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Bitcoin is the future of money, that is my firm belief. In this show, I speak with the amazing people who are building and contributing to this revolutionary new industry. The 'rapid-fire' episodes give you some concise info and insights, the 'further discussion' episodes let you listen in on a more casual and open dialogue with each guest.

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I find the behavioural impacts that many people experience as a result of engaging with bitcoin extremely fascinating.  In this discussion, an anonymous bitcoiner shares how his journey through understanding money, and then bitcoin, has radically transformed his life. Enjoy! -- More from Guest: TWITTER: More from me:       TWITTER:       YOUTUBE:       MEDIUM:       INSTAGRAM:
'Grokking Bitcoin' is a fantastic book for gaining a deep understanding of how bitcoin works 'under the hood'. Author Kalle Rosenbaum joins me to discuss his motivations for writing this great educational work, and how learning about bitcoin has influenced his life.   Enjoy! -- More from Kalle:  TWITTER: BOOK: WEBSITE:  More from me:      TWITTER:      YOUTUBE:      MEDIUM:      INSTAGRAM:
Katie Ananina is a globe-trotting, crypto-anarchist, entrepreneur, bitcoiner and all around badass. She joined me to discuss her story, and some of the tools available to people for establishing greater sovereignty in their lives.   More from Katie:  TWITTER:  WEBSITE:   More from me:      TWITTER:      YOUTUBE:      MEDIUM:      INSTAGRAM:
CoboVault Creator Lixin Liu

CoboVault Creator Lixin Liu


Lixin Liu is the creator of a great new bitcoin hardware wallet, the CoboVault. This wallet employs industry firsts including true QR code airgapping, as well as fingerprint authentication, a detachable battery, touchscreen interface and many more highly-touted features.   The CoboVault really seems to be taking the bitcoin hardware wallet market to the next level, so I thought it would be interesting to speak with Lixin, to hear his story, and learn more about how and why he decided to create this great product.   Enjoy!   --   Disclosure: Lixin sent me a CoboVault AFTER I invited him to come on for a discussion.   More from Lixin / CoboVault:  LIXIN TWITTER:  COBOVAULT TWITTER:  COBOVAULT WEBSITE:   More from me:     TWITTER:     YOUTUBE:     MEDIUM:     INSTAGRAM:
'Bitcoiners in the Wild' is exactly what it sounds like.  It's a series where I record live conversations with relatively 'unknown' bitcoiners, who have reached out to me saying they'd be interested in coming on for a general discussion about bitcoin and related subjects. No prep or planning, no topics discussed beforehand, just a spontaneous discussion between bitcoiners.  It always amazes me how many awesome bitcoiners there are out there, and it's so great to be able to speak with some of them. Enjoy! -- More from Tyler: TWITTER: More from me:   TWITTER:   YOUTUBE:   MEDIUM:   INSTAGRAM:
Even though bitcoin has been around for over 11 years now, we are just beginning to discover how to leverage its unique attributes to solve existing problems, and create new oportunities. Though most people think of bitcoin's impact on money and finance, its unique characteristics are proving to be extremely useful to another industry - energy. Steve Barbour and Marty Bent are both involved in the leading companies which are building solutions for harnessing waste and stranded gas from oil fields, to mine bitcoin. In doing so, they are allowing energy producers to establish new revenue streams, while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint. As you'll hear in this discussion, though in its infancy, this is a solution that seems poised to revolutionize the energy industry. Enjoy! -- More from Steve: TWITTER: WEBSITE: More from Marty: TWITTER: WEBSITE: More from John:  TWITTER:   YOUTUBE:   MEDIUM:   INSTAGRAM:
Max Hilleband is a writer, educator, philosopher, and free and open source software entrepreneur, contributing greatly to the Wasabi Wallet project. He is also part of the organizing team for the 7th Annual 'Hackers Congress' by Paralelini Polis, taking place in Prague from October 2nd - 4th (use the code 'johnvallis' for 50% off the online conference ticket!). I'm constantly inspired by Max's approach to individual sovereignty, and respect greatly his passion, intellect, and sincerity. As a result, I'm extremely grateful when I get the chance to connect with him. Enjoy! -- More about the Hackers Congress: DATE: Oct 2nd - 4th ONLINE TICKET/EVENT: COUPON CODE: johnvallis WEBSITE: More from Max: TWITTER: WEBSITE: GITHUB: More from me:     TWITTER:     YOUTUBE:     MEDIUM:     INSTAGRAM:
This episode isn't about anything in particular. I basically just wanted to hang with some of my favourite 'deep thinking' bitcoin homies, and touch on some of the topics we've been throwing around lately.  That's it really, enjoy! -- More from Robert Breedlove: TWITTER: WEBSITE: More from Erik Cason: TWITTER: WEBSITE: More from American Hodl: TWITTER: More from me:    TWITTER:    YOUTUBE:    MEDIUM:    INSTAGRAM:
