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All podcasts are designed to assist and aid listeners to meet their challenges in life. We are here to support each other...Today's podcast is not about resolutions but about commitment and making choices that will better our life. It's never too late to become the person you want to be - Learn, Share, Care, and be AWARE!
2020 has been a perfect storm (well maybe not perfect but a stormy time.) During this year many of us have had an opportunity to learn more, do more, and excel in areas that are important to us. Gary discusses the perfect storm of Club Scrabble and how you too can utilize your time to achieve your goals. When you take the fork in the road you can go right, left, or straight creating a new path...You Have Choices!Gary Mossjftsoi.moss@gmail.com949-510-16733367 Punta Alta Laguna Woods, CA 92637
Join us for the first of many LESSONS LEARNED with Gary Moss being our first guest.
If you want to learn more about Just For the Spell of It go to Check out the Word of the Day Page as well as the Blogs...
Today Gary walks us through the process of making lists. We use lists all the time setting our goals to gain the achievement of our desire. Shopping lists, keeping us on task and budget, preparing for the holiday, or just any day.Sometimes lists are just organized in the crevices of our brain but we have a to-do process that takes us from A to B. Gary invites you to create a word list that may assist you when playing scrabble. I am going to make a list of items in my kitchen.In just four minutes:UtensilsSilverware – Silver/wareSpoonsForksKnivesPotsPansBowlsDishesCupsGlassesServing Pressure CookerTeapotCoffeepotToasterRoasterSpongeSoapCleanserDrainSinkETC!
How do you learn, prepare, and study??? check this outLearning out to be a better Scrabble Player may also help you prepare for other important challenges you may face,Check out
In this podcast, Gary Moss discusses his new project and the definition of words. Check out the website at
Gary shares the politics in SCRABBLE but the fun of the participation outweighing any disputes.
Gary Moss and Karen discuss learning words - making a game of it, learning to improve your Scrabble Scores or learning for the Fun Of IT!
Gary Discusses unusual words and referred us to look at some of these words that my trip up your opponent. Space repetition training can help you succeed in gaining the advantage if that is what you wish to strive for. Play the minimal amount of words you know or learn more.
For this podcast please go to this Scrabble Board or one of your own to follow along.Today was fun!Gary Mossjftsoi.moss@gmail.com949-510-16733367 Punta Alta Laguna Woods, CA 92637
Today Gary shares the positive message you can do it! Yes, there are many methods of learning and becoming an EXPERT/MAVEN - no two people are alike and therefore learning methods must be adapted. For more information go to or contact us at
Gary Moss discuss unique ways of learning how to become a NAVYOWL.
Check out Gary Moss at
Gary shares how studying and learning words to become a Scrabble Maven is not the same technique one may use in a school setting, but it could work! Make a list of words for yourself and share them - List your favorite candy, music, sport, clothing, etc.
Talking stems - finding a string of 5-6 or 7 letters to hook onto creating a BINGO and an extra 50 points. Reviewing and preparing for your next game can be fun!
Gary discusses how words are changing and how they are becoming politically incorrect.
Gary Moss welcomes fellow Scrabble Player and graduate of SCRABBLE 101 Nancy Douglas to his podcast. We discuss all things SCRABBLE plus a few comments about Life and COVID19.
Gary Moss Share how to have fun while learning new words or exploring word combinations while on a Family Road Trip or at your dining room table. contact Gary at jftsoi.,
Check out
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