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The Crowdfunders

Author: Kevin Roditeli

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Interviews with artists and entrepreneurs who had exciting, original or / and really successful project on crowdfunding platform. They will share all there secrets, what they have learn and best advices for new creators.
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First Episode of The Crowdfunders Podcast where I talk with Andrew Russell Birkett (CEO of Atheris Publishing) of How to crowdfund successful Board Games (and all categories) on Kickstarter. Let's go into the Journey of Andrew - From broke to Crowdfunding Pro!My Guest Website: Crowdfunders's Services & Clips ➡️★ The Crowdfunders on Facebook :★ The Crowdfunders on Instagram : Roditeli's Shop & Blog ➡️★ Kevin Roditeli on Facebook :★ Kevin Roditeli on Instagram :★ Kevin Roditeli on Twitter :
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