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Learn how to leverage & scale your business with MyOutDesk - the industry leader in real estate virtual assistant services, trusted for over 10 years by 5,000+ clients, including half of RealTrends™ Top 10 Teams!
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Shawna Moore is the Talent Acquisition Director and Wellness Ambassador for Keller Williams Nashville-Green Hills, using her skills in a critical role to help keep the top-producing real estate team filled with top-tier talent. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing, project & event management, recruiting, and leadership - along with a deep & abiding commitment to excellence that drives her towards success in real estate. Download Shawna's KASH Talk Coaching Document and Sample Hiring Sheet.Watch now as Shawna discusses what it takes to build & maintain a top-performing real estate team, and learn exactly what kind of talent to look for in potential team members. We're also going to discuss team structure & scalability, and show you how to get the best performance possible from your real estate team, no matter what price range or market you serve!As Talent Acquisition Director, Shawna Moore is an important member of Keller Williams Realty's leadership team and entrusted with maintaining the happiness of employees, whether it be through benefits, perks, or ensuring low burn out rates. Employees at Keller Williams Realty rate their leadership an A+, ranking them within the Top 30% in Austin.A Nashville native, Shawna is passionate about Music City’s vibrant growth and thriving real estate scene. When she isn’t connecting talent with opportunities, teaching or consulting, you might find Shawna enjoying one of her many hobbies: exercising, reading, cheering on the LSU Tigers or attending a show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium. She and her husband enjoy hosting cookouts and crawfish boils, and are the proud parents of a loving, four-legged teddy bear named Roux.
There’s a refinance boom going on, and savvy mortgage brokers like Eric Garnicki are making a killing by taking advantage of lower interest rates & leveraging the power of virtual assistants.“My Virtual Assistant has been responsible for 70% of my mortgage deals over the last 5 years.” – Eric Garnicki“You need to understand that we have a very finite, limited amount of time,” Eric says, “There’s a big search for value add in our industry, and virtual assistants bring that value-add. You can use that to approach more Realtors, and you’ll find more success. Step outside of what everybody else is doing and look at things from a marketing perspective. Use your virtual assistant for marketing to approach more realtors, financial advisors, and others and build those relationships.”In this webinar, you’ll learn the exact system that Eric is using to locate, pre-qualify & meet with top REALTORS®, CPAs & attorneys in order to build key relationships to bring in new mortgage deals. He’ll also share with you how he delegates administrative work, scheduling, and even phone-screening to his virtual assistants in order to maximize the time he spends on dollar-productive activities.The key to expanding your mortgage business is time-management. You need to proceduralize business so that you can duplicate yourself – and then invest your limited time in the key activities that you simply can’t delegate. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have time need to take your game to the next level.
Get ready to take your real estate sales to the next level as you learn valuable techniques to increase your sales production, generate more buyer & seller leads, and boost your sales conversion levels with one of the industry’s most innovative top-producing teams!In this exciting interview, we’re talking with Stephanie Masterson, President & Chief Sales Consultant for The Raines Group / HER Realtors – Central Ohio’s #1 Top-Producing Team!Out of over than 1.2 million Realtors nationwide, The Raines Group has been named on The Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 List and REALTOR Magazine’s top 100 Realtors list. In addition to Ron and Sandy Raines’ selection as members of Star Power, The Raines Group has been awarded “Best Overall Marketing” by Institute of Luxury Home Marketing (sponsored by The Wall Street Journal).Stephanie joined The Raines Group at its conception in the spring of 1998. She obtained her Ohio real estate license in the fall of 1999 and Ohio Brokers license in the winter of 2007. In her current role as President, Stephanie most enjoys helping people meet their dreams by exceeding expectations, delivering world class service, and providing operational excellence.Stephanie is a life-long resident of Central Ohio and currently resides in the New Albany Links subdivision in New Albany. Having grown up in Canal Winchester, she has also lived in the other local communities of Pickerington, Blacklick and Reynoldsburg. Stephanie obtained an Associate’s degree in Real Estate from Columbus State Community College, as well as a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University.
Ready to learn the insider tips, tricks, and best-practices to take your mortgage & loan business to the next level? Looking for strategies to fill your pipeline with qualified deals? Look no further!Learn these skills & more with Scott Groves, the Co-Founder of Consolidated Coaching – a tactical, strategic, street-level coaching program FOR Loan Officers, BY Loan Officers. Scott is a seasoned mortgage & loan industry veteran who built an innovative coaching model to help industry colleagues refine their skills & build successful mortgage businesses.For over 15 years Scott Groves has been providing quality mortgage products to his clients on the Eastside of Los Angeles. By fostering close relationships with real-estate agents, buyers, and sellers Scott has built a career out of providing exceptional service from application to closing. His business philosophy has always been a simple creed: do the right thing for the client and serve his REALTOR® Community.Now, Scott is sharing his experience with mortgage & loan professionals across the country with a ground-breaking coaching new methodology that combines the best lead-generation tactics, accountability practices, and team building techniques to enhance your professional growth & business success.
