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AI and the Future of Work

Author: Dan Turchin

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Host Dan Turchin, InsightFinder CEO and PeopleReign Executive Chairman, explores how AI is changing the workplace and what the future of work will look like. He interviews thought leaders across high-tech who share their experiences and insights about artificial intelligence and what it means to be human in the era of AI-driven automation. Learn more about InsightFinder, the system of intelligence for IT Operations: Learn more about PeopleReign, the AI platform for employee service:
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Denis Jacquet is concerned that automation is causing traditional jobs to mutate... and governments around the world are mismanaging the opportunity to prepare citizens for the new labor market. He has written extensively on how regulation is stifling innovation. Denis is a serial entrepreneur having started and sold multiple successful companies including EduFactory in the e-learning space. He's also an accomplished author and frequent TV and radio contributor in France on the future labor market.Listen and learn...Why many events will remain virtual long after the pandemic... even though humans have a fundamental need for direct contact.What Europe can learn from countries like Israel and Korea about how to embrace innovation to stimulate company creation.Why companies like FoxConn are preparing to replace a million low-paying jobs with robots in the next decade.Why so many entrepreneurs sacrifice family for career.Thanks to Philippe Cases, Topio Networks CEO, for the introduction to Denis.References in this episode:AI Superpowers by Dr. Kai-Fu LeeJoe Rehmann, CEO of Victory Farms KenyaFoxConnMcKinsey & Company
Joe Rehmann went from investment banking to fish farming. His passion for solving the protein problem in Eastern Africa led to one of the most successful aquaculture farms in the world. Joe's story should inspire entrepreneurs everywhere. No problem is too big to solve. Technology we take for granted can be used in ways we can't imagine... until leaders like Joe redefine what's possible.Listen and learn...What inspired Joe to start Victory FarmsHow Victory Farms used mobile phones to solve the tilapia cold chain problemWhat the western world doesn't understand about building a business in KenyaHow fish guts and market ladies may be part of the next great technology success storyCompanies and organizations mentioned on the show:Endeavor, the world's leading community of high-impact entrepreneursVictory Farms
Philippe Cases has been an entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley for more than 25 years. Most recently, he founded Topio Networks to automate the process of generating business insights in tech markets like edge computing, IoT, and blockchain. Philippe has strong opinions about everything from autonomous driving to augmented reality and is paid to influence how they evolve.Listen and learn...How an engineer growing up in France and Germany came to be a Silicon Valley success story.Why we may never "fully automate the process of generating business insights".What technology is limiting mainstream use of edge computing for AI tasks.Of truck drivers, stock brokers, and real estate agents, which will be made obsolete first by AI.What needs to change about Silicon Valley.Also mentioned on the show:Accelerators including YC and AlchemistWaymo and Mobileye for autonomous drivingTinyML low-power machine learning for edge computingThanks to Erin McMahon for the introduction to Philippe!
