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Author: Christy Maxfield

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Discover what it takes and what it means to think entrepreneurially from thought leaders throughout the St. Louis region. Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore and Christy Maxfield bring to you the best and most experienced trailblazers around to share insights that can unlock your pioneer potential for creativity, innovation and experimentation.

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Joining us today is Dr. Nadia Shakoor, Founder and CEO of Agrela Ecosystems, an agtech start-up focused on delivering research quality data collection products and services in an effort to accelerate breeding cycle time within agricultural communities. Nadia is a crop phenotyping expert and co-inventor of the PheNode and is speaking with us today to help us better understand the world of agriculture. In this episode: Nadia talks about what sparked her interest in the field of biology and agriculture. Nadia says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means, “actively working on solutions to difficult problems that I am to help leave the world a better place, then we found it and the world of ag-tech helps her to achieve that goal.” Nadia talks about St. Louis' very own Danforth Plant Sciences Center and what attracted her to this state of the art research institute. Nadia says that she self identifies as an Inventor, an Entrepreneur, a CEO and Founder, but says that her passion is trying to develop crops that are healthier and better and improving on current crop technologies. Nadia explains what it means to take discoveries out of a lab and then build a company around them. She says that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to shift gears from developing your product to then selling your product. Nadia talks about what she has learned as a wearer of many hats. She shares with us some valuable advice and says she recommends just sticking with your passions and staying focused on the long term goals.   Learn More: Email:   Company Website:    Company Facebook:    Company Twitter:
Joining us today is Valerie Liddell, Founder and CEO of Grind + Growth, a non-profit co-working space that empowers, educates, and inspires people in underserved communities throughout the St. Louis and Illinois region. Through trial and error, Valerie gained a wealth of knowledge and skills, which inspired her to help other aspiring entrepreneurs like herself. In this episode: Valerie explains that she got her entrepreneurial drive, professional commitment and worth ethic from her Grandfather and her Father. While growing up and being provided with the things she needed and not provided with the 'wants' of a child, she found the drive to allow her as a grown up and entrepreneur to be able to purchase the things she not only needed but that she wanted as well. Valerie says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means being able to take a risk and not getting discouraged when obstacles pop up. Valerie talks about being a serial entrepreneur and the inner joy it brings her on a daily basis. Valerie tells us how Grind + Growth came to be and how she overcame the challenges she faced when acquiring capital. Valerie says she turned the obstacle in front of her into a treasure hunt and through research, the use of resources available to her and her drive until eventually, she found her treasure - aka CAPITAL. She explains that Grind + Growth can be of service to non-profits as well as for-profit organizations such as healthcare agencies, restaurant owners and a variety of other business development agencies. Prospective members can also learn more about day passes and annual memberships.   Learn More:   Email:   Company Facebook:    Company Twitter:
Joining us today is Elise Miller Hoffman, General partner at Cultivation Capital, a Venture Capital Firm that manages a family of funds focused on early-stage investing. Elise is active in St. Louis' entrepreneurial ecosystem and invests in promising digital health and life sciences start-ups. In addition, Elise was named as a St. Louis Business Journal "30 under 30" awardee in 2018. In this episode: Elise talks about growing up in Texas and what brought her to St. Louis. Elise says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means envisioning what a better world could look like and using your unique talents and relentless drive to make your vision happen.   Elise shares with us her adventures and what led her to the Venture Capital field and she says that she was very drawn in by St. Louis' entrepreneurial ecosystem. Elise says that she was able to find the right fit for her amongst many different business options by playing an internship role on all playing fields. Elise describes her experiences with the different ranks she held once entering the Venture Capital game. Elise talks negotiating, board representation, strategic counseling, sales process and analytics. Elise discusses how Cultivation Capital fits into our ecosystem. She explains that there are many different investment focuses such as software and IT, Ag Tech and early stage company formations. Elise gives some advice to women and minorities who are thinking about getting into a male dominated Venture Capital industry. Elise also tells us what is on the horizon for her and her Cultivation Capital team. Elise states that the pandemic has sifted her focus and thinking towards effectively battling and conquering the challenges we currently face during Covid.   Learn More:   Email: Company Website: Company Twitter:
