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While there is reason to be hopeful, there's always place for lament as well. Some reasons for grief from the past four years, with a special guest monologue from Molly Wahlquist.
What does it mean to be pro life? My observations as a pro life voter in this contentious election year.
This is the second half of my interview with Bethany and Thomas Macias, in which we explore ways our civic engagement can be loving toward our neighbor.
This is the first half of a two-part interview with my daughter Bethany and her husband Thomas, in which we take a look at the conflict in our country and discuss the causes and the possible remedies. They also share the wonderful story of their pandemic wedding.
An analysis of the deal that Donald Trump struck with evangelicals in 2016; the terms of the deal and what each party to the deal received.
An interview with my wife Jill regarding her journey of listening to and learning from the voices of people of color.The title of this episode was coined by Dr. Drew Hart and describes the practice of listening to and believing the lived experiences and stories of others even when their stories seem foreign to us.
Welcome to Season 2 of the Departied Podcast. In this episode I examine modern evangelical End Times beliefs and how those beliefs can drive unhealthy views of our politics and the worth of other human beings.
Some parting thoughts as I close out this podcast.
Episode 34: Enough

Episode 34: Enough


In this episode I wonder when we will have finally had enough of conspiracy theories, ends-justify-the-means thinking, and the grief at another unarmed black man killed by the police.
This is the second half of my interview with Ira Hall, in which he provides some reasons for hope in our contentious culture and exhortation toward valuing truth more than political narratives.
Part 1 of my interview with Ira Hall, in which we discuss lots of things, including how difficult it can be to see things from someone else's point of view and within their life experiences.
My thoughts on the pandemic, the 9/11 attacks, and what current events say, both good and bad, about our nation's character.
Thoughts on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, toxic political idolatry, a better way, and the Coronavirus pandemic.
Episode 29: Reality TV

Episode 29: Reality TV


In this episode I examine how Donald Trump views his presidency through a Reality TV framework, as evidenced by many of his actions during the pandemic.
My thoughts on the pandemic, social distancing, and what I hope are some encouraging words during this time.
My interview with Joel Goza, author of America's Unholy Ghosts. This is a wide-ranging discussion on faith, politics and race, and very few sacred cows survive unscathed.
How do we protect ourselves from lending support to something horrible? What are the narratives we build for ourselves to rationalize that support? Are we good people? A multitude of thoughts on this topic in this episode.
A two-way interview with Josh Lewis, host of the Saving Elephants podcast (
Part 2 of my interview with Andrew Roberts, in which we discuss current and future prospects for our country, for the church, and talk about how to widen our view.
An interview with Andrew Roberts in which we discuss cultural blindspots and the work it takes to see beyond them, as we try to make sense of the phenomenon that is our current baffling political moment.
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