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Author: Cindy Cragg

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A space for conversations around the intersection of industry and higher education for adult learners. Brought to you by the University of Denver's college of continuing and professional studies, University College. 

14 Episodes
Lisa Haas, marketing strategist, coach, and University College adjunct instructor, explains how AI is the next evolution in digital marketing. Learn how AI is impacting content generation, personalization,  measurement, optimization and more. Lisa also shares tips on where she thinks this evolution is going and how to stay on top of the changes as they emerge. 
We talk a lot about accessibility and inclusion in higher ed, but often the focus is on traditional students and in-person learning. What actions are we taking to make online learning spaces a  place where adult students feel safe to share and learn? Recent graduate of the Communication Management program, Joshua David Murphy Esqueda, who identifies as LBGTQIAS2+, discusses how their experience in the program highlighted ways online courses can allow for better representation and inclusion. Joshua and I also discuss modifications that can be made to online course delivery and the impacts of those modifications would have on all students - not just those from underrepresented identities. 
Global cybersecurity thought-leader, educator, speaker, and author, Richard Staynings, explains the field cybersecurity and talks about the critical role cybersecurity plays in nearly every industry across the globe.  According to Richard, there are five times more "attackers" than there are "defenders" working to keep our systems and infrastructures secure. Richard also talks in detail about the specific need within the healthcare space. So, have a listen to learn more about how to get into this challenging and rewarding field. 
Learn about the field of search engine marketing from seasoned SEO and industry-leading speaker, Mindy Weinstein. In this episode Dr. Weinstein, who teaches search marketing for University College in addition to running her own marketing agency, explains the different aspects of search marketing, describes how she got into the field,  and defends why it is a smart career path for marketers, content generators, writers, and people interested in psychology. She also gives out few tips on SEO strategy! 
This episode features an interview with Lisa Ward, former EMT and current lobbyist, who offers inspiring words, smart advice, and a dose of reality for those looking to graduate school as a pathway to a new career. Lisa is an alumna of the Health Care Policy master's degree program. Prior to starting her graduate journey she spent considerable time and effort paving the way for a seamless transition from frontline health care work to government relations. Listen and learn! 
This episode features an interview with Peter Lund. Peter is a current master's degree student in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) program at University College and a seasoned professional who came to the program with 30 years of IT experience. Peter has done an exceptional job curating his graduate education so that he is leveraging every new learning opportunity and turning assignments into professional wins! Have a listen to learn just how he did it. 
This episode features Bridget Arend as she explains lessons learned when a group of ten adjunct instructors join together to develop a training course to help other adjunct faculty gain comfort and confidence  with incorporating synchronous components into online courses. Bridget spearheaded the Online Teaching Ambassadors (OTA) initiative for University College over the fall 2020 and winter 2021 quarters. The OTA group was charged with developing a robust and comprehensive program, on a very tight timeline, to increase competence and foster enthusiasm around engaging students through synchronous online learning via Zoom across all University College programs. 
For the second episode in our Words of Wisdom series, we hear from University College alumna, Martha Valle Veltri. Martha shares her reflections and experiences as a very busy graduate student. Hear how she juggled all that was on her plate while staying focused on achieving her goals. She offers some great tips to keep any current or prospective student managing work/school/life balance. She also offers a great overall perspective on getting through graduate school successfully. 
Kicking off Season Two of the ElevatED podcast is our Words of Wisdom series featuring past and current students sharing about their experiences as post-traditional students. With us for this first episode is Marcus Farmer who gained his certificate in New Media and Internet Marketing in 2017. Marcus came to University College to "re-tool" as he shifted careers from engineering to digital marketing. Marcus shares why a graduate certificate was the right choice for him, how he adjusted to juggling a busy life while being an adult student, and provides many wise words of wisdom for any current or prospective adult learners.
In this episode you will hear about the powerful learning and innovative thinking that happens when students from different departments and academic programs come together to work on industry impact projects. Episode 4 features a conversation with Jim Ducay, who joined the University of Denver to launch an industry innovation program after spending 25 years as a senior-level technology business leader for companies like Avaya Networking, SES Americom, Ameritech, Bell Atlantic and Nynex. Jim shares his experience bringing students together from across the DU campus to work directly with local companies on innovation projects and how these experiences have tremendous impact on our students and our communities. Listen as Jim shares successes, challenges and a few tips for students who are interested in being involved in innovation projects or faculty considering launching programs of this type.  
This episode features an interview with Dr. Siva priya Santhanam, Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dr. Santhanam explains how embracing practices to meet the needs of students with disabilities also helps us make the classroom (online or in person) a better place for all students to learn. Hear how Dr. Santhanam's research supports this theory and several best practices that can be easily incorporated into your teaching. Dr. Santhanam also shares some insights for faculty and parents who are trying to navigate higher education for students with disabilities. 
How do we use technology to enhance, not hinder, adult learning? Instructional Designer, Trey Chambers, walks us through evidence-based best practices in the field of instructional design to help enhance learning in online courses. This episode features valuable insights and take-aways for faculty, directors, subject matter experts, and course designers. 
How does the adult brain learn and why understanding these nuances helps us teach and learn more effectively. Featuring an interview with Dr. Allison Friederichs, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at University of Denver's University College. Dr. Friederichs not only provides clarification around the complexities specific to adult learning but also shares a number of easy, actionable tips to enhance the learning experience. 
Here's what to expect from the upcoming episodes of ElevatED - a space for conversations around elevating teaching practices and applied learning for non-traditional students. This podcast is brought to you by the University of Denver’s college of continuing and professional studies, University College. Learn more at 
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