Tim Crawford, accomplished CIO, CIO advisor, and influencer, distinguishes transformational CIOs from the rest. For more than 20 years, he has been coaching CIOs about embracing new technologies by first identifying how they'll solve business problems. Tim is a frequent contributor to publications like The Wall Street Journal,, Forbes, SiliconAngle and TechTarget. Thanks to Steve Kaplan from Nutanix for the introduction.Listen and learn...How three distinct types of AI help businesses in different waysThe single biggest way AI could help employees todayA strategy for helping CIOs adopt AIHow and when AI should be regulatedWhich jobs are at risk of being complemented... or eliminated by AIWhy "companies and countries will ultimately be measured based on how well they leverage technology and data"Episodes and podcasts mentioned on the show:AI and the Future of Work with Colin FletcherCIO in the Know podcast
Rak Garg recently shifted from Product Management at companies like Atlassian and Redfin to investing at OpenView Venture Partners, the iconic firm behind companies like Datadog, ExactTarget, Instructure, and others. He shares the playbook for enterprise software startups looking to disrupt incumbents like Splunk and Atlassian. His thesis on SIEM (security event management) and log analytics spawned an excellent blog post on how startups are unbundling Splunk and defining new categories in the process. Follow Rak at rak_garg on twitter.Listen and learn...Why investing is harder than being a Product ManagerWhere Splunk and Atlassian are vulnerable to disruption from startupsRak's perspective on what must change about Silicon Valley cultureThe importance of "don't F&*%$ the customer" as a core component of company cultureCompanies mentioned in this episode:NotionLinearFigmaAsanaSnowflake
Glenn Solomon has discovered and invested in many iconic companies like Slack, Zendesk, and Square. In this episode, he shares his investing philosophy and how he became great at what he does. This one's worth a listen just to hear Glenn share stories from when he first met the founders of Airbnb and HashiCorp.Listen and learn...Why the stock of Domino’s Pizza has outperformed Google over the past decade.How Opendoor stumbled… before eventually going public and reaching a $20B valuation.Why Nike employs more software engineers than shoe designers. What technology will define the next "Zoom" moment.Companies, episodes, and people mentioned in this episode:Barr Moses from Monte CarloUnravel DataTonicEvangelos Simoudis from Synapse PartnersHaixun Wang from Instacart
Elaine Zelby is an investor at SignalFire, a blogger, podcaster, and former Product Marketer at Capriza and Slack. She shares her perspective on the proliferation of SaaS tools, what's sexy about unsexy markets, and what companies she's ready to fund.Listen and learn...Why entrepreneurs describe SignalFire as the "kind" VCThe one technology that will change work most in 2025What Elaine learned as an operator that has helped her as an investorWhy the exodus from big cities may not be a thing after allThanks to Ilya from SignalFire for the introduction to Elaine. Episodes and companies mentioned on the show:Deborah Hanus from SparrowTestbox
The future of cities, work, and transit all rely on technological advances in the field of autonomous vehicles. On this week's episode, Evangelos Simoudis, acclaimed author, futurist, and investor, discusses  the present and future of everything from robo-taxis to urban planning.Listen and learn...-How ethical implications and regulatory frameworks pose as big a threat to adoption of autonomous vehicles as technology-Why a combination of knowledge-driven and ontological approaches are often required to optimize the accuracy of AI-Why the classic trolley problem from a 1970s philosophy paper is more relevant than ever-The pros and cons of  using neural nets to train autonomous vehicles-Why Evangelos attributes his success to a history of systems thinking
Ashu Garg is a General Partner at Foundation Capital, one of the most iconic venture firms in Silicon Valley. Ashu was first an entrepreneur before becoming an investor and discovering amazing companies like TubeMogul, Cohesity, Eightfold, and Databricks.Listen and learn...How Ashu translated his unique brand of hustle into finding and backing amazing entrepreneursWhy Ashu feels, as an entrepreneur, it’s worse to be too early than too lateThe challenges and opportunities of applying NLP to enterprise software What emerging technology will most impact work in 2031 How the ability to automate routine tasks creates an opportunity to change the world Companies mentioned on the show:Foundation CapitalEightfoldTuringArizeTubeMogulCohesityDatabricks