You’ve gotta grow or you’re gonna plateau! Growth can be tough, though – once you’ve made it through the endless interviews & hiring, you have to deal with the cost & administrative burden of all the paperwork that comes with each team member. So here’s a question: what if you didn’t have to?Join us for this exciting webinar with Pat Cleary – the President and CEO of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), the national trade association for the PEO industry. PEOs provide payroll, benefits, and human resource services to small and midsize businesses nationwide.PEO’s are part of a rapidly growing trend in outsourcing that leverages economies of scale, digital communications, and specialized labor to take the burden managing repetitive tasks off of the company and allowing them to focus on what really matters by contracting the busywork to a PEO. To learn more, click here to find a PEO.According to Wikipedia, “Typically, the PEO offering may include human resource consulting, safety and risk mitigation services, payroll processing, employer payroll tax filing, workers’ compensation insurance, health benefits, employers’ practice and liability insurance (EPLI), retirement vehicles (401(k)), regulatory compliance assistance, workforce management technology, and training and development.”Before taking over at NAPEO, Cleary was senior vice president of digital public affairs at Fleishman-Hillard, focusing on helping clients drive their messages through new media channels. He’s had a wide-ranging career spanning more than 25 years in government, policy, public affairs, and communications, with areas of expertise include human resources, health care, economics, and trade – and he’s bullish on the future of outsourcing
Mo Choumil is a true American success story – a first-generation American who started out in Casablanca with big dreams and a $500 plane ticket to the states, and worked tirelessly to build ATG Title. This was no small feat – the Washington Business Journal recently ranked ATG company as the #1 title company in the DC area, and they’re also one of the INC 500’s fastest growing companies.In this special webinar you’ll learn how Mo created ATG Title, as well as learn how he utilizes virtual assistants to reduce workload for his in-house staff while allowing them to focus on the core competencies that drive the companies success as a leading provider of title insurance, escrow & closing services.ATG Title focuses on a superior value to clients, but also maintaining the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and incomparable customer service. They provide dedicated client representatives to provide one-on-one support, along with a flexible customer process and completely paperless transactions that utilize digital signing & secure electronic archiving.“I highly recommend having a virtual assistant. Here in the US, finding skilled labor is extremely difficult. We want our people here to focus on their core competencies, customer service, title knowledge, underwriting & solving problems. For any mundane activities like data-entry, let somebody else do it. I don’t bog down my highly skilled labor doing mundane tasks. Our VA’s have been phenomenal…we’re extremely happy with them.” – Mo ChoumilATG’s investment in virtual staffing and the latest in digital transaction technology is all part of a streamlined, stress-free experience that they strive to provide for their clients. After hearing Mo speak on their corporate goals & history, you’ll understand exactly why the Washington Business Journal ranked them #1 in the DC area!
Think “Big Data” is something only propeller-heads at Google can make money with? Think again! Leveraging the power of modern computing and analytics is a trend that’s catching on in real estate, because it lets you focus on the best prospects & leverage your time and skills where they’re most likely to make you giant commissions.“Top real estate producers aren’t smarter than you. They don’t work as hard as you do, but they do things differently. They have functional operating systems in place. They’ve figured out their uniqueness, their values, and the sources for a consistent flow of sales.” – James TylerIn this exclusive interview, we’re drilling down with James Tyler, Founder & CEO of Marketing Engines, Inc. He explains exactly how & why you want to implement big data & modern data-analytics into your real estate business to reduce wasted time & grow your real estate business revenue!James brings big data and predictive analytics into real estate success by utilizing AI algorithms to predict successful opportunities for geographic farmning. His focus is on improving the response & success rate compared to traditional real estate farming methods, and he’ll explain how effectively use real estate market statistics along with predictive analytics, big data, and technology to improve online & social media marketing as well.James Tyler, founder, and CEO of Marketing Engines, Inc. is a leading marketing strategist and business consultant for the mortgage and real estate industries. He mastered the programs necessary to thrive within the financial sector and learned how to exploit his technical knowledge to market products online. With guidance from greats like Zig Ziggler, Anthony Robbins, and Todd Duncan, he learned how to sell effectively both in-person and on the phone. He believes that focusing on implementing what you know supported by data, technology, and a professional brand can unlock your potential to long-lasting prosperity.
