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How do you identify a needle in a haystack? Tune in this week on Crime Tapes and join the Staffordshire University experts in taking a look at the challenges the police force face when finding and piecing together the unidentified remains that could solve cases across the UK and beyond.
...on Policing Firearms

...on Policing Firearms


Do you feel safe on the streets of the UK? Join the Crime Tapes team at Staffordshire University as we take a look into the world of UK illegal firearms with forensic scientist Dr Rachel Bolton-King, delve into a notable arm dealing case that shocked the nation, and explore the measures in place to deal with gun crime in 21st Century Wild West Britain.
...on UK vs USA Policing

...on UK vs USA Policing


County Sheriff or backstreet bobby? Join the experts at Staffordshire University as we look into the differences between law enforcement across the Atlantic, from local, municipal and federal jurisdiction, to gun control, foot patrol and sentencing.
Dream job or killer career? Join the experts at Staffordshire University as we dive into the world of UK homicide investigation, and explore the cases that defined the career of one particular Senior Investigating Officer.
...on Policing Prisons

...on Policing Prisons


Life behind bars… punishment or opportunity? Join the experts at Staffordshire University and take a trip into the heart of the UKs prison system, discover the communities that exist on the other side of the bars, and get an insight into the ongoing struggles of policing radicalisation versus rehabilitation post-conviction.  
Control is everything… but what if it’s not in your hands? Join the experts at Staffordshire University as we investigate the mental and physical assaults, threats, intimidation and humiliation in domestic Britain, and take at a stab at defining the difference between a disagreement and a serious criminal offence. 
The right side of the law… do you know where that is? Join the experts at Staffordshire University as we discuss the consent and ethics behind police legitimacy, how the protectors and enforcers are perceived through the media, and whether our respect should be demanded or earned in 21st Century UK. 
In this special episode of Crime Tapes, our hosts James and Kyla patch in virtually to voice their opinions on all things lockdown, from the perils of the global pandemic and the birth of a zoom generation, to the protests and civil unrest that are defining our generation.
...on Women in Crime

...on Women in Crime


Innocent bystanders or cruel femme fatales? On this episode of Crime Tapes, the experts at Staffordshire University discuss women in crime, from Myra Hindley to the Mafia Godmother, and how their gender perception through the years has been the perfect solution for how to get away with murder.
...on In Cold Blood

...on In Cold Blood


Horrifying fact, or entertaining fiction? Join the experts on Crime Tapes as we discuss the 50’s literary classic In Cold Blood, how the murders of the Clutter family were turned from a tragedy to a criminological non-fiction classic, and why it’s still glamourised in today’s mass killer obsessed society. 
When it comes to protecting children from sexual predators, who would you trust to be judge, jury and executioner? In this episode of Crime Tapes, experts at Staffordshire University discuss the vigilante paedophile hunting groups that are taking social media by storm, and whether this practice is fair and just, or heinous and immoral.
...on Crime in Media

...on Crime in Media


Can you tell the difference between a murderer and a Hollywood actor? Take a break from Netflix and kill and join the experts at Staffordshire University as they discuss the ethics and cultural impact of a growing entertainment business that’s fed from horrific crimes.
What if we told you that you’re worth less than the person sitting next to you? Join Crime Tapes and the experts at Staffordshire University on International Human Rights Day as we discuss crimes against humanity, genocide, and the division of an entire nation. 
Please be aware this episode includes discussion around victims of sexual offences and may not be suitable for all listeners. On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, join us as we bring you a bonus episode on the misconceptions and myths surrounding sexual offences. This week Kyla and James are joined by Laura Walton-Williams, Associate Dean for Recruitment for the school of Law, Policing and Forensics. Laura's research is predominantly in the field of biological evidence interpretation, including DNA analysis, the identification and interpretation of body fluids, blood pattern analysis and the examination of sexual offence victims. For information on support services around this subject, visit:
Should we kill the killers? On this episode of Crime Tapes we look back at the death penalty, it’s possible reinvention in today’s UK government, and whether miscarriage of justice is a deal-breaker or justifiable collateral damage.Find out more about our courses at
... on Social Media

... on Social Media


Would you check in to the scene of your own murder? In the 21st century, personal information has become public knowledge through social media, but is this putting you at risk of insult, burglary, or even death…? Find out on this episode of Crime Tapes, brought to you by the experts at Staffordshire University. Learn about our Criminology degrees at: 
Mass murder or elaborate hoax? Listen to the experts discussing the controversial conspiracy theories of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Pizzagate. In this episode, we break down the psychology behind the believers and investigate the repercussions of fake news.  Find out more about Staffordshire University at 
...on Violent Gaming

...on Violent Gaming


This week we are joined by an expert in the video games industry to explore the gruesome crimes of Devin Moore and Anders Breivik and find the answer to the debate of the 21st century – do violent games actually encourage real-life crime and violence? Listener discretion is advised as this episode contains adult themes and descriptions that some listeners may find distressing.#CrimeTapes
Silencing freedom or policing hate? Join the experts at Staffordshire University as we discuss politically fuelled groups, and the responsibility of the police take action when opinions turn into radical extremism. #CrimeTapes
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