Joining us today is Ron Story, Jr., Serial entrepreneur and Founder of PitchDB, a search engine for speaking engagements that saves hours of digging for leads and contacts in just a few clicks. Over the past 20 years, Ron has been instrumental in the creation, development and leadership of over 30 companies with a potential market value of over 200 million.   In this episode:   Ron explains that while he was born and raised in East St.Louis he took some advice and decided to go where he would be treated best, so with that he took the advice and some research and moved to Medelllin, Columbia. Ron says he is a starter and a fixer at heart and says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means finding a problem and fixing that problem.   Ron talks about being an international entrepreneur and why he chose to make Medellin his permanent business home.   Ron shares a warm and fuzzy story about employee development and talks about hiring employees that you can trust. Ron explains his take on business development and says that he is fond of the 'buying a business plan' as opposed to the 'building a business plan'.   Ron shares with us his experience with being an author of a book titled "The First 100 Miles".   Ron says that your brain is just as valuable as your body, so feed your brain with knowledge and do the things you love to do in life.   Learn More:   Email:   Website:   Personal Facebook:
Joining us today is Bob Miller, CEO and Founder of Melio, a company that offers products that harness the power of the sun, all while upcycling plastic bottles for a more sustainable future. Bob followed his passion of design and environment by creating a solar charging back-pack and says he envisions Melio as a lifestyle brand.    In this episode:   Bob says growing up in a small business environment may have played a role in his desire to become an entrepreneur. Bob also says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means opening your eyes to new opportunities to be able to grow and develop into that individual that you want to be or the organization that you want to have.   Bob explains that as a small business owner of a lifestyle brand, he hopes to persuade consumers to think about and to make a conscious effort to learn about the companies that they are buying from.    Bob tells us how he discovered, marketed and developed Melio and also talks about where the business name Melio derived from.    Bob talks about Melios' flagship product called JUICE, a solar powered backpack designed to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and consumers that are on the go.   Bob speaks about the changes in his marketing plan that had to be made in the face of Covid. Bob says that while Covid added some challenges to the marketing of the product, it also helped due to the fact that consumers are participating in more outdoor themed activities.    Bob shares with us some of the things he has learned on his journey to entrepreneurship.    Learn More:   Email:   Website:   Company Facebook:   Company LinkedIn:
Joining us today is Whitney McClendon-Gregory, CEO and Founder of, a local company that is reinventing how drivers request roadside services. Whitney is ambitious and dedicated to providing an open marketplace platform and has pledged to build a service where her customers can choose a suitable price option for their needs. In this episode: Whitney explains that roadside assistance and businesses of the like, have always been in her blood by way of family entrepreneurs. Whitney says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means having the ability to see differently than the rest of the world and having the inherent trait to make it easier to develop items and innovation. Whitney talks about how the Eemerg app was developed and how it works. Whitney talks about the importance to her of providing a fair marketplace to consumers and says that before Eemerg there really wasn't a fair marketplace. Whitney talks about building a phenomenal customer acquisition strategy. Whitney says she used connections from her family and says attending tow conventions helped her build her company's provider database. Whitney tells us about making the shift from an LLC to a Corporation AND all of the different programs she utilized while working on developing She explains that she used Square1, Arch Grants and WEPOWER and talks about the different inputs she received from each program. Whitney shares with us what she has learned on her entrepreneurial journey and gives us some advice to share with our listeners. Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook: Company Twitter:
Joining us today is Keith Turner, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Happy Doggy Treats. With almost 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and community service, Keith has found his niche in life not only as a businessman but also a community do-gooder. In this episode: Keith gives us some insight into his lifelong passion of being an entrepreneur; from crafting and selling to selling items out of his college dorm room to being a business owner in the present. Keith says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means every time you see an opportunity you realize it, identify the product and target audience, solve the problem and if you can do all of that and make a profit, then you are an entrepreneur. Keith explains how the Happy Doggy Treats concept came to be. He says that after many months of research, he realized that there was not a 'healthy' dog treat, so he set out on a mission to create a product and start a company. Keith talks about how his tech business led to a bunch of research that eventually led him to another business and he tells us how he identifies new opportunities and lists 3 strategies to help you. Keith tells us about how he is involved in the community and also explains how he dovetails entrepreneurship and community service in an effort to produce a win-win for all. Keith gives us some advice on entrepreneurship and says that you must have positive cash flow, make sure you understand your cost and he gives us a few other tips of the trade. Learn more: Email: Website: Company Facebook:
