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Author: Randon Heim

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Clinical psychology doctoral student Randon Heim tackles multiple subjects each episode regarding the concepts that drive our perception of the world. There's a lot to discuss, from philosophy and neuroscience to politics and pop culture, so sit back, relax, and Don't Worry, We'll Talk It Out.
30 Episodes
Today on Don't Worry, I have a conversation with Mr. Simon Drew on ancient philosophy and modern culture. Mr. Drew is a poet, musician, and philosophical mentor based on Australia. Simon and I discuss his musical background, the importance of theology and spirituality, cynicism in the modern world, safetysim, and many other topics. Simon is a wonderful philosopher who demonstrates love, curiosity, and wisdom on a number of topics. You can view his website at where you can listen to his podcast and order his book The Poet and the Sage. 
Today on Don't psychologist Dr. Christine Marie discusses the psychology of Public Shaming, narratives created by the media, PTSD and Digital Humiliation, the Post Me-Too movement, and how her traumatic human trafficking experience has shaped her advocacy and research. Time Stamps:  Intro 00:00Dr. Marie’s Background 2:25Dr. Marie’s Story  4:00Post Me-Too Movement  12:00Tribal Battlegrounds  19:00PTSD and Digital Humiliation  27:45Why Rehabilitation is Shunned  45:00Dr. Marie’s call for Empathy 1:00:00
Today, I talk with the incredible Dr. Calvin Mackie about his non-profit, STEM NOLA. We discuss the culture surrounding education, the impact COVID has had on our educational systems, and the ways his organization is working to reduce educational disparities in children across America. Dr. Mackie is a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine, former engineering professor at Tulane University and an internationally renowned public speaker. He is the founder of STEM NOLA, a non-profit organization which seeks to improve educational disparities in low income children and children of color. Since 2013, STEM NOLA has engaged over 75,000 students – mostly under-served students of color – in hands-on STEM project-based learning.In 1990, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Morehouse College with a B.S. degree, as a member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society. Simultaneously, he was awarded a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, where he subsequently earned his Master’s and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1996. 
For the season 4 premiere of Don't Worry, Randon speaks with Scott Gazzoli, host of Causing the Effect podcast.  Scott is the Managing Director for the Executive advisory firm, Quest Organization–located in the greater New York City area.  They discuss the rise and future implications of digital currency aka cryptocurrency, the future role of government and financial institutions, the culture surrounding bitcoin, and whether NFT's will devalue the way we see art.
Today, Randon is joined by writer, author, researcher, and public speaker Dr. Jeremy Sherman. A number of topics related to evolution, language, religion, spirituality, love, romance, and much more are discussed. Dr. Sherman received both his undergraduate degree and master’s degree in public policy from University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in evolutionary epistemology from the Union institute in Ohio. He teaches college courses across the social sciences and has been a contributing writerfor Psychology Today for the last 15 years, where his blogs on concepts like love, skepticism, evolution, and cognitive psychology have amassed over 9 million views. He has studied and collaborated with the famous Harvard and Berkeley neuroscientist and anthropologist Terrence Deacon for twenty years on the evolutionary origins of life. His most recent book was published by Colombia university press and is titled Neither Ghost nor Machine: The emergence and nature of selves. 
This is a past youtube video release a few months ago, but pretty much the entire podcast is still incredibly relevant as the push for nationwide vaccines reach a high point. In this episode I discuss the distrust in government sanctioned vaccines seen in the Black and Brown community, the skepticism directed at Big Pharma companies, anti-vaccine ideology, along with a simple explanation of what’s actually IN the vaccines! 
Today, Randon discusses the culture war regarding race, America's history, "wokeness" and the boogeyman of Critical Race Theory. Intro---00:32What actually is CRT---1:50CRT vs "Anti-Racism"---6:30The "Conservative Activist"---11:00CRT in K-12? Good or Bad?---13:45Censorship or Free Speech?---17:00Pushing back on BOTH sides---20:00
Today, Randon is joined by author Tom Beakbane. Tom is the author of the new book How To Understand Everything, with the subtitle Consilience: A New Way to see the World. Tom and I have a nearly two hour conversation featuring a broad range of topics discussed in his book! These include psychology, the merits of science, the structure of modern language, critiques of american culture, biology, chemistry, and much more! You can check out and buy his book here on his website as well as Amazon ---> Beakbane has spent his career as a marketer creating and promoting Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi-Cola as well as famous brands like Hershey's, Bacardi, and Lipton. His perspective is that of both a scientist – he has an honors degree in biochemistry and neurophysiology from Durham University in England – and an artist because the company he has been leading for 35 years, Beakbane: Brand Strategies & Communications, uses every aspect of the visual arts to achieve their clients’ objectives.
