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We're ALL geeks about something, so embrace your inner geek! Join your "Mental Curator" Johnny Hemberger each week as we explore our many, many exhibits of geekdom in an open, fun, and heartfelt way!


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I'm not just jonesin' for an Oculus Quest 2 because it's cool, it would actually work MUCH better with my setup. But should I wait to see what Zuck announces in October?
Covering a bit of ground on this week's podcast! I'm tinkering with my solar panels, I go into some behind-the-scenes radio wizardry, I'm awaiting a new SBC, Geekin' Tabs, and much more!
I sit down and talk with Ryan Kreipe who runs Braes Resale Shop in Houston, TX. We talk about the fascinating things that have come through the shop, how you can help the less fortunate, and of course...we geek out a bit :)
The final verdict on using my vintage RCA 77DX ribbon microphone and introducing a new segment called "Geekin' Tabs"!
Lot's to talk about in this episode, including thoughts on the Steam Deck vs other gaming handhelds!
Daniel Ssssss joins me again to have a surprisingly authentic conversation about how we can perceive other cultures
The Nintendo Switch OLED is a must-buy ONLY if you're a very specific buyer...just my 2 cents
I've got a huge (small) tinker in the works which will hopefully manifest as the best Game Boy Pocket in the world :)
A power gremlin I mentioned a few episodes ago reared its ugly head in the last episode, I explain how, Also, I contemplate how and when hobbies might become addictions.
I'm sorry for the crappy audio...I'll tell y'all what the culprit was in the next podcast. Anyway, here's the review of my new laptop! the 2021 Asus Zephyrus G14. mentioned
I've had my awesome 14" MSI GS43VR since 2016 and typically upgrade my laptop every 3-5 years. Now I'm hunting and researching a possible replacement. 11th gen Intel? Ryzen 9 5000 series? RTX 3060? 3070? 3080? Budget? So much to consider, but I think it's narrowing down!
Finally, the RCA 77-DX episode! Let's explore this vintage ribbon microphone from 1954 that has been in my family since it was brand new. 77-DX info
Peter lives in Tokyo, Japan and daily drives a Delorean DMC-12. Here is his experience driving a classic car in Japan and what he has done to it :)'s awesome Twitter @Akiba_Delorean
This episode is rated PG...because beeps are funny. Tesla should never have called its glorified cruise-control "Autopilot", people are dying. Here are Matt and I's thoughts.The Smoking Tire Collector Car Storage's own website saying "Autopilot is not autonomous" (scroll half-way down)
Finally getting around to putting new tires on the Delorean, but first some mega-butthurt about Jiffy Lube.
It was my grandfather's when he worked at RCA in the 1950s, then it was my dad's when he owned a radio station. It has been in my uncle's possession for years and now he's handing it down to me :)
This is my opinion on why Nvidia doesn't seem to care about actual gamers or content creators. Actions speak louder than words. Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) episodes
My discussion on car manufacturing and history quickly devolves into a rant about the realities of the broadcast business...I hope I don't get in trouble....
My opinion has been wavering regarding Cancel Culture. Also, I update y'all on what's been going on behind the scenes as well as some truth about the FCC's vigilance on swearing, the mighty YouTube algorithm, my favorite audio production software, and more! version
I got lucky with only one burst pipe in my home, but many others had it far worse. So what happened? Why did the electricity grid fail so miserably leaving millions of Texans to suffer and some to die?
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Tim Dean

Tedious intro. Gave up six minutes in. Show might be good later but not for me.

Jun 7th
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