Joining us today is Debra Corrie, CEO of Acumaxum, LLC, a financial consulting company that helps privately held businesses generate more cash, increase company profits, and scale their businesses. Debra surrounds herself with many other entrepreneurs and is dedicated to helping business owners reap the financial benefits within their company while building personal wealth for themselves. In this episode: Debi talks about the ups and downs of figuring out her life's purpose and passions and says that she ultimately sacrificed herself so that the business she first poured her heart into could survive. Debi explains that she loves working with strategy and says there are always numbers behind the strategy. Debi tells us how Acumaxum came to be and how she developed her team. Debi says that a lot of people are involved in a company and that people are what make or break your company. As an entrepreneur, Debi likes to develop people and says she finds it exciting to watch them learn and grow. Debi talks about the focus of Acumaxum and how her company plans to help other businesses hit their growth goals. Debi says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means always looking for the next tech advance and seeing how you can use it for your business. Debi explains what her launch strategy is and says that one of her tools is a book she authored titled "Loving Failure: Getting Control of your Business Health." This book talks about all things money - Great read! Debi talks about financial indicators within your business and never says ever let failure define you or stop you! Learn More: Email: Website:  Company Facebook:
Joining us today is Tashara Earl, President and Co-Founder of Techrein, a company that specializes in innovative safety solutions with wearable technology. Tashara is a talented marketing idea generator and business professional implementing ideas to maximize brand exposure and increase sales.  In this episode: Tashara talks about growing up as a St. Louis native and tells us about her many passions, from dance to cosmetology to DJing and her newfound tech passion. Tashara talks about pivoting and says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means breaking through barriers by creating innovative solutions.  Tashara explains how Techrein came to be. Tashara says that Techrein is a lifestyle brand designed to keep people safe and to look good while doing it. Tashara tells us how her team worked on building a brand and developed a product geared for a certain target audience. Tashara says that Techrein products are not only safe for outdoor enthusiasts but also for police departments and the Department of Defense.  Tashara talks about what it has been like to work with a co-founder and to build a team in an effort to pursue one common goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Tashara says working to find each partners' 'superpower' in order to maximize the company's full potential has been very important to her.  Tashara discusses creating life balance and says she is working on a public online course so that she can share her learned business nuggets with the rest of the world, and Tashara offers up some advice to other entrepreneurs as well.  Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook:
Joining us today is Frank Williamson, CEO of STL Black Restaurant Week. Frank is a St. Louis native and loves being involved in the community by serving as Engagement Chair for Urban League-St. Louis and by spearheading STL Black Restaurant Week in an effort to promote restaurants that are owned and operated by African-Americans. In this episode: Frank starts the conversation by explaining that he grew up and went to school in St.Louis, and for college, he went to Lincoln University in Jefferson, MO. Frank says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means “stepping outside of your comfort zone and exceeding.  Frank explains how being part of the Urban League Young Professionals of Metropolitan ​St. Louis (ULYP-STL) helped him connect with others in Memphis, TN., that started the first STL Black Restaurant Week. Frank talks about how STL Black Restaurant Week works and what people can do at the event, and the restaurants involved for the week. He also shares how he promotes the event. Frank shares that UMSL Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) was also a great resource to build and grow the event Frank speaks about the pull of entrepreneurship and having several streams of income to make that possible. He always wants to help the community and give back this year with Covid-19 and also going forward to lessen that impact. Learn More: Email: Company Facebook: Personal Facebook