Generally, seller listings are tougher to convert than buyer leads. This is because the seller lead is a whole different animal so to speak. When someone is looking to buy a home, they are open to looking at many types of listings and will accept information from every source that is available to them. Those looking to list their home have a tendency to be more cautious, as they have a lot more at stake. They are potentially opening up their fortress to the outside world.Matt Scheid of Prime Seller Listings talks to MyOutDesk Co-Owner Daniel Ramsey about how to capture hundreds of seller leads online and close them. Matt also shares 5 top tips for internet leads.Matt shares how their company’s process has gone from multiple trials on wording ads on multiple platforms. They discovered that when the wording of their ads spoke directly about people selling their homes, there was very low yield. When they began to launch ads about people finding out the value of their homes, they got more yield. He also says that at the moment, the main channels of generation seem to be Facebook and Google AdWords.With their work with top agents, Matt and his team at Prime Seller Leads have found that 80% of leads list their homes between 6-18 months after their first inquiry online about their home value. That is why it is essential to follow-up and ensure that you are foremost on the seller’s minds as they move to make the crucial decision to list. There is no such thing as one right way to do this. Matt says that there are as many different ways to approach closing a seller lead as there are real estate agents.The key is finding out what method or approach works best for you and your personality. If you are great at face to face conversations, then door knocking and sharing information person to person may be the best method for you. If you throw killer events then your focus should be on that. Once you have figured out what works for you, every single lead should go through the same procedure, consistency is key to seeing returns.Matt mentions that a real estate virtual assistant can be valuable in your system set-up to generate and close seller leads. They can help you in setting up different categories for your leads and help you deploy the specific campaign under each category. A real estate virtual assistant can also aid in a very important step which is initial call follow-up. Matt says that timing is essential because calling a lead within 15 minutes of receiving their inquiry gives you a 20% higher chance of closing.For example, when you receive an inquiry it is ideal to call within 15 minutes, if they do not answer, do not leave a message, however, do call back within the day and if there is still no answer then leave a message. The next day, try calling again, then follow up that call with an email and then send a video response. Basically what is important is that you deploy different methods to show your tenacity and passion to help them out without inundating them using a singular method. Whether their real estate virtual assistant works part-time or full-time, Matt says that he has seen at least 3 to 5 times better results with his clients.
Don’t miss this exciting webinar with Boots Levinson, a top-producing Philadelphia real estate agent and the Principal at Rent Philly – a Condo Shops rental portal. Boots has worked in the trenches to build a highly successful real estate sales, rental & property management business, and shares his secrets for online & rental-based lead-generation, time-management, and sales conversion with a full-service real estate brokerage.Watch Boots discuss about how the Condo Shop and TCS Homes emerged from humble beginnings in 2006 to become one of Philadelphia’s pre-eminent sales, rental and property management portals, with 4 retail locations in through the city.Boots has worked hard to build a team of knowledgeable, professional agents who share their genuine commitment to innovation in assisting clients with buying, selling or leasing property. We can provide important and current market data to sellers as well as unique or specialized features of both condominium buildings and condominium units to buyers or tenants.In addition to listing info, TCS provides clients with useful information regarding building design and systems, management, amenities, finances and documentation. They also offer fully customized digital marketing campaigns to maximize listing exposure. In addition, The Condo Shop team is proud to offer full-service property management, utilizing a fully integrated online system.
Hallie serves as Chief of Staff to the Founder and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies. She has worked side-by-side with Adam Hergenrother for over eight years, ensuring that Adam’s vision is communicated and implemented.With over nine years of experience supporting the C-Suite, Hallie has mastered the ability to lead and assist by assessing current needs, initiating change, and executing projects. As Chief of Staff, Hallie works closely with the executive team to manage special projects, hire and grow talent, and maximize Adam’s reach through training events and strategic communication.Recently, Adam Hergenrother and Hallie Warner announced the release of their first book, The Founder & The Force Multiplier. They have worked together for over eight years and have seen an increased need for dialogue around the Executive and Executive Assistant partnership.In the book, Hergenrother and Warner cover everything from roles, titles, and responsibilities, to time management in the C-suite, to strategies for better communication, to how to find and hire your Executive Assistant, to how to get your leader to give up control, to a leader’s top 20% and how an EA can force multiply a leader’s efforts, to how to build trust, to how to create an ideal daily schedule together, and much more.This book was written for Executive Assistants interested in learning how to build a dynamic and fulfilling career and for leaders looking to hire an EA or establish a better relationship with their current right hand.
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