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We're just a couple of adults...well...barely.
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We just wanted to talk about Knives Out...and we eventually found this nightmare fuel.
Today Reese and Kruz share theatre stories and talk about the best shows, cartoons, and movies of the past.  Follow Reese on intsta @true_chainz_
Joslyn and Kruz review the much anticipated Frozen 2 after viewing it two times while also thinking about the next movie if it ever arrived.
Today we discuss Frozen 2 theories, college life, and bathroom etiquette. 
As fans of the first movie Joslyn and I had to go see the sequel and here we share the many thoughts, theories, and moments from the movie! 
Joslyn and I went to a pumpkin patch, my first pumpkin patch actually and we talk about our most scariest childhood fears. 
This week Joslyn and I debate our Ultimate Horror Mashup Teams! Who's team is the scariest, most horrifying, and who would win in a fight?
Another bonus episode for you all over everyone's favorite clown since the last clown movie let us down (check out the IT 2 review). 
An extra bit of Reese and my episode, decided to cut it for spoilers! What did you think? Too long? Too funny? Too scary? No turtles?
It's officially spooky month so get ready for a trainride of Halloween episodes! This week Joslyn and I rank Halloween candy and talk about Halloween memories! Get ready for and IT Chapter 2 Review, Joker Review, and Zombieland 2 Reviews all this month! 
As hyped up, Reese tries to convince me that dinosaurs have never existed...and of course we have many more stories to talk about! IT Chapter 2 Review soon Follow Reese on IG: true_chainz_
This week Joslyn and I rank 20 of Adam Sandler's best and worst movies! Disagree if you like or leave what you thought about our choices in the comments!
This week Joslyn and I color a couple pages from a coloring book supplied by our RA!
Me and special guest Reese True dive deep into film, axe murderers, and the BIONICLE community??? Listen to this one for sure and be sure to subscribe to hear about fake dinosaurs soon! follow Reese on insta: true_chainz_
Bears have been in the news recently for running rampant around the country! Let's investigate. 
We talk about crazy people at the movie theatre and explore artificial intelligence writing its own stories! 
Today Kruz talks with Bryce Kleven, Honeybee on Spotify and iTunes, who went to high school together. Talking art, music, school, and other random stuff.
Joslyn and I talk REAL ghost stories from our past! Grab a snack, turn off the lights, and get ready for some spooks! Also say happy birthday to Joslyn! 
Joslyn knows a little bit about comics...but can she name some lesser known characters as well? This is the first episode of our, hopefully enjoyable, podcast Barely Adults! We are going to talk about stories, news, life as new college students, and even interviews with people! But for now we're just a couple of adults...well...barely.
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