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Author: Patrick Heller

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What happens when you mix a 25 plus years Truck Driver and a retired after 9 years Truck Driver you add in some microphones, a mixing board, a computer and topics on Life and the Trucking Industry? You get 18 Wheel Talk! A podcast about life during and after the Trucking Industry and questions on Life in general. Hi I'm Patrick and along side my Blonde Haired Co-Host, Janet, our goal is to entertain you with a little humor on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. "This ain't our Daddy's Industry no more"! So buckle up buttercup, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and hold on tight cause its gonna be one heck of a ride!
11 Episodes
18WT 010 -   The laughter rolls right away with these two as they wonder if they can even say here in America and why this is “Take 2”. They are of course talking about professional sports. Now where do they begin? As season ticket holders for the Arizona Diamondbacks they decide to begin with baseball.   After 5 years of being season ticket holders they have plenty of memorabilia; from bobbleheads and mugs to shirts and baseballs. Janet can identify a lot of players from the back, which makes Patrick laugh. He knows the players by their faces; she knows them by their butts.Full Podcast show notes available here: - Your Dream Bed Starts Here Free delivery on your first order over $35.Instacart - Groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour. Free delivery on your first order over $35.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
18WT 009:  Patrick & Janet begin by talking about Coronacooties day 198 and the Gov… Is Coronacooties a govt experiment gone wrong? Let’s talk about it here on episode 9. A quick look at some graphics and a take 2! Air base, drums, and all they keep going!The shenanigans have begun even before the news. Floyds’ family is suing, like everyone does nowadays. But his family has a rightful case. Money Mayweather paid for the funeral, gold casket and all. Back to the Gov! When is school opening? Aug 4th, 15th? Who knows??? Coronavirus is rampant here in AZ. Mesa school district is the largest and one of the oldest in the state. People tend to pay attention to what they do. They had a huge meeting about opening staggering the opening. They spoke with doctors, health officials, ect. Will the federal government take away funding if there is not in person schooling? That is the claim. School districts are spending hundreds of thousands on ppe for staff and students. They are prepared for students that are immunocompromised, or who’s parents’ want their children protected regardless.Full Podcast show notes available here:
The World Never Went Away!

The World Never Went Away!


18WT 008:  On this episode Patrick & Janet talk about Life in the U.S. and how warped the news makes it appear. Even worse than it really is. They discussed Presidential elections and how the Purge is coming, laughing all the way. Do all movies come true? If so, who gets to be Will Smith in Independence Day?  Janet’s Father recently passed away and he taught her many things. Among other things was how to defend herself, and those she loved.  Patrick and Janet have that in common. They passionately believe in protecting their family.  “Chatting with Momma Janet” is where you can find the blogpost is based on, this Incredible Episode 8, the first Video Chat! No makeup, messy hair, and all. The usual shenanigans are found in everything from naked faces to no hair or pink hair, “Uncle Dopey”.   Mind blowing events, Covid-19, thousands ill and dying, daily. When “the Covid” first came out in China, people didn’t think it would come to their town. Yet here it is America, Cities, towns, everywhere, as it grew, the name changed from coronavirus to covid-19. Then the masks, from nylons to gas masks, scarves to n-95’s there are so many options. Yet so many people choose not to wear one, thinking that they cannot breath or it is a hoax.Full Podcast show notes available here:
18WT 007:  On this episode Janet and Patrick start out with coffee and then go into talking about stress due to CoVid19. They continued talking about how some of their credit cards screwed them over when they called them to ask for deferments due to the loss of some of Janet’s income. There were some laughs due to alarms going off on Janet’s phone to remind them to put up their patio umbrellas so that their tomato and pepper plants did not burn from the Phoenix sun.   Janet went on to reminisce about when they moved from New York how they brought some pepper plants that Janet started from seed and how they ended up with peppers from those plants 2 years in a row. They talked about the word LITERALLY and went into a rant about how Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam lost the use of their guns.Full Podcast show notes available here: - Your Dream Bed Starts Here Free delivery on your first order over $35.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
18WT 006:  On this episode Janet and Patrick with special guest Kyle Heller talk about a blog post that Janet had posted on her website at titled 30+ Common Work from Home Problems & How to Fix them. They go on to talk about the polls that Janet put up on various websites and how she got over 500 responses to the polls. She used the data collected from the polls to compile a list and whittled it done to the 30+ most common problems people had working from home. Full Podcast show notes available here:
18WT 005:  On this Episode Janet and Patrick tell everyone how they came up with the name for the Podcast Show. They talked about how Patrick has been driving for 25+ years and how after just 9 years in the Trucking Industry Janet was forced to retire.  The Love of trucking is in both of their Blood (how much diesel is in it?).  It is a Love it or hate it type of Life.  Whether you are an active Truck driver, a Bus Driver, or just have a Love of Driving, you will be able to relate to these two. Full Podcast show notes available here:
18WT 004:  Patrick talks about taking the Podcast Show in a new direction as he transitions out of the Trucking Industry and further into Entrepreneurship, Affiliate Marketing and other means of making money online. Patrick talked about how he and Ms Janet have had some personal issues going on in the Family life and all the changes going on with the Podcast Show. Patrick is unhappy with the way the Trucking Industry is heading so he decided to shift gears and learn more new ways to make money.  He also wanted to share his findings with everyone who might be interested in learning what he is teaching from his own personal adventures. Full Podcast show notes available here:
 18WT 003:   Join in the unique sounds of two brothers reminiscing as Patrick interviews his “Dear Old Brother” Scott, Vocalist and Cigar Box guitarist from Agape Blues Company in Upstate N.Y.  They discuss Scotts’ journey to the badlands of South Dakota where he went yet again to The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where it was a balmy 68 degrees in August.  From there he took off to Las Vegas, just a floor above Hell and a mere 108 degrees.  His last stop this side of the Mississippi brought him to the studio right here two floors south of Hell in Beautiful 112 degrees and rising Phoenix.  His days spent here taught him what hot truly means. Full Podcast show notes available here:
18WT 002:   On this episode Ms Janet and Patrick talk about the use of in cab camera's in Big Trucks. They posted the question on their Twitter feed @18wheeltalk which stated "In cab cameras, does your company use them and how do you feel about it" to get the feedback from fellow Trucker's. The feedback was a 50/50 split between liking and not liking the in cab camera's and they also read some of the comments on air.Full Podcast show notes available here:
18WT 001:   We take a behind the scenes look at the Blonde haired Bombshell Co-Host of the 18 Wheel Talk podcast show to see how she got started in the Trucking Industry. She tells us about her time in the Army, how she made money baking pies while being a manager of a V.F.W., how she went on to become a Hospitality Manager for a major corporation, how she went into the Trucking Industry and after approximately 6 years was retired after her tragic head on collision with another Tractor Trailer and now serves as a Health & Beauty Coach. We talk about many stories from her childhood to the stories only OTR drivers can talk about. Full Podcast show notes available here:
Meet Your Host!

Meet Your Host!


18WT 000:  An introduction to the man behind the mic, your podcast host, this is the background of one man who lives two stories south of hell and is living his dream or a version of it! Hear him Bitch about it, Talk about it and tell you how he came to live in Phoenix, and to drive that 18-wheeler the last 25+ years.  This is his story, of life behind a wheelbarrow, welding and finally "Living the Dream" of life on the road. His chosen path has led him cross country, hauling many loads with little sleep and seen the regulations change over the years. Join him as he shows how he overcame challenges and talks to others and Bitches about it and Talks about it together. Full Podcast show notes available here:
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