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Author: Jay Dobyns

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Copland is podcast stories for you… about you… by you… our 1st Responders.
30 Episodes
Kevin Briggs was a California Highway Patrolman for 24 years. His jurisdiction: The Golden Gate Bridge – a glorious and glamorous assignment protecting one of the world’s most iconic landmarks… until you learn that he negotiated with hundreds of suicidal ‘jumpers’ during that time saving lives.  
Dr. Kevin Gilmartin is considered the leading behavioral scientist specializing in mental and emotional health for law enforcement. In this episode he offers sound, logical advice for lawmen and women to maintain well-being in a profession that often destroys it.
Very few have ever Dented The Universe and made their lives valuable to others like Dr. Richard Carmona. He is a national treasure. His resume would be unbelievable if it were not true. High School dropout, joins the Army, gets his GED, becomes a paratrooper, a Special Forces medic seeing combat in Vietnam, post-military he graduates at the top of his class at the nation’s premier medical school, becomes an internationally recognized trauma surgeon, then co-duties that as a sheriff’s deputy, SWAT team leader, tactics instructor, search and rescue expert, is involved in multiple combat shootings - himself shot in the line of duty on more than one occasion -  and then is named President Bush’s Surgeon General of the United States – the only Surgeon General in history to receive a unanimous and bipartisan Senate confirmation. On a personal note, he has been a guide, a mentor and most importantly a friend after leading the medical trauma team that saved my life over 30 years ago.
This is one of the most important episodes Copland will host. It is exactly what this program is about… a story of courage, sacrifice, heartbreak, unimaginable heroism and eye-opening truth toward training and mental and emotional preparation. Michael Neal is currently the Sheriff of Monroe County Arkansas. On May 20, 2010 he was an Arkansas Game and Fish Officer responding to a call for help following the roadside murder of two West Memphis Arkansas police officers… and respond he did!  In a manner, and with the attitude that every law man can be proud of and strive for.
Carlos Montalvo’s legend began behind what is now referred to as “the Miracle of Westland” – a combat police shooting where a “Twenty Million-To-One” gunshot saved his life.
In April of 1986, Eight FBI Agents working in South Florida had targeted two serial-murdering bank robbers. Their attempt to apprehend the suspects resulted in a shootout where 150 rounds were exchanged, deemed by some as the bloodiest day in the Bureau’s history. Ed Mireles was badly wounded - his arm nearly torn off his body with high caliber bullet - another wounding him in the head - with two of his partners dead and the rest incapacitated, Ed stayed in the fight and put a heroic end to the gunbattle.
As a boy raised in Chicago’s Cabrini Green Housing Project, Craig Caridine was a first-hand witness to violence. He became a lawman and decided to do something about it.  Early in his undercover career, Craig survived one of most horrific close-quarters combat shootings in law enforcement history. 
Shot in the face, chest, arm, leg, and hand, San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Detective Alex Collins stayed in the fight to help end the largest manhunt in California history.
Dying would have been easier. Jason Schechterle’s story is one we all need to hear. It reaches far beyond the 1st Responder community. Yes, it’s a cop story, a firefighter’s story, a medical trauma unit story, but what he experienced, endured, and now thrives behind is something that every person from every walk of life will be inspired by.
No one in history knows more about undercover work, or has been a bigger advocate for those who do it, than Charlie Fuller. He is truly a national treasure and the protector of a dying breed. 
Steve Gunderson encountered and investigated many of the leading figures and organizations of the Aryan Nations movement during his career as a sheriff’s deputy and ATF agent. 
When the Cocaine Cowboys of South Florida were running rampant in the early-80s, Carlos Baixauli was at the forefront of developing and implementing the investigative techniques used to disrupt their violent narcotics robberies. 
1st Responder suicide is epidemic. Doug Monda displays a massive amount of self-confidence and courage to discuss with transparency his surviving it and the path that put him on to help others.
Ron Stallworth did the impossible.  A black detective who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan. Ron is open, honest, transparent and raw in the telling of his story.
Very few in life live what they preach like Greg Amundson.  A lawman, a fitness guru and a man of God.
Roger Wallace spent 30 years as a DEA Agent. His investigation, arrest and conviction of narco kingpin Jamie Figueroa-Soto stands as the most significant defeat of a foreign druglord ever captured on U.S. soil. 
Robert Almonte is the world’s foremost expert on the Patron Saints of Drug Cartels.  After a 30+ year career as a police officer and U.S. Marshal, he places his well-being at risk to investigate, then train lawmen on the unseen dangers they encounter from narco-terrorist cartels. WARNING:  Some of the content of this episode is graphic. 
Homeland Security / ICE Agent Victor Avila and his partner Agent Jaime Zapata were ambushed by the Los Zetas drug cartel on a remote highway in Mexico. Only Victor lived to tell the story.
From humble beginnings, David Gonzales rose through the ranks of copland to become the United States Marshal for Arizona, having served in that role for the last eighteen years – a man who’s life and career has been dedicated to the very highest levels of public service, safety and protection.  
Retired LAPD Gang Detective Tony Moreno discusses his career of three decades spent in the South Central neighborhoods of Los Angeles battling Crips and Bloods and his legendary nickname, PacMan.
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