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Author: Bobby Capucci

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Jeffrey Edward Epstein was a convicted sex offender as well as a former wall street financier. Epstein began his career in finance at the investment bank Bear Stearns before forming his own firm, J. Epstein & Co. Epstein was a multimillionaire who was well connected with different financial, political, and cultural elites.
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In a move that could loom large in the overall investigation of the Epstein case, a Judge in Palm beach has signaled that he is strongly considering unsealing the testimony from that grand jury and releasing it to the public. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
After analysis using dental records authorities have been able to determine that the remains found at the reserve are those of Brian Laundrie. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
We take a deep dive into Epstein's shady ties with Academics and Academic institutions. For years, even after his arrest and conviction they took his money and moonlighted in his company as if all was well. Then the bombshell drops. Epstein gets arrested for the second time abd the panic and distancing begins. Over and over you will see the same line of defense."We had no idea!!!"On today's episode....we name names. To contact me: To support the podcast:
Judge Nathan has handed team Maxwell yet another loss as she has ruled to not keep the jury selection process under seal and instead will open it to the press and public. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
We keep the discussion moving forward as we dive into the headlines surrounding the case. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Ghislaine Maxwell and her high priced legal team has requested that they have access to the potential jurors in a private setting. On today's episode we discuss this ask and what the Prosecutors response was.To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Prince Andrew sure does have odd taste in friends. The disgraced Prince and his relationship with Epstein has been widely publicized and criticized especially after the interview with the BBC. Just when the Palace thought it couldn't get any has. Andrew is now also being tied to Peter Nygard, another billionaire who is accused of human trafficking and rape after news emerged that Andrew and his family visited the accused pedophiles Island. To contact If you'd like to help support the podcast:
We dive into the new claims made in the book by Michael Wolff in regards to Donald Trump, Bill Barr and Jeffrey Epstein. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Howard Rubin, the one time money man for George Soros, is being accused of sexual abuse surrounding his BDSM activities. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
We dive right back into the discussion this morning and survey the current landscape of the case. We also discuss an article from NPR that tells a very depressing tale about the prevelance of violence against women by their intimate partners. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
On tonights episode we take a look at the news from the day and an article that looks at some of the red flags in a relationship that can lead to violence. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
As Ghislaine Maxwell's trial approaches we are getting a more clear picture of the terrain in regards to the time frame and the jury selection process. to contact
We dive right back into the ongoing conversation and get an update about the current status of the case and what we can expect from the autopsy results today. To contact
On the first episode of Gone But Not Forgotten we take a look at the case of Daniel Robinson a missing geologist from Arizona who has been missing since June 23rd, 2021. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
We dive right back into the case this morning and pick up from where we left off last night with a morning update and a look at where the search for Brian Laundrie currently stands.To contact
On tonight's episode we dive right back into the discussion and update where things currently stand.To contact
In a report that really shouldn't shock anyone...the UK police have signaled that they are no longer looking into Prince Andrew and the allegations brought against him in the UK.Unfortunatley for The Joe Exotic Of The Windsor family...his problems in the U.S. are just beginning. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
We take a look at the current situation surrounding the manhunt for Brian Laundrie and get an update from Josh Taylor, spokesperson for the North Port Police Department who gave an interview last night about the current status of the search for Brian Laundrie and what the authorities are currently doing to try and locate him. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
The Queen of England is paying for her favorite sons legal fee's and they are expected to run into the millions as he prepares to attempt to fend off the legal challenge from Virginia. To contact
According to the NPPD they did have Brian under surveillance when he allegedly slpped their grasp and vanished.Now the question does that even happen?To contact
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Stuart Fontaine 2nd

11. nice

Jul 26th

Stuart Fontaine 2nd

today's article starts at 15 minutes

Jul 26th

Stuart Fontaine 2nd

waiting for the article? It's approx. 14 minutes in

Jul 26th


October Surprise 😆 Halloween is coming early what creatures will be dragged into the light. There will be more people everyone knows will be revealed.

Oct 21st

Judelbugs Rutter

This was a jaw dropping episode.

Aug 21st

Judelbugs Rutter

W O W... you are so brave. Thanks Bobby for giving her a voice. sorry have to disagree about CC... for someone this bad, chop the whole thing off!

Jul 27th

Judelbugs Rutter

😢 so a men's rights activist shoots 2 men, killing 1 and putting the other in hospital to teach a woman a lesson? There are no words!

Jul 23rd

Judelbugs Rutter

fantastic reaction to a really bad story...

Jul 5th

Stuart Fontaine 2nd

SO GOOD! Hilarious!

May 21st

Stuart Fontaine 2nd

Clearly transporr/EMT. Knew all details of what was done to the scumbag on-scene as well as at the hospital. Including how long hospital staff worked on him before calling TOD and the fact that hospital administration was advised.

Apr 14th

Suse Clark

Happy birthday Bobby!

Mar 13th

Davie Clark

there's no Jewish government. and supporting the rights of Palestinians is not antisemitic.

Nov 22nd
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kiki kittenfox

you are more concerned with the fact that there is this 2 tiered justice system where you cant get away with what others can. instead you should be concerned with the ruins of hundreds of children's lives. less right wing pontificating and more info please.

Oct 25th

Cynthia Nuce

25 minutes in and I only hear a lot of pontificating. Where's the Epstein info. Holding out for tomorrow's drop. Take a breath bud. Move along.

Oct 6th

Steve Brown

I subscribed to this podcast to listen to the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein investigation instead I just got a 45 minute advert on real estate financial services. WHAT A CROCK OF S**T............

Sep 30th
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