Great episode to kick off 2021. Dr. Haixun Wang has been at the forefront of introducing AI-based innovation to the world's leading technology companies including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. He's the current VP Engineering and Distinguished Scientist at Instacart where he focuses on improving the grocery delivery experience with AI.Listen and learn...Why knowledge graphs may be the solution to improve today’s e-commerce search experience. Why it’s hard to create an algorithm to help shoppers pick items from store shelves.What defines a “technology” company.Why it’s difficult to “make the physical world smart”. What happens when you search “insomnia" on Amazon.Haixun’s proudest accomplishment.Resources mentioned in the discussion with Dr. Wang:Our episodes with...Bill DavidowAlex from Josh.aiDarius from MeratasCharlene LiTiernan RayDave KelloggHaixun's quarantine reading: In Search of Lost Time by Marcel ProustHaixun's blog
Darius Goldman, CEO and Founder of Meratas, discusses the future of education and how income share agreements (ISAs) are making college and trade school more accessible. Meratas partners with educational institutions to offer a financing option to students who can attend courses for free up front and pay later with a portion of future income. Meratas is off to a fast start with 30 education partners and 3,100 students.Listen and learn...How ISAs create opportunities for students who couldn’t otherwise afford higher educationDarius’ perspective on the future of education: “It’s a luxury to get educated for the sake of enrichment"How a waitress working three low-paying jobs is now selling software thanks to a Meratas-backed ISA What Darius will be most proud of when Meratas transforms the education marketH/t to Jason Calacanis (@Jason) whose great interview with Darius led to this week’s podcast.Episodes and organizations referenced:Tess Posner, CEO of AI4ALL Charlene Li, best-selling author of The Disruption MindsetPatty Hatter, SVP Palo Alto NetworksPrehiredLambda SchoolCourseraKhan Academy
Chris Curtin has been on a journey over the past twenty plus years to modernize iconic brands like Disney, HP, and Visa. He has been at the forefront of new payment technologies, consumer channels, and business models. We discussed the future of everything with Chris. Listen and learn...Why it will soon be as easy to send money to Botswana as it is to send photos or emoji.How Chris defines "brand".What it was like negotiating Visa's Olympic Games partnership.The best leadership advice Chris has received.How Coldplay (and the Pope) just may show up in your living room soon.Companies and episodes mentioned:MicrosoftShopifyVisaDisneyHPOur episode with Alex Capecelatro, CEO and FounderThanks to Lister Delgado from IDEA Fund Partners for the introduction!
This week, we had a fascinating discussion that unveiled the dirty secret of AI and machine learning: algorithm performance is only as good as data quality... and data pipelines break frequently. Data Scientists spend most of their time wrangling data. Barr Moses, CEO and Founder of Monte Carlo, explains how the problem is getting solved and what that means for the future of technology. Plus, learn… The five pillars of data health How to quantify the impact of data downtime How Barr thinks about being intentional when establishing company culture and values Barr’s advice for female and under-represented minority entrepreneurs raising venture capital Shark populations off the coast of South Africa? Well, just listen :). Companies and people mentioned in the episode: GainsightThe Great RBGKamala Harris
This week's special episode of AI and the Future of Work features execs discussing how they use AI to reduce downtime. More important, they share how, as leaders, they're navigating the complicated relationship between humans and machines.Listen and learn from some of the best:Joel Eagle on how McDonald's thinks about managing data at scale to improve the guest experience.Mark Settle, seven-time CIO and best-selling author of Truth from the Valley, on how the shift to cloud-based apps has changed user behavior.Ray Lippig, Program Manager at J.B. Hunt, on how anomaly detection is changing the logistics business.Sean Barker, CEO of cloudEQ, on how AI means we can architect cloud solutions designed for resilience.Plus, hear three predictions for how AI will change work in the next 18 months.For the first time, we also published a video version of this week's podcast on YouTube. Enjoy!
On this week’s episode of AI and the Future of Work, Colin Fletcher shares insights including... What he meant by “AIOps” when he coined the term and what has happened since then.How the most mature organizations adopt DevOps.How AIOps will change in the next three years. The new definition of automation everyone in IT will soon be talking about. ...And of course, the not-so-secret recipe for earth's best fried chicken. People mentioned in this episode: Patrick Debois, Bridget Kromhaut, Charity Majors. Companies mentioned in this episode: GitLab, ServiceNow, Splunk, New Relic, AppDynamics, BigPanda, Gartner.
