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This is my take on the Tech News that have made headlines last week or so with a South African twist to it... While you are here I suggest you check out my blog on
5 Episodes
Thabang Thinks — This past week it has come out that Vast will be shutting down, Google Launched a couple of devices and big brands are going all in with Dark Mode Thabang Thinks
Instagram goes Dark Mode

Instagram goes Dark Mode


Thabang Thinks — In this episode, we will be talking about Sony announcing the launch window for the PlayStation 5, Instagram dark mode, new features that might be coming to WhatsApp in the next couple of weeks, Microsoft launching a couple of the devices at a recent event they held.
Thabang Thinks — In this episode, I look at the Huawei Mate Series, Rain Mobile goes to 5G and some other stuff.If you are I undecided on what you want between Mate 30, Note 10 and iPhone 11 then I suggest you go to the link below for more info on those phones. Thabang Thinks
Thabang Thinks — In this episode I talk about the guys who are planning on taking on Netflix with new streaming products and those guys are Apple and Disney with their new services that are coming in November. with Disney launching Disney+ on the 12th of November and Apple also in November but with no launch date.
The Introduction of Thabang

The Introduction of Thabang


Thabang Thinks — This is an invitation for you to join me Thabang Modau on a Technology journey where we talk about new tech and the implications and so forth.
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