naturally.  Regardless of your age or current health, there's something for everyone at The Wellness Way. 
Michael has been a community staple in the Athens area for decades now.  In this episode, we talk about a lot of the what & how with his life.  In the midst of life's most trying circumstances, Michael shares why he presses on & gives a little bit of encouragement to all of us in the midst of a tough year for a lot of people.
Think this is 'just another corn maze'?  WRONG!  What an amazing story of family heritage, modern day entrepreneurism, and family-focused passion... and your bonus feature this episode is adding something unexpected to your Bucket List.  Listen in & come on out to the Buford Corn Maze!
Heartfelt, practical, and inspiring... and this episode came from something we all do: mindlessly scrolling on Facebook!  It only takes a moment to change your life, and it can only take a bed to keep a family together.  Listen in on the great work that Sleep in Heavenly Peace is doing all around our community and country!
Looking for low-cal, energy, deliciousness, and some inspiration amidst your life in 2020?  Spend a few minutes listening to this episode and we'll check all those boxes together!
Want to hear a really cool origin story that sounds like something from the Hobbit?  Check out the story behind Brasstown Bald and get a glimpse of one of the most sought after tourist locations in the North Georgia region.
If MacGyver had a wilderness counterpart, it'd be Mark Warren. The story of Mark's love for nature and how Medicine Bow came to be what it is today is nothing short of fascinating!
Looking for a short drive to a beautiful location with a ton of surrounding activities and restaurants to enjoy as well?  Anna Ruby Falls may be exactly what you're looking for!  Today's episode shares a little bit of the history and what Anna Ruby Falls has to offer in our North Georgia region.
Today's episode is a little break from the norm, but you'll absolutely love the final product... a pie that everyone will be talking about for a long time coming!
This episode has both a great story in the business, but also will give you some REALLY practical insights to apply to your next encounter with a snake, as well as a free resource for easy snake identification if you call North Georgia 'home'.  And if you have a snake that needs to be removed from your property, you now have a resource for that as well!
Want to explore some of the places we're sharing on the podcast, but can't seem to get ahead of your yard and things around the house?  Here's a few tips that will give you some time back in your schedule & keep everyone safe in the process!
Frogtown Winery is some-kinda-special in the North Georgia region.  Get ready to be absolutely blown away by what you're about to hear... this North Georgia vineyard is going to change... well, everything!  From the origins, to the awards, to the benefits of being one of their Citizens... just get ready is all I can say!
Regardless of what your interests are, Cloudland Canyon State Park has both the natural beauty & the variety of activities for every interest and activity level.  This is one spectacular hidden gem in North Georgia and without fear of overselling it... it's a MUST for any outdoor enthusiast! 
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