Joining us today is Nalini Mahadevan, Founder of MLO Law, LLC. As a distinguished attorney, Nalini is helping St. Louis Corporations attract and retain top international talent for the region's growing industries. In this episode: Nalini starts the conversation by explaining that she grew up on three different continents - born in England, grew up in India, and came to the United States, specifically St. Louis, to attend Washington University. Nalini says that entrepreneurial thinking, to her means figuring things out and offering solutions not only for yourself but for the people you serve. Nalini explains how she sowed the seeds to birthing her very own law firm, MLO Law. From starting her business out of her home to a much larger location in Clayton, Nalini says she worked hard to service the clients that walked through the door. Starting with Estate Planning Law, Nalini explains that she quickly found her calling in Immigration Law. Nalini talks about how through her practices in Immigration Law, she is able to attract top talent from all around the world to the region's growing industries. Nalini tells us about her book titled "How to Start A Law Practice and Succeed". She says that 17 years ago when she decided to follow her dreams to open a practice of her own, that there were few tools available to help her get her start, so she took it upon herself to help future law practice owners succeed by writing her book and sharing her learned knowledge. Nalini speaks about the ongoing and never-ending learning process of entrepreneurship and says she recently found herself admitting that she doesn't know everything that there is to know and that's okay! Nalini also says that a podcast may be in her future and that she really is looking forward to empowering other female attorneys in the future. Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook:
Joining us today is Murielle Gaither, CEO of Venku, the easy way to list and look for unique outdoor experiences across America. Mirielle is a 'do-er' with the ability to transform a vision into a reality through years of experience with strategic planning, goal setting, and rallying her team and stakeholders around a unified calling.  In this episode: Murielle says she grew up in a facility full of entrepreneurs and attributes growing up in that world, with helping her with her business experience and the entrepreneur vision. Murielle says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means looking at the world through a new lens, encountering problems, and being able to see them as opportunities.  Murielle explains how the concept of Venku came to be. An idea birthed from her Father's mind, placed on hold then handed over to Murielle she says she willingly took over the project and ran with it.  Murielle goes into detail just how Venku works. She says Venku provides the tech and the host provides the experience. Murielle also explains how Venku meets everyone in the middle from the host to the customer. Murielle talks about all the different aspects of business she has learned along the way; everything from research and product testing on the tech side of the app and platform development. Murielle loves relying on her long-standing hosts for feedback and loves the long term relationships she has formed through their business.  Murielle speaks about her role as CEO and says while it was hard at first, she has learned to ask for help, in an effort to free up some of her time to utilize her personal strengths to push the business to its full potential.  Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook
Joining us today is Michael Fritzius, Chief Technology Officer of Arch DevOps, a software testing and automation provider who amid Covid-19, got edgy and added a few more things to the list of services the company provides. Michael, aka "Fritz" comes from a long line of "nerds" and says that he loves that he gets the chance daily to use technology while blending it with communication, relationship building, consulting, and marketing.  In this episode: Michael explains how he entered the life of entrepreneurship. He tells us that after being let go from a contracting job he finally jumped off the cliff and submitted the application for an LLC. Michael says that entrepreneurially thinking to him means looking at the world and instead of asking why, ask why not? He says entrepreneurs are made up of the 'stuff' to change the world. Michael explains what DevOps is and how the process of creating software works to design and everything in between. Michael says that he and his business partner are able to accommodate all sectors of business software and have a database of support companies to back them up.  Michael explains how as a business owner, he got edgy in the wake of covid in order to stay on top of the game. He says that his company strives to stick together with everyone who wants to succeed even in these scary times.  Michael talks about his own experience with podcasting and talks to us about his very own show titled "The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps". He says that when he originally started his show that he set out to talk just about DevOps to automation as the sole presenter, but soon realized that there was a need to invite others to speak as well.  Michael discusses life lessons- everything from a cancer diagnosis to being a father of four girls and being an entrepreneur. He says that he is thankful for his supporters and for learning the entrepreneurial processes.  Learn more: Email: Website: Company Facebook: Company Twitter:
Joining us today are Jane Molina and Joy Williams, Co-Founders of Covenant Partners, LLC, and Ninni Co., an online baby product company. Jane and Joy are not strangers to entrepreneurship after running a successful HVAC business. Six years ago, the sisters started an extraordinary mission to create the first truly, 'breast-like' pacifier. In this episode: Jane and Joy talk about their extensive and exciting education careers and early work experiences. After many adventures, both ladies ended up back in St. Louis, working in their Father's HVAC business. Jane says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means to have a passion for something and to go at it with all that you've got until you show up on the other side.   Jane and Joy explain their journey and the realization that brought them to their newest business venture, Jane says that by child number 5 between the two of them, a fear of her baby successfully weaning off of her natural breast causing confusion and the lack of a breast-like pacifier on the market, once again sparked her inner entrepreneur.  