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Author: Mylin Brooks - Stoddard and Shea Scott Edwards

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The Fight Squad consists of the sassy duo, Mylin Brooks-Stoddard and Shea Scott Edwards. Both having battled with mental illness, through counseling, medication and their faith in God, they have won the fight and teamed up to knock out the stigma associated with mental illness. With candor and a little bit of humor, they are determined to be as real and vulnerable about their experiences so that listeners can be encouraged and reminded that they are not alone and there is help and healing ahead. With one punch at a time, they hope to convince you that there is no shame in this game, and you too can be victorious!
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Pregnancy can be a difficult season. So many hormones and so many emotions to handle! It's a lot that women go through. Add in life stressