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Learn how to leverage & scale your business with MyOutDesk — the industry leader in virtual assistant services, with over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 500 verified 5-star business reviews in real estate, mortgage, IT/tech, human resources, healthcare, and more!
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It’s no secret that commercial real estate is extremely affected by COVID-19. For Commercial Brokers who want to stay productive and thriving, this is the ultimate guide + webinar covering how to: 1. Identify all considerations in a disaster scenario 2. Prevent productivity loss 3. Focus on eliminating potential financial impact 4. Maintain high-quality customer service 5. Perform your civic duty Daniel advises all brokers to do what you need to do WHILE recording your screen, recording your actions, and then talk through it while you do it (How, What, & Why). With this level of documentation, you can PASS that over to your virtual assistant or staff to follow and reference to. If you need help or want to explore some ideas, book a Schedule a free Strategy Call today: Get info on NCREA coaching sessions by emailing or visiting --------- Follow us on social media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn - #GOremote #myoutdeskvirtualassistant #myoutdesk #Thrive
This week, California implemented a “Shelter In Place” policy, locking down the Bay Area to everything but essential businesses. Washington State has done the same, closing restaurants, bars, gyms and schools – with other states soon to follow. For most businesses, this will be a forced transition to a virtual / remote work environment, so prepare now! Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides:
Keep calm and thrive on. Realize that a market downturn is an amazing opportunity for you to gain market share as competing businesses are reducing their staffing & capacity. Don’t freak out and cut your entire operational force ad hoc. Now is the time to double down on the projects and ideas that will drive future growth and scale. Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides: h
It’s always time to generate sales, which is why adjusting your communication style is important. Now is not the time to dive deep into your sales scripts. This is the time to show that your company/brand cares and is community-oriented. Check-in on your clients, employees, vendors, past clients, and new leads. Have a relationship-nurturing chat. There are many clients who are stuck at home and are open to friendly conversations. Simply show that you are there for them and here to help. Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides:
“It's not COVID-19 I'm worried about. Now it's COVID-20” In Boerne, TX, right outside San Antonio, there is a unique organization who is doing EXACTLY what they ought to be doing for their clients in this unique year of navigating through the COVID-19 crisis. Matt Lowman at Integrity HR Management shares, “I have every interest aligned with helping my clients grow and doing that as efficiently and effectively as possible.” Matt personally knows his clients — every single one. A Strategic Advisor’s Approach: Preparing for COVID-20 Today We're going to get through this one, so get ready for the next one now. Consider your net cash reserves. Do you have enough revenue streams coming into your business, or is it so soiled in one platform or one source of revenue? “We have a really phenomenal team of people. We've got some directors here from an HR standpoint, from a risk management standpoint. Our benefits team is literally world-class. I mean, some of these people are the best I've ever seen. And they're in there with these clients, fighting alongside in this environment. Be prepared by getting in touch with the right strategic partners Matt Lowman at IntegrityHR Management & we at MyOutDesk are giving back by helping people & businesses NAVIGATE the crisis— we see it as our civic duty to stay productive. You can get in touch with Matt Lowman at IntegrityHR Management here: You can also find MyOutDesk’s resources and contact us: (FREE strategy consultation calls & downloads) MyOutDesk started its business to scale with virtual assistants DURING the last recession, the global financial crisis of 2008. We are uniquely positioned to help you BEST respond to the current health crisis. —— 🔥🔥🔥 Don’t forget to like this podcast and subscribe to our channel! Comment with your questions below or any suggestions for future videos! 🔥🔥🔥 Follow us on social media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn - #GOremote #myoutdeskvirtualassistant #myoutdesk #Thrive
Entrepreneurs are challenged today to add value to their products and services. During this crisis, you MUST develop your ability to generate, work, and close deals remotely, or you will go out of business. Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides:
Tune in as we discuss leadership strategies for - crisis management, executing flexibility, accessing pivots & improving your cash position. This special webinar includes 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 limited-time access to: 1) Famous book “Scaling Up” + tools & worksheets 2) #1 bestselling business book “Scaling Your Business” 3) Business strategy consultants + thrive guides Schedule a free strategy call today: We’re joined by Bill Gallagher, CEO of Scaling Coach. Bill Gallagher is a business coach and master facilitator with over 30 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience. Bill has spent the last 15 years coaching and training others in leadership and performance and previously led 4 companies of his own and been a partner or executive in 2 others. Bill discovered the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up 20 years ago, has used them in his own companies.
Leaders and managers are overwhelmed by the current state of the economy. With the world seemingly at a standstill, how much has your employee morale and productivity shifted over the last two months? Find out how leaders are supporting their employees and boosting productivity. Free Thrive Business Strategy Session: From the Pacific to the Atlantic, we share leading business & HR best practices that all small and medium-sized companies in the US and Canada need to do now. If you need help or want to explore some ideas, book a Schedule a free Thrive Strategy Call today.
If businesses are trying to access the new PPP cash relief and they want to keep their employees, this is the advice you need from an HR perspective! MyOutDesk CEO Daniel Ramsey is with Xenium HR President Anne Donovan, and they discuss HR leadership tips when business is pivoting in today’s new market. Today, we’re all about canceling the fears of business owners with professional coaching advice. The new economy is new for all of us, so having a leadership coach somebody that you can use as a sounding board and bounce ideas. Tune in on leadership tips on: The new PPP Package — Balancing Shelter-in-Place rules and wanting to pay your employees People Pivot — How to lead through the crisis with your people, keep them or lay them off/furlough + How to connect to the workforce virtually & keeping culture flowing Furlough — Kept on benefits, still on benefits (hybrid before lay-off) Workshare — We need all employees, no one is laid off but reduced schedules and they get unemployment for fewer hours Have a daily and weekly huddle — people need to be grounded, staying connected with the people you furloughed/laid off with your team. They’re not forgotten and still tethered to your business Check in on a human level — not promising but keeping the human relation How are you preparing your real estate business for a recession? Schedule your Thrive with MyOutDesk Strategy Session now! Click this link to know more:
You can access CASH aid for SMBs right NOW. Leverage and strategize on how to get your part of the $2.2 trillion as a business owner and entrepreneur. Yes, You Can! Virtual Assistant costs can be covered by the simulus. The cost of full-time MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants for your business can be included as a covered expense and do not need to be repaid as part of the $10,000 three-day advance. Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides: Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL): 00:32 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): 3:37 DISCLAIMER: Note that we at MyOutDesk are not providing tax, legal, or financial advice. We strive to support the success of all SMBs and want to pass along useful and practical information that can help your business draw out effective solutions. Guidelines for the $2T Stimulus Package might have been changed. Please consult a qualified tax advisor, attorney, and investment professional for guidance.
As CEOs, it’s our civic duty to stay productive. The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is changing the way people live and work. As people seek to maintain their livelihoods, it’s up to you to help produce what is needed by the community. You get paid to add value to our customers, clients, vendors, and the people in our communities. Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides: CEO Mindset starts at: 2:10
Charles and Olivia share, "If the small business owner is impacted, everyone is impacted. The TOP 2 things that CANNOT be cut are the people who we are committed to, which are our employees and virtual assistants." Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation: Take our clients' words for it. "Virtual Assistants are key. Without VAs, it limits us and we have more responsibilities in-house. A VA is significantly more affordable to the business pattern. We get more value for the price. This is essential and instrumental for our growth, not only now but long-term 3-5 years out, we will continue to grow our number of VAs." Charles Pulliam & Olivia Cooley of the Olivia Cooley Group at Keller Williams Realty focus their business on creating unforgettable real estate experiences for buyers, sellers, and investors!
