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FE News chat with David Hughes at the AoC Conference 2019 as he discusses the importance of collaboration for an FE Renaissance in 2020
FE News chat with Steve Mariadas, Chief Executive Officer of the South West Institute of Technology. Steve discusses the now and the future plans for the whole South West region of the IoT, from meeting learner needs, to delivering higher level technical skills to meet employers needs.Check out the podcast below:
Marie- Claire O'Brien discusses 'hard to reach' learners and how to get involved in offender learning at the #SETConf2019
FE News chat with David Didau about 'Analogue Learning' at the Society for Education and Training annual conference. We often hear about the latest innovations in EdTech and how adopting technology improves the learning experience, increases access and enables continual learning. David chats about the power of traditional Analogue learning at the #SETConf19
FE News chat with Vikki Liogier, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) Head of Learning Technologies and Angela Sanders who is an Associate Consultant at ETF about Digital Skills, particularly Essential Digital Skills for CPD. Vikki and Angela discuss strategies to make digital skills CPD accessible to all Practitioners across the sector. Check out the podcast below.
FE News chat with David Didau at the SETConf19 to discuss his top tips for Practitioners, Teachers, Trainers, Lecturers and Assessors to progress their career and also how to gain the skills that employers are looking for.
FE News chat with Teresa Carroll, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) Head of Well-being and Inclusion about the new report on SET members Mental Health and Well-being findings that were released at the annual SET Conference 2019. Teresa discusses the reporting findings, some of the interesting initial outcomes were that newly qualified and practitioners nearing retirement were the most positive. Interestingly, those newly qualified practitioners in years 1 and 2 post-qualification stage were at the greatest risk of being under stress. Teresa also pointed out that those teaching staff with real-world experience and particularly those with disabilities flagged a negative experience and Teresa flagged that this is an area in particular that the team are interested in exploring more and addressing this to make it a more positive teaching experience. Teresa then gives some practical tips to help practitioners with their mental health and well-being.Please listen to the podcast below to hear more information from Teresa.
Geoff Petty discusses his top tips for new and existing practitioners at the #SETconf2019
Deborah Millar, Group Executive Director of Digital Learning Technologies at The TEC Partnership talks to FE News about Educating the Educators and the role of EdTech in supporting staff and learners.
FE News chat with Sally Dicketts, Group Chief Executive of Activate Learning about the importance of Coaching for Practitioners and Leaders at the SET 2019 annual conference.
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