Today Randon has on hosts of the podcast Psychology after Dark, Dr. Jessica Micono, and Dr. David Morelos. Dr. Micono is a clinical psychologist with expertise in forensic psychology, and evaluating, diagnosing, and treating criminal pathology. She has an M.A. in Forensic Psychology and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. Dr. Morelos has spent the last 18 years working with criminal populations in both law-enforcement and substance abuse treatment roles. His expertise is in prisonization and men’s psychology. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology (transpersonal concentration) from Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA.   These two psychologists and I discuss America's intimate relationship with conspiratorial thinking. We discuss how conspiracy theories arise, the socio-political and existential factors involved in believing in them, "real" theories like MK Ultra and Cointelpro, as well as how generational differences play a role. Follow my Instagram for life and podcast updates! out David and Jessica's podcast here!
Today, a crucial update on the declining coronavirus cases is discussed, as well as the likelihood of life returning to "normal" after the summer.  Then, I talk about the upcoming mental health crisis in this post-covid world, as well as the pros and cons of online schoolingSongs played: Last Pizza-Densky9 What's Next Instrumental by Drake Team of Bronchos- High HeelsFood-Densky9 
This is a past episode featured on the Brain's Byte Back podcast, hosted by Sam Brake Guia. Sam has been on Don't Worry to discuss the psychological effects of social media, and on this episode Sam and I have a discussion on the pro's and con's of Cancel Culture along with its political and social implications in the future. Here is the link to his podcast, be sure to check it out!
Today I am proud to have on Sam Brake Guia of the podcast 'Brains Byte Back', which focuses on how our brains are being affected by technology! For this episode we discuss the effects of social media, political polarization, conspiracy theories, information overload, the rise in depression and anxiety, along with ways to form a healthy relationship with technology/social media. 
New season, new logo, new topics...Same RandonJoin me for this episode of Positive Psychology on Don't Worry, We’ll Talk It Out  Use the Code: Talk20 for 20% off site-wide of all products at
Short episode here on the strange rise of Donald Trump and my analysis of what makes him so popular in America 
Today on Don’t Worry, Randon give an analysis on “Anti-Intellectualism” and how this idea has slowly poisoned the american way of life. It’s background is explained, as well as its impact on both the educational system and politics. To see the video version, look up Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk It Out on Youtube! 
We are back with a big episode on Cancel Culture! This idea has a deep social, cultural, and political dimension to it, that has overtaken most aspects of conversation on social media. In this episode, Randon focuses on analyzing the complex nature of Cancel Culture, by examining celebrity culture, moral standards of history, and the philosophy of forgiveness. 
The coronavirus pandemic has tragically hit the black community the hardest. With the on-going BLM protests, Randon takes aim at the public health officials and politicians who seem to be walking a fine line in terms of siding with the movement, although not being truthful about the potential spread of the virus. The truth is, the virus has hit the black and brown communities that the marches are fighting for. 
Today on Don't Worry,  Randon goes into the psychology of a riot and uses some examples from the films Joker and Do The Right Thing to give context to what rioting truly means! Randon also discusses the social implications of these nationwide protests. Check me out on my youtube channel Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk It Out for the video version Stay safe out there everyone 
In the midst of turmoil, death, and economic fallout who really cares about sports returning?! Well, because it’s an undeniable part of the zeitgeist and it produces a sense of normalcy to our lives. So, today on the pod I am joined by LSU law student and good friend Tommy Kuluz. Tommy and I discuss the likelihood of sports returning (from a collegiate and professional level) and what the future of sports will look like in a post-coronavirus world. Everything from health care logistics, travel modifications, and the “no fans” experience are covered with much more! Songs Used: Lee-Rain, Wyn-Kubla 
In today’s episode, Randon dives into questions regarding the future of work from both a health and economic standpoint. Will masks be worn in the workplace? What will happen if a second wave hits? (1:35) He then has a discussion on the language behind the idea of the “essential worker” (7:00) and the importance of giving these workers better pay and better protective equipment, especially after the pandemic subsides. Finally, the topic of changing social dynamics and the psychological turmoil this could put us under (14:50). Will we even shake hands 8 months from now?  Songs Used: Lakey Inspired-Chill Day, Wun Two-Berry, Khruangbin-Como Te Quiero
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