“This crisis will pass,” Michael Krein says, “but we’re going into a recession and the market will be down for a while, so agents need to focus on thinking about where their future deals will come from,” along with building the relationships & lead-generation channels to make them happen. Agents also need to learn how to effectively go remote in their businesses. To get personal, 1-on-1 support & training on how to take your business remote & leverage the power of virtual assistant services, schedule your Thrive with MyOutDesk Strategy Session now! Free Thrive Business Strategy Session: Michael Krein, the President of the National REO Brokers Association, joins us to offer timely advice on the COVID-19 crisis, along with valuable tips on how you can take action to save your real estate business & grab market share in your local market area. - "No selling, no buying, we are strictly property management," says Wendell Burris of Minnix Property Management - but with 3,000 units in management, that's more than enough to keep his team busy! On the side, Wendell has applied the principles he's learned from property management into the realm of real estate investing - with great results! In this exciting webinar, you'll learn about Wendell's success in building & scaling a successful property management team, the obstacles that they've had to overcome, and how he's leveraged his knowledge of property managment into a successful real estate investment portfolio. - Southern California is a tough, highly competitive real estate market - and when Mike Chou launched his real estate career in December of 2008 during one of the biggest recessions in US history, the competition was fierce. In an industry where there is an 80% failure rate, Mike made a commitment to become the #1 agent in the nation to help others meet their real estate goals. Proudly closing 35 transactions and over $10+ million in sales in his first year, Mike has since become one of Southern California’s most successful real estate agents - and he's now ranked in the “Top 100 Agents in the Nation.”
There's nothing more important to a growing business than your customer experience - absolutely nothing. In today's service economy, it's the defining factor for most businesses, but even if it's not your unique business differentiator, not creating a good experience will lead to negative feedback, bad reviews, and increased churn. Anyone can start a business, but if you want to stay in business you need to keep your customers happy. Join us for this exclusive interview with Caitlyn Rathgeb, the Director of Client Care for Hergenrother Realty, and learn her secrets to building a top-notch customer service department for the nation's #4 Real Estate Team.
“Not everyone understands what human resources is and why they really need it,” says Lakeisha Robichaux, which is the reason she launched Chief of Minds in 2014. She combined her passion for human resources with her entrepreneurial spirit to launch a new type of HR service: an outsourcing provider that takes the burden of HR away from its clients and provides the highest quality of service possible. In this exclusive interview, join Lakeisha Robichaux as she discusses why outsourcing is such a powerful tool for the human resources industry - and learn how secrets to building one of the top HR firms in the Louisiana area.
Start the 2020 sales year with some real estate insider strategies from a professional who really knows: Erin McCormick-Torres, the Chief Operating Officer at Hergenrother Realty Group at Keller Williams VT. She's at the helm of operations for the #4 top-ranked RealTrends team in America, and her organization dominates the Burlington, Vermont market with over 2,000 transactions a year. Join us as we talk with Erin and learn exactly how to implement Erin's successful strategies in your own operations. She has over 10 years experience leading digital marketing teams in the food, health and education markets as Director of Marketing & Lead Generation, with experience in both consumer & business-to-business markets. Erin is a leader who enjoys setting a strategic vision, and has a  passion for the Vermont way of life: mountains, scenic vistas, cheddar cheese, craft beer - and of course, amazing real estate & scenic views.
As California’s leading local HR Services Provider, Emplicity is the simple choice for employers with up to 250 employees. Founded by Vic Tanon nearly 25 years ago, the firm has grown from a startup into a PEO powerhouse - and helped streamline the HR, compliance, payroll, workers comp, benefits and much more for clients across the state in the process. Join Vic Tanon as he shares insights into the long game for building a successful PEO, and explains exactly where the industry is going and why so many businesses are outsourcing to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). PEO client growth has doubled in the last few years, and Vic will explain what's driving this trend and how PEO organizations are capitalizing on it.
We're honored to join Rick Kiracofe, the President of Innovative Employer Solutions, who's going to share you with his top insider tips for attracting, hiring & retaining the absolute best talent for your organization, as well as providing deep insights into the rapid growth of the PEO industry. Did you know that PEO's have nearly doubled their client-base in the last decade? Rick will explain what makes outsourcing so powerful & how his organization helps companies focus their energies on core deliverables by outsourcing the rest to a PEO.
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