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With a general interest in the outdoors, and more specifically rock climbing, theDIHEDRAL Podcast brings together people from all walks of life who share an endearing devotion to “the outdoors”. We sit down with guests who share a warm predilection for mother nature and the possibilities she presents to us all. Our mutual interests in rock climbing, hiking, writing, growing, and exploring brought us together. We hope you find our eccentric little “corner” of the universe just as inviting as we do.
22 Episodes
7 Generations Into the Future.Sit down to enjoy a conversation between professional rock climber Conrad Anker and philosopher Carrot, as they discuss the environment, ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and the importance our actions have on future generations.Join us to learn from climber and activist, Conrad Anker, about the importance to act on climate change TODAY! .For video interview click hereFor stories about life and the outdoors click hereIf you like what you see/hear, don't forget to subscribe!Host: CarrotProducer: Carrot and GaiaEditor: GaiaOFF BELAY___________________________Intro/Outro track:TV On: Pfranzen​Carabiner: Eelke​TV Off: Harpoyume​
 Should We Engage in Small Talk?.Sit down to enjoy a conversation between professional rock climber Pete Whittaker and our host Carrot, as they discuss "talking," Brexit, and how they address strangers that jump right into medium talk! Pete's reaction to the topic of conversation is priceless. Is he a good small talker, or is he a better listener? .For video interview  click hereTo support Pete's non-profit of choice click here If you like what you see/hear, don't forget to subscribe!OFF BELAYHost: CarrotProducers: Carrot, GaiaEditor: Gaia____________________________Intro/Outro track:TV On: Pfranzen Eelke Off: Harpoyume
We hope you enjoy this take on Clement Clarke Moore's Poem: A Visit from St. Nicholas,  to celebrate an activity that we enjoy so much! Hoping to bring some laughs and/or smiles to push through a year that has presented challenges to us all.Merry Climbing, from theDIHEDRAL to YOU!Climb-ONWriter + Narrator: CarrotEditor: GaiaSoundtrack from Soundcloud by Pavel Yudin
Dino Ruggeri, originally from Grosse Pointe Michigan, is now proudly opening Detroit’s first climbing gym DYNO, in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market. We had the privilige to sit down with Detroit's new gym owner, to discuss the construction process, his  inspiration behind the new settlement, inclusivity, and -of course- food!Dino and the values of DYNO Detroit promote active inclusivity in a way that few gyms have aspired to do.  Join us as we learn more about this new adventure!Hosts: Carrot and GaiaProducers: Carrot and GaiaClimb-ON
UK paraclimber, Anoushé Husain, discusses her upbringing, health, civil service, and paraclimbing. Being born without her right arm below the elbow, Anoushé faced diverse challenges she was fervently determined to overcome. Spoiler alert: she did!Anoushé's passion for inclusion and diversity inspired her to pursue a career in the field of civil service as a manager for the Department of Education in the UK. Her life experiences and commitment to the climbing community also are the reason behind co-founding paraclimbing London.Anoushé  captivated us with her experiences and dedication to civil service.  This was such an inspiring and motivational chat, and we feel so happy to have the opportunity to share it with you!Climb-ONHosts: Carrot and GaiaProducers: Carrot and Gaia
Philosopher and Rock Climber Bill Ramsey works harder than most of us to accomplish goals that prove the payoff is worth the effort.  Conquering enormous feats both academically and physically, Bill takes us on a journey to where he's been and what it takes to get there.Join us as Bill discusses some of his most prestigious accomplishments. Hosts: Carrot, GaiaProducers: Carrot, GaiaClimb-ON
Brittany was left paralyzed after falling forty feet from the top of a climbing wall, breaking her L1 vertebra, and snapping both the ulna and radius bones in her arm. However, her mental fortitude and arduous work propelled Brittany to the world championship stage of adaptive rock climbing.  Brittany's engagement and advocacy for adaptive athletes is inspirational beyond compare.Join us as Brittany discusses her injury, adaptive climbing, and her favorite show... The Office!Hosts: Carrot, GaiaProducers: Carrot, GaiaClimb-ON
Dr. Thomas was gracious enough to talk with us about her most recent book The Meaning of Travel: Philosophers Abroad.  If you have even the slightest inclination toward travel, then this book is a must read.  The overlap between philosophy, travel, and a deeper understanding of what travel amounts to, as well as where it originates, coalesce in this truly unique and spectacular book.  Thomas articulates challenging ideas in a way that allows anyone to digest the breath and depth of a generally overlooked area of scholarship.Hosts: Carrot, GaiaProducers: Carrot, GaiaClimb-ON
In addition to creating the most intricate maps of some of the most remarkable climbing destinations in the US, Rick and Stef founded the WTF 5.7 Tour, an innovative movement never seen before in the climbing community.Stef is also the creator of the very popular Common Climber.  An on-line magazine that appeals not only to those who are proj-ing 15's but also those who are just learning what that means.We hope you find their life stories as intriguing as we did!Hosts: Carrot, GaiaProducers: Carrot, GaiaClimb-ON