Joy says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means pursuing your dreams and not letting people put parameters on what you have to do in this life. Jane and Joy discuss their inner fight between staying in the HVAC business or venturing out to create a legacy of their own. They talk about the many different steps they had to take from hiring an attorney to patent searches, to creating and testing their product. Jane and Joy tell us about what stage their business is currently in. Jane offers her advice and tells other entrepreneurs, creators, and inventors to never ever give up on your product or invention. Jane tells us that it took four times to submit their product before finally being accepted as a patentable product, so if you believe in it, GO FOR IT! Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook:
Joining us today is Bradley Loyet, Owner of BP Fabrication LLC, a fabrication and manufacturing business located in St. Louis, Missouri whose focus is on the MotorSports industry. Brad, a race car driver at heart, found himself on the wrong side of a freak accident in 2018, however, his determination is allowing him to finish his racing career on his own terms AND as an entrepreneur. In this episode: Brad talks about how his Father has mentored him through all facets of life whether it's his work ethics, race car driving, or entrepreneurship, Brad says in one way or another, his Father played a large role. Brad says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means that luck comes from hard work, so keep working hard! Brad explains how a freak accident while changing a race car tire pushed him to retire from racing and eventually led him to the entrepreneurship side of motorsports with the establishing of BP Fabrication, LLC. Brad discusses business factors such as employee retention and training, machinery upkeep, account sales and retention, and of course manufacturing. Brad says that he hopes to build his business to a point where he can retire at the young age of 45. Brad explains the 'crumb to bakery' process to which he runs his business.  Brad says that he is a student entrepreneur and explains to us what inspires him as an entrepreneur - He says that he reads a lot of books that are about entrepreneurship and written by entrepreneurs. Brad's advice to us all is to put the work in and it will return ten-fold.  Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook: Company Twitter:
Joining us today is Lusnail Haberberger, President of LUZCO Technologies, a top-notch electrical engineering consulting firm. Lusnail drew her skills as an Electrical Engineer and seasoned Project Manager for large scale infrastructure projects to deliver best-in-class services and continues to make a name for herself in this modern industry.  In this episode: Lus tells us about coming to the states from Venezuela through an exchange program at 16 years of age. Lus says she realized early on the importance of becoming bi-lingual and says she took her schooling very seriously. Lus says her entrepreneurial spirit was conceived while working on her MBA and feels that entrepreneurial thinking to her means having the courage to not let your fears depict who you are.  Lus explains that upon moving to St. Louis she was contracted by Ameren to provide her consulting expertise. Lus says Ameren gave her the tools she needed such as training programs and incubators to help her launch her business which is by the way the fastest growing businesses in the St. Louis region with 28 employees in just three years' time. Lus talks about how as a business owner, she has had to pivot business procedures during Covid. She says good computers, good technology, and constant contact with her clients has helped her maintain good relations in an effort to keep the business moving forward. Lus tells us what it means to her to be connected to certain entities in an effort to help her maintain business growth and profitability and explains that the Hispanic Chamber has helped her directly in so many ways. In closing, Lus tells us about a few of the challenges she has faced and how she has conquered those challenges.  Learn More:  Email: Website: Company LinkedIn: https:
Joining us today is Michelle Robinson, Owner of DEMIblue natural Nails and Creator of DEMIblue 10-Free Vegan-Friendly Nail Polish line. Michelle has serviced the healthcare and education industries for over 18 years and was inspired to incorporate her research, experience, and love for servicing others by providing healthier manicures and pedicures, through her personal nail polish brand. In this episode: Michelle tells us about being a first-time family college graduate and entrepreneur. Michell explains that education was and still is very important to her and says that she started out wanting to make sure that future students had a proper academic future. As an employee of Vatterott College, Michelle says she was thrust into entrepreneurship when the school closed its doors for good. Michelle started working on her plan in 2017 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Michelle says that it wasn't until her Mother's diagnosis, that she realized that cancer-causing toxins are very prevalent in most beauty products. With that, she set out on a mission to create a healthier, non-toxic alternative - born was DEMIblue Natural Nails. Michelle tells us how she developed her formulations, arranged a business plan & partnered with manufacturers in an effort to grow and launch her business. For Michelle, entrepreneurial thinking means taking your passion, creating a business around it, and giving back to the community. Michelle talks about the process of choosing the nail colors and says that every year she hosts an event called "Name that Color" which allows women in the community to select the seasons' colors and to name them. Michelle loves getting the community involved in her business and her brand. Michelle gives advice to new entrepreneurs and says it is key to do the research and use the resources around you to develop a successful brand. She encourages entrepreneurs to ask for help and listen to your followers. Michelle also talks about a few of the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome those challenges. Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook:
