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Author: Illinois Farm Bureau

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Interested in learning more about Illinois farm, family and food related places, events and issues? The state’s largest organization of farmers, Illinois Farm Bureau, provides an in-depth look at these topics through this informative podcast.
11 Episodes
Illinois shares some common town and metro-area names with those in Canada and Mexico. We have a lot more in common too, and each stand to be impacted by the proposed U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) to improve trade among our states and countries. Mark Denzler, the president and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association, provides some specifics on why USMCA matters to all of Illinois.
Dozens of artists have made downtown Bloomington a thriving art community with studios and galleries abound. This year’s 19th annual Around the Corner Art Walk takes place Fri., November 1, and, among others, features Eaton Gallery, where artists Herb and Pam Eaton celebrate the art of Illinois agriculture.
As the Kennay farm family will tell you, renovating a historic theater to house a brewery and distillery is no small feat. Hear from Rick Kennay, farmer and owner of the business, and Adam Kennay, head distiller, about how they diversified their Illinois family farm to create craft beers and spirits from home-grown grain.
Meet Paul Ackerman, whose family grows pumpkins near Morton, and Paul Siegel, whose family maintains a pumpkin patch near Lockport. The two growers will reveal the condition of this year’s crop of Illinois pumpkins and discuss opportunities for you and your family to visit the state’s many pumpkin farms and patches this fall.
Fall serves as a great time to visit Illinois state parks. On this episode of the Partners podcast, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director, Colleen Callahan, reveals hidden gems within Illinois state parks and explains why you don’t need to travel across state lines to have great family fun this season.
Expect to hear more climate change chaos talk later this month when the United Nations convenes for a “Climate Action Summit” on Monday, September 23. Hear from Erin Fitzgerald, CEO of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, and greenhouse gas expert Frank Mitloehner, Ph.D., University of California-Davis, about how U.S. agriculture can be a solution when it comes to climate change.
Many Illinois orchards have opened for the season! Find out how the apple crop has fared this year and hear from orchardists of two family-run orchards in Illinois, Liberty Apple Orchard in Edwardsville, and Donnie Appleseed Orchard in LaSalle. We’ll cover orchard etiquette and hear about what you can expect when visiting these or other orchards this fall.
What kind of Illinois farm, family and food-related places, events and issues can you expect to hear about in Partners podcasts? In this episode, we provide some specific examples that make our state great.
In this episode, Illinois Farm Bureau’s Mike Orso talks with Seneca farmer Philip Nelson and Woodstock farmer Michele Aavang about the origins of “Partners,” while exploring the ties that exist between rural and urban Illinois.
Will farmers in and around Illinois have access to technology that can help ensure a sustainable food supply and protect our environment? Hear more about these challenges from science champion Alison Van Eenennaam, Ph.D., with the University of California-Davis in this episode of the Partners podcast.
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