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Still don't know what route you should take to get your book out there? Check out this chat with Amazon Reader's Choice Award-winning indie author S. A. Asthana. We talk about some of the nitty-gritty of marketing, publishing, and time-management - and, of course, some other stuff, too!
What's the best way to get the voices in ours heads down on the page, and how to we control them once we get there? In this episode, we talk about character development: what it is, what people struggle with, and some ways to hopefully simplify this complicated part of writing fiction. Oh, and we're changing some stuff once December rolls around, so you might want to listen to the second half in order to fine out what :)
Elaine Calloway started writing stories before she even knew what a lot of the words she was using meant. Her love of the paranormal lead her to start writing ghost stories, which she's been doing since she was in the 2nd grade. She's now independently published 10 books and has a lot to say on writing, marketing, publishing and more. She even has some great tips and tricks for combating writer's block! LISTENERS ADVISORY: Some of the audio got messed up in the recording and there is a short segment at the end (40:00-45:00 prox.) that sounds a little messed up.  
In this special episode to kick off a very special, but possibly intense, month for writers, your host reminds you that taking care of yourself, having fun, and setting attainable goals are what NaNo is really about.
Our interview sessions are getting a new name: coffee and conversation. In this episode we sit down for a chat with indi YA fantasy author Katy Morgan. We'll talk about things like goal setting, time management, how to approach the many difference facets of the publishing world, and of course about how some "rules for writers" are meant to be broken.
Freelance tech writer and children's disability author Betsy Miller talks about how she's managed to write for a living and all the amazing things she's learned and done along the way - which includes helping to start an indi publishing company! (Also, the first 10 minutes of this episode consist of me telling a story about a cat. If you want to skip it and go straight to the interview, be my guest.
Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of "stuff" you have to do as a writer besides writing? Well, maybe you don't need to do any of it after all - or at least, not all at once.
The internet is overwhelming with its amount of STUFF and THINGS. In this episode of BWP, your host talks a little about her experience with writing content for the sake of content, and then turns to Twitter to find out more about what others think. 
 What do the beginning stages of trying to write for a living look like? In this episode, we hear our host's personal story on why she decided to try to become a full-time writer after a sudden need for a career change.
In this special episode, we talk to best selling vampire novelist Ellen C. Maze, who's also the owner of The Author's Mentor, a company dedicated to helping authors publish and distribute their books.
Reflections on this past #PitMad, Twitter, blogging, and "best practices" to putting yourself  - and your work - out there.
The very first interview on The Bad Writer's Podcast. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. In this episode, yoga instructor and indi author Darcie Cameron talks about writing for the heck of it and how to navigate social media as a niche indi author.
Sharing my experiences with learning writing at the higher academic level, and why it's totally okay to do your own thing.
In this episode, I go through your responses on Twitter and address some of the comments we as writers receive from the outside world and other writers. Note* Author is Amy Kauffman, not Hoffman - I misspoke.
The first episode of a new podcast series for writers who find themselves regularly breaking the "rules" of writing.
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