Welcome to this week's "best of" episode of AI and the Future Work. Today, we’re opening the vault and re-introducing you to Dave Kellogg, serial high-tech CEO, board member, and of course Dead Head discussing SaaS metrics earlier this year. I’m proud to share that the podcast just crossed 100,000 downloads so I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for listening. If you enjoy the show, please rate us wherever you get your podcasts to demonstrate your support for independent media and help more listeners discover our amazing guests. It’s a week before the election and we’re all political scientists and data junkies for the next eight days. Dave is the original SaaS scientist. Listen as he puts on a master class about the metrics that matter plus offers coaching for entrepreneurs about how to tell stories with data. If you don’t know your CAC from your LTV or how to calculate the true sales cycle, listen up. Metrics matter not just to pitch your company but to run your business, validate your hiring plan, groom your product backlog, and define your marketing strategy. The future of work may be AI but even the best AI won’t replace the kind of decision-making that only comes from really understanding how to analyze your customer's journey. Oh, and if you're not already subscribed to Dave's great Kellblog, you're missing the best SaaS content. Subscribe now!
Patty Hatter, former CIO, COO, and current SVP Customer Services at Palo Alto Networks, shares advice for women about how to break the glass ceiling in Silicon Valley. Hear how Patty went from engineering grad student to global exec by cultivating an authentic leadership style.Listen and learn:How six months in Europe shaped Patty's career.The advice Patty says served her best when leaving Bell LabsWhy Patty says "being a CIO is the best role to have had in the past."Tips for dealing with unconscious bias in the workplace.Patty's advice to women convinced they can't accomplish what men can in high-tech.Here's a link to the great episode with Mark Settle referenced in the show.
This week's discussion is about the pandemic, AI, and mental health. Deryk Van Brunt is a serial entrepreneur, trained epidemiologist, and Professor at the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health.CredibleMind uses AI to improve access to mental health resources. What once was relegated to the shadows of healthcare is now mainstream. Anxiety and stress have spiked due to social isolation and the increased burden of elder and childcare. Like all fields being disrupted by AI, the fear of biased training data is real. Who owns your mental health data? Who is responsible for monitoring the performance of AI algorithms? Deryk introduces us to the future of holistic medicine. Listen and learn… The current state of mental health. Did you know over half of the U.S. population has a diagnosable mental health condition over the course of a lifetime?How the pandemic has exacerbated the mental health problem.How to mitigate the impact of biased training data.How virtual healthcare providers like Woebot are giving new meaning to the term “the therapist can see you now".Here’s a link to the CDC article referenced in the show. Deryk can be reached at Deryk @ CredibleMind dot com or via the CredibleMind website. 
New format this week: a special panel discussion with Justin Fitzhugh from Snowflake, Liz Holland from Dell, and Luca Blanzuoli from Credit Suisse...Learn insights about the future of AI in IT Operations from the pros:"We couldn't keep the environment available without AI technology.” -Liz from Dell“It’s time to switch paradigms. It’s not ok to have outages with the same root cause twice. We should have no outages.” -Luca from Credit Suisse “AI is like having a PhD on the team transferred from generation to generation... without having to earn the degree.” -Luca from Credit Suisse"We can't keep up with the growth of our business without AI and automation. As a data management platform, the business expects us to continuously innovate." -Justin from SnowflakePlus...We coin a new IT acronym. You'll soon replace "KTLO" with "KTTPOTS". We discuss what you need to know to start a new DevOps or SRE team.We learn how Dell was able to migrate 140,000 global employees to home offices...over a weekend!Thanks to our wonderful panelists for a fun conversation. Enjoy!
This week's guest deserves credit for helping transform Intuit into an iconic technology brand with a reputation for great company culture and values-driven leadership.We get a unique look into the secrets that have made Cassie and Intuit successful and, more important, what Cassie's doing to define the post-pandemic future of work for self-employed entrepreneurs. Listen and learn...Why Scott Cook, Intuit founder, advised employees to "love the problem not the solution."How Cassie has changed her leadership style to support remote teams.What "customer obsession" means at Intuit.Why Cassie says "there's no prosperity without equality."What Intuit is doing to narrow the pay gap.What Cassie learned from Clay Christensen.Episodes mentioned:Charlene Li shares lessons for disruptors.Deborah Hanus shares how Sparrow is fixing company leave policies.
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