Joining us today are a power couple, Chavelle and Phillip Sangokoya, of BRAND of St. Louis. Chavelle and Phillip created BRAND of St. Louis to serve as a social enterprise whose mission is to co-create, pilot, and fund innovation that promotes collaboration and equitable wealth building. In this episode: Phillip and Chavelle talk to us about how they moved into the world of entrepreneurship. Chavelle explains that she never really pictured herself as an entrepreneur but happened to fall into the path while helping Phillip with daily operations and problem-solving within his established business.  Phillip says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means exploring the intersection between what the world needs and what you are good at, passionate about, and what there is a market for. Chavelle says that to her, entrepreneurial thinking means embracing failure and being willing to learn along the way.  Phillip explains how BRAND of St. Louis (Business Resource Association for Networking and Development) operates and its mission to help entrepreneurs who need additional assistance getting business loans and getting the financials in order so that they can get their business off to a great start.  Chavelle discusses how BRAND of St. Louis has helped business owners trudge through the PPE Loan process during Covid-19. Chavelle says that BRAND of St. Louis has created a program called The Start-Up League Rewards Program and she explains the benefits of the program.  Phillip says the goal of BRAND of St. Louis is to uplift St. Louis' business ecosystem through a Theory of Change concept which engages the Black and Latinx business community to partner up with win-win partners to create a positive change within the community.  Learn More: Email: Website: Company Facebook: Company Twitter:  BRANDofSTL
Joining us today is Olamide Adeboye, Founder and CEO of Wakava Food and Beverage, an organic health-conscious company that provides a better tasting, healthier food, and herbal drink options using herbs from Africa. Ola is a Nigerian immigrant who utilized St. Louis' Business Community resources to bring his vision to life.  In this episode: Ola shares with us his early start in entrepreneurship with a Blockbuster type business in Nigeria and an export business in India. Ola says he feels he maybe was inspired to be an entrepreneur by his Mother who was an entrepreneur in the foodservice industry.  Ola discusses what brought him to St. Louis (HINT - a girl) and says that entrepreneurially thinking to him means taking the St. Louis entrepreneur to a different level.  Ola explains what Wakava is and tells us about the steps he took to create his business and business plan. Ola says that he owes a lot of his business success to St. Louis' own Square One Program. Ola says his mission and purpose in starting Wakava was to innovate African food and to bring an aesthetic to the brand but also flavors to the palate that Americans may not be accustomed to. Ola goes into detail about how his products are made and what fruits and ingredients are used.  Ola shares with us his advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Ola says that networking is of utmost importance and says it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Ola highly recommends the Square One Program and urges others to check it out as well.  Learn More: Email: Website: Company  Facebook: https: Company Twitter:
Joining us today is Minerva Lopez, a small business owner, and non-profit Founder. Minerva returned to St. Louis in early 2020, since then she has been deeply involved in identifying, understanding, and successfully applying for small business COVID relief loans and grants. In this episode: Minerva discusses growing up in California and says that she can remember there always being a need for help in business development throughout the Latina community and minority populations, amongst other needs.  Minerva says her passion for community-based programs that focus on making underserved communities a better, more resourceful place to live. Minera says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means being an informative tool for people of all walks of life to become aware of information and to create and lead your business.  Minerva talks about her experiences while owning a soccer apparel store on Cherokee Street.  A big fan of soccer, Minerva knew in her heart, even before the prospect of a professional soccer team was established, that St. Louis was a soccer city. Upon realizing that there was not a store in St. Louis to purchase soccer apparel, she had to open one of her own.  Minerva tells us what she feels would be more impactful for Latina and minority owned businesses in the area.  Minerva tells us what her future holds in the business world. She says she has left her mark on St. Louis and is ready to take her talents to other underserved areas that also need resources and a person with the knowledge that can rise them up. Learn More: Email:
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