Tessa received her BS from Michigan State University and did her graduate work at University of Alaska Fairbanks.  A marine biologist with a focus on fisheries and more specifically the growth and decline of the pacific salmon population.  Tessa has participated in field studies and research from Russia all the way to The Galapagos Islands.  She is currently the research and evaluation manager for the southern southeast regional aquaculture association better known as SSRAA.Tessa joins us on theDIHDERAL Podcast to talk about life in wilderness Alaska as well as sustainable fishing and responsible consumerism concerning Alaskan Salmon.Hosts: Carrot, GaiaProducers: Carrot, GaiaClimb- ON
Branndon Bargo and his brother Greg are two BEASTS who consistently push each other to great heights!  The next landing spot for these two is on PBS with their new show The Highpointers with the Bargo Brothers.Join us as we talk to Branndon about the show, his upbringing, and his extremely adventurous spirit!Hosts: Gaia and CarrotProducers: Gaia, CarrotClimb-ON
Arnie Kander, NBA physical trainer and consultant, goes over his physical therapy experience and its application on climbing and professional basketball.Join us as Arnie teaches us some of the best ways to stay active and flourish during COVID-19 season.Hosts: Gaia and CarrotProducers: Gaia, CarrotClimb-ON
We talk to Irene (She/Her) about the joy and struggle of climbing photography. As we visit Irene's journey through the discipline, she shares her secret to a fun and exciting climbing/life experience. Ladylockoff opens up about her drive to empower communities and her strategy to do so: challenge the status quo.Join us as we look at life through Ladylockoff's lens.Hosts: Gaia and CarrotProducers: Gaia, CarrotClimb-ON
Join the group for a talk about everything...what are our fears, how did we meet, what are our goals, why climbing?  Get to know the writers behind the words and interviews of your favorite climbing podcast.  A fun conversation where we bring the laughs and the sass!
An illuminating discussion with Texas A&M professor and climatologist Dr. Andrew Dessler. Dr. Dessler takes some time to dispel the myths related to climate change and explain the science in direct and understandable ways.  Dessler brings a fantastic mix of data and analogy to call attention to the preeminent issue of climate crisis.Hosts: Gaia and CarrotProducers: Gaia, CarrotClimb-ON
Barclay Stockett joins us for an in-depth discussion on life, the process of discovering/rediscovering yourself, social justice, and her ninja warrior experience.  Barclay is a world renowned athlete and record holding Ninja Warrior. In this session, she opens up about the mind-set of competition at the highest levels and, more importantly, how anyone can use their voice to promote social change for a better world.  Barclay’s passion and drive inspires throughout the episode as she presents fantastic insight on what it takes to be a remarkable athlete and above all, an inspirational human being. Of course, it wouldn’t be Barclay if we didn’t talk about tacos, family, and the origin of @Sparklyninja!To raise personal awareness on a particular cause Barclay is heavily involved in, please visit and/or cajed.orgHosts: Carrot and CasenProducers: Carrot, Casen, GaiaClimb-ON
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL:theDIHEDRAL team sits down for a group chat on the pros and cons of celebrating Christmas.  In this special edition the team reveals where they stand on all things Christmas.  From Grinch to gifts, hallacas to pierogies, tinsel to tradition, we break down what we like and dislike about this festive holiday we have come to know and love/hate.  With a brief stint from the newly formed and recently dissolved DIHEDRAL choir, and an early Santa Clause spoiler we are sure to disappoint in the most undisappointing ways!Hosts: Casen, Carrot, Gaia, and High-ClipProducers: Casen, CarrotClimb-ON
Mead McLean brings to life a history of rock climbing, discussing how his years of experience bleed together with all other aspects of life.  Having the right attitude in one arena leads to success and understanding in all others.  A master artist - Mead McLean touches on areas of life through rock climbing, art, family, and a "never give up" mentality.  Mead's impactful insight had us on the edge of our seats for the whole discussion.  With years of experience on rocks all over the US, Mead's glowing attention to detail brings the listener from Boone all the way to Hueco with vivid imagery and felt experience!Hosts: Carrot and High-ClipProducers: Gaia, Clay Burkhard, CasenClimb-ON
Cody Amakali (aka Mama Dirtbag) discusses the challenges of life, climbing, family, business, and dealing with an autoimmune disease. Cody shares her struggles getting back into climbing shape after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, as well as the role her family has played in the process. Cody joyfully opens up about her adventures and the role discipline and camaraderie have played throughout her climbing and personal experiences.Hosts: Casen and GaiaProducers: Clay Burkhard, Carrot, High-ClipClimb-ON
Andrew Joyner - searcher, seeker, adventurer, and oh so much more - shares his personal story of growth, loss, love, life, and everything in between.  Listening to Andrew talk about his journey through the peaks and valley's of life's mountain is an emotional experience - traversing through despair and finding hope on the other side.  Andrew's life is a testament to the notion that sometimes we need to fall in order to reach new heights!Hosts: Casen and GaiaProducers: Clay Burkhard, Carrot, High-ClipClimb-ON
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