Bitcoin security is one of the most important things to learn about when entering this space. It also requires constant refinement, as new technologies and methods are developed for providing more robust and functional solutions. Multi-Sig is one such method that has become an increasingly popular way to secure bitcoin, in a manner that is not reliant upon a single point of failure. However, some people have not been sufficiently convinced of the benefits to warrant going through the effort and learning curve of making such a change to their current setup. I thought it would be helpful to have a discussion about the merits and drawbacks of this approach to security with two people on either side of the debate. Enjoy! - More from Phil: TWITTER: WEBSITE: More from Ben: TWITTER: More from me: TWITTER:  YOUTUBE:  MEDIUM:  INSTAGRAM:
Preston Pysh is the co-founder of 'The Investor's Podcast' network, the co-host of the 'We Study Billionaires' podcast, and for most bitcoiners, requires no introduction. He has become known as an astute, articulate, and insightful commentator on investing, the macro economic climate, and the emerging role which bitcoin is playing in both these domains. This is my second discussion with Preston, and in it, we cover the recent larege purchase of bitcoin made by MicroStrategy (a publicly traded comapny), the accelerated inflation, UBI, and bitcoin adoption timelines, what the next 18 months may look like, and much more. Enjoy! -- More from Preston: TWITTER: WEBSITE: More from me: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: MEDIUM: INSTAGRAM:
21ism is a bitcoin art collective, expressing various elements of this emerging global culture.   With members in several parts of the world, they use various forms of art, such as memes, comics, videos and more, to bring attention to the many elements and implications of bitcoin.   I'm a HUGE advocate of expressing what bitcoin means to you, in whatever way feels most genuine, so naturally I couldn't wait to jam with this awesome group of people.   Enjoy!   -    More from 21ism:  WEBSITE:  TWITTER:   ARTISTS (Twitter):   More from me:       TWITTER:       YOUTUBE:       MEDIUM:       INSTAGRAM:
Jeremy Rubin is a contributor to the Bitcoin Core software project, among other projects and initiatives in the technology space.   I'm extremely fascinated by the people who contribute to improving the technology that underpins bitcoin - how they think about bitcoin, their personal philosophies and ideologies, and how and why they have decided to devote their time to contributing to this project.   I'm also not a very technologically inclined person myself, so I feel its important to speak with those who are, so I can gain further insight and understanding into how bitcoin truly works 'under the hood'.   One fascinating question to me is "does everyone who supports, contributes or uses bitcoin have to be 'ideologically aligned' on what bitcoin 'is'?".  We explored this question and lots more in this discussion.   Enjoy!   --   More from Jeremy:  TWITTER:  BLOG:  JUDICA WEBSITE:   More from me:      TWITTER:      YOUTUBE:      MEDIUM:      INSTAGRAM:
Dr. Paul Saladino is THE leading expert on what has become known as ‘The Carnivore Diet’. His extensive research, and clinical experience, have led him to the conclusion that a diet composed of almost exclusively ‘nose-to-tail’, properly raised animal foods is the diet which aligns with how the human body has evolved, and therefore allows it to function most optimally.   Paul recognizes that such a proposition may be surprising, even offensive to some people, which is why he has taken it upon himself to make sure he has studied every aspect of the diet, and every critique, in extreme depth.   He recently published the results of his research and experience in a book called ‘The Carnivore Code’, which covers many of the details of the diet, clears up many misconceptions, and explains why animal food is all the body needs to thrive.   Myself, as well as a lot of other bitcoiners, have begun experimenting with the Carnivore Diet, or at least a diet with a greater focus on animal meat, so I thought it would be interesting to have him on and pick his brain a bit.   A lot more than 90 minutes would be required to fully explain all the details of this approach to eating, and I could have easily spoken to Paul for 4-5 hours, but he’s a busy guy, so we covered as much ground as we could with the time we had.   For more info from Paul, check out the links below.   Enjoy!   —   More from Paul:   TWITTER:  WEBSITE (Heart and Soil):  WEBSITE (Personal):  Continuous Glucose Monitor:    More from me:    TWITTER:    YOUTUBE:    MEDIUM:    INSTAGRAM:
