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Renowned lesbian Amy is pessimistic when it comes to love, and is a true believer in "nothing lasts forever." And Jack, globally recognized gay, is as optimistic as they come, believing healthy, long-lasting relationships do exist - he just hasn't found one yet. Here to make you laugh when you're getting over an ex, and keep you in check when you fall in love after the first date, it is always a good day when you have your gay best friends.

43 Episodes
Description: Trigger Warning: Murder, Police Brutality, Violence. Today we are doing our best to address the systemic murders of black citizens. We are still learning and must learn more. Please stay safe and donate to the following organizations if you can.
In an episode like none other, we have on Amy’s most recent crush: Alyx Weiss. All is revealed about the affair - how it began, how Alyx found out, and whether Amy should still hope to one day be Mrs. Ayymy Dubs. After the biggest confession of all, we then read some of your disgustin’ confessions. It’s mental illness innit!
Today we have our first straight person on the show in years. We hacked Meghan Rienks’ search history and her results were suspiciously lesbian. She admits that if being gay were a choice, she would certainly choose it but unfortunately for her, she has been in a happy relationship for five years. We talk couples therapy, her past of loving “pretentious assholes”, and her bright future of becoming a mommy blogger for monetary gain. Thanks for coming on the show, Beauty Dior :)
Elle Mills is actively not dating. So obviously, she has decided that if she doesn’t find love by the old (???) age of 28, she will marry her BFF. Having already been married once before, this is a threat we don’t take lightly. Mills tells us the real reason why she is so closed off to dating and Amy feels seen. Jack then reads Elle to filth via tarot and the angels held nothing back. E to the L to the L to the E. What does that spell? Emotionally unavailable.
Canada’s most outrageous lesbian is back to share what she’s been up to in the past year and it’s a lot. She no longer values her fame, can’t stand LA, and now has a super secret girlfriend - and they’re “wildly horny for each other”. We then ask Emilia to share her witchy powers and share sexual ghost encounter stories. Any spirits around? Let’s see that ghussy.
After two years with her girlfriend, Joanna has accidentally found herself in a long distance relationship. You don’t often hear about lovers separating for quarantine, but Joanna is here to share why they really did it and how they’re coping with the separation. As the journalists we are, we asked the tough questions: Would you have survived as a couple in isolation? Do you guys phone bone? Have you ever hooked up with someone 10 years older than you? This whole episode will leave you thinking: what?
If you’re looking for our usual toxic advice, this isn’t the episode for you. Due to popular demand, professional sexologist Shan Boody is joined today by her quaranting Jared Brady. Like a lot of people out there, Jack is closer than ever to reaching out to his ex, and we learn why this is totally normal and completely frowned upon. We also asked the couple how they are keeping things spicy during quarantine, and boy did they deliver. Tune in to our healthiest episode yet! For once, we aren’t here to enable you.
Cammie Scott is a simp for her girlfriend and we couldn’t be more jealous. In this tell all, the queen of lesbians herself opens up about how quarantine has shifted her long distance relationship into a no distance relationship, and all the things the new couple has learned about each other as a result. All we know is that we would kill to be in isolation with a lover. Put a finger down if you’re lonely!
After viciously being slandered a “Drama Podcast” by Bitch Media, we are here to prove the rumors true. Well-known instigator Alexis G. Zall is back to rip our family-friendly show to shreds and taint our good names. Zall comes clean about quarantining at fellow sex symbol Ava Capri’s house and how they’ve been coping. We are then joined by Ava to hear her side, play a game of Personal Preference and also answer some of your most disturbing advice questions yet. Fuck y’all.
Back, back, back again, Ms. Rebecca Black has a few things to get off her chest. In the most candid of her (count them) FOUR episodes she spills everything from coming out to her recent breakup with a… gorl. *GASP* Rebecca, why did you never tell us? Rebecca ironically wanted alone time, and oh how the universe listened. We then decided to share your socially distant confessions, and we just tested positive for thinking you’re all sick and twisted.
Gleeks assemble! Artie and Tina are in the building! And they are here to give us the real tea on what it was like filming the gayest show of all time: Glee. This on-screen couple remains best friends even without Mr. Schue’s acapella safe space. We talk about the problematic aspects of the show we didn’t notice until right now, including but not limited to making Jenna perform Gangnam Style, Kevin being in a wheelchair for 6 seasons, and Mr. Schue performing weekly sexy songs with a group of nerdy freshmen. Wowee… Anyway… All seasons streaming now on Netflix in case you lesbians miss Brittana.