Many countries around the world have experienced substantial levels of inflation in recent years, with some of the most notable being Argentina, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey.    To those of us with relatively 'stable' inflation (note: inflation is theft), we may not appreciate how life changes when money begins to rapidly loose its value.  Of course, the problems are not just economic, but they morph into social and political problems that can become extremely unpleasant and oppressive.   I thought it would be interesting to talk with some bitcoiners from these countries, to try and learn more about what life has been like for them over the last few years, and how they and others are using bitcoin to protect themselves from the injurious effects of inflation, which ultimately await us all.   Enjoy!   --   Guests on Twitter: More from me:   TWITTER:   YOUTUBE:   MEDIUM:   INSTAGRAM:
Christopher Gimmer is the co-founder of Snappa, a software company that simplifies graphic design.  Chris released a blog post recently, explaining why his company made the decision to add bitcoin to their balance sheet, by converting a large portion of the company's cash balance to bitcoin.  It was an excellently written piece, which also serves as a fantastic primer for explaining the investment case for bitcoin generally.    Of course, this comes on the heels of the big announcement by MicroStrategy in early August, which announced that they were converting $250million of their balance sheet cash to bitcoin.   I believe this is a trend that we will see accelerate rapidly, so I thought it would be interesting to get Chris to come on and explain the thinking behind his companies decision, and discuss some more of the details around it.   Enjoy!    --   More from Chris:  TWITTER:  ARTICLE:   More from Snappa:  TWITTER:  WEBSITE:   More from me:  TWITTER:  YOUTUBE:  MEDIUM:  INSTAGRAM:
MicroStrategy, a publicly listed company with a market cap over $1billion, made waves in August by purchasing $250million dollars worth of bitcoin, an amount representing the vast majority of their ‘reserve assets’. This was a major move, that surprised many in both scale and scope, and is likely to serve as watershed moment in the story of corporate accumulation of bitcoin. There are several, albeit smaller businesses, that preceded MicroStrategy in seeing the valuable role bitcoin could play as a reserve asset on their balance sheets, and I thought it would be fun to get a few of them together to discuss their decision to do so. Enjoy! — More from the guests: Sean Lavery (Twitter): Float Toronto (Twitter): Float Toronto (Website): Tahinis (Twitter): Tahinis (Website): David Bailey (Twitter): Bitcoin Magazine (Twitter): Bitcoin Magazine (Website): More from me: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: MEDIUM: INSTAGRAM:
This week for the Bitcoiner Book Club, we decided to discuss a phenomenal article by Robert Breedlove entitled, 'Masters and Slaves of Money'.  Robert has emerged as one of the most thoughtful and compelling writers in the bitcoin space, and this piece was so well received (I read/listened to it 6 times!), and so relevant to our era, that I couldn't resist bringing some bitociners together to dig into it. If you haven't already, I highly recommend you listen to / read the orignal (links below), and follow Robert on twitter to keep up with his incredible output and insights. Enjoy! -- TWITTER(Robert): ORIGINAL ARTICLE (TEXT): ORIGINAL ARTICLE (AUDIO): Twitter of Book Club Participants: GUY: RICHARD: KORIN: More from me: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: MEDIUM: INSTAGRAM:
Rodolfo Novak is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinkite, the company behind such uber-popular bitcoin hardware products like the Coldcard, OpenDime, BlockClock and several other bad-ass pieces of hardware that allow users to engage in bitcoin safely and conveniently.   I've been a big fan of Rodolfo's for a while now, so I thought it was time we hooked up for a chat.   Enjoy!   --   More from Rodolfo and Coinkite:  TWITTER:  TWITTER (Coinkite):  WEBSITE:   More from me:  TWITTER:   YOUTUBE:   MEDIUM:   INSTAGRAM:
Knut Svanholm is the author of the recently published book 'Bitcoin: Independence Reimagined', as well as the book 'Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics'.   Knut has been on the show once before, but having just finished his new book, I thought it would be fun to get him back on to go over some of the major themes and ideas behind his latest work.   Enjoy!   --   More from Knut:  TWITTER:  BOOK:   More from me:   TWITTER:  YOUTUBE:   MEDIUM:   INSTAGRAM:
One of the most common questions with Bitcoin is 'Ya but who controls the code?'.  While the full answer is somewhat complex, the simple answer is that many talented individuals, all over the globe, contribute to the ongoing development of the Bitcoin Network, and Amiti Uttarwar recently became one of them!   In July I heard some of Amiti's story from a profile done on her by Forbes, and was excited to have her on the show to learn more about her background and the details of what she is currently working on.   Enjoy!   --   More from Amiti:  TWITTER:   More from me:   TWITTER:   YOUTUBE:   MEDIUM:   INSTAGRAM:     If you’re in Canada, and looking to buy bitcoin, Shakepay is an excellent option. They have the fastest sign up, funding and withdrawals I’ve ever seen. They also have really great rates. Use this affiliate link to buy $100+ of bitcoin and we both get $10 fee:
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