What’s up Quarantinies. Before isolation, we had on Bravo’s very own Hannah Berner from Summer House! And she’s here to talk fuckboys, dating while being on a reality show, and how she got to be on one. We are jealous and it shows! Not only are we jealous, but Amy’s mental health is rapidly declining, and that shows too. Jack was sick (!!!) and who was to know what was coming for us all... Yikes... Anyway, stay safe, stay inside, and we are looking forward to sharing with you what dating in quarantine looks like.
Hey lesbians! The queen of U-Hauling is in the building. Taylor Blake has hopped off the plane at LAX and has fallen heart-first into the arms of her new lover, Bachelor’s Kristian Haggerty. The most polarizing member of Reality House Season 2 is finally sharing her side of the story, and it is juicy. To most, it would appear that Taylor has gone full lesbo, after moving in with her girlfriend of just 3 weeks. However, their history together runs deep, and now she is ready to tell the world. Welcome to Weho Taylor, watch out for shady bitches like us.
Today we present to you our most vulnerable episode yet. The men who know us the most have come to spill the tea on their favorite children. Papa Ordman, why is Amy so emotionally unavailable? Dr. Dodge, why is Jack so needy? Every question you have about your damaged hosts will be answered in this tell-all extravaganza. The two kings share their versions of our coming stories despite the protests of Jack and Amy. The Dating Straight Exposé is finally here, and it’s everything you’ve been wishing for. To the men who literally gave us life, we didn’t ask for this.
In an episode unlike any other, Jack and Amy LOSE CONTROL to the Queer Powerhouse that is MUNA. The band comes in and shares their 7 year journey together, during which they experienced a break up, band therapy and touring with Harry Styles. Strap yourselves in because this episode is as chaotic as it is iconic. Stan MUNA! We will always be your Number One Fan. 
Remember Ayydubs’ infamous Tinder series? Well it’s gone now. Deleted! Only to live on in your memory forever. Alyx exposes the real reason why she regrets creating the YouTube phenomenon “Filming With My Tinder Date”. We then reveal your craziest, most unhinged and bizarre secrets with ‘The Mogul of Confessions’ herself. Y’all mind if we judge you?
Where do we start, Andrea told us lit rally everything. Having just ended her time at the Reality House, Andrea has some choice words to share. In short, there’s always more to every story. She looks back on dating every YouTube bad boy in existence, and finally has come to her senses. After declining to be TV’s First ‘Bi Bachelorette’, she saw a future with her current boyfriend, and Andrea is ready for the next step. We talk marriage, (!!!!)  family planning (!!!!!!!!!!) and children’s names (GAG!!!!!!). Damn, we really are single...
DON’T DATE OLIVIA O’BRIEN OR DRUMAQ. These professional sad girls will write bops that will rip you to shreds and perform them to your face at Coachella. This week on Dating Straight, Jack and Amy grill the two about their pasts of dating problematic men. Exhibit A: Not too long ago when Olivia kicked down Drew’s door only to find him cuddled up with his cheating ex. Exhibit B: O’Brien confesses her most toxic trait: being attracted to power, and wanting someone who can “put her in her place”. Exhibit C: The two label themselves as self-saboteurs when it comes to love. Watch out LA, these two IG baddies are not afraid of breaking your heart.
Queers rejoice! Orion Carloto is here to spill all the juicy gossip about her dating herstory. The bisexual goddess, and sad girl poet is taking Tumblr to the next level with her upcoming book “Film For Her”. C’mon Lana! The Scissor Sister reads her most dramatic texts to a recent lover LIVE ON AIR. Omg… The goopery... And finally we cover the widely debated topic: Do men deserve pain? Let us know in a 5 star review.
Levi Bernhardt is our Big Fat Crush. Having risen to fame back in 2015 through Twaimz’s iconic hit single “The Crush Song”, Levi is now breaking hearts around the globe. Some cowards like Amy only move once, but Bernhardt prefers to live his life nomadically - having lived in Oklahoma, Italy and now Korea. Despite keeping his private life off the internet, we pry out all the juicy gossip about his past crushes on both Joanna Simon and Alexis G. Zall. So Levi, can you be the Troy to our Gabriella?
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alexandria kray

i am listening to episode 21 and i literally thought "brenda" was your new cat lol

Feb 17th
Reply (1)

Eoj Hou

I thought Jack's dating life was a mess, but he sounds sane and normal compared to these two. I love Drew and his music, but dayum dude.

Feb 4th

Sam Gauvin

Literally just finished listening to Gabbie’s most recent podcast episode and clicked on dating straight to find this episode and I audibly gasped lol

Dec 18th
Reply (1)

Sam Gauvin

The episode is A+ but that ad came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me 😂😂😂

Nov 27th
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You two are such great conversationalist. You really do a great job making the guest comfortable and making this feel like the listener is a fly on the wall listening into a conversation between friends. 10/10 would listen to every episode and stan till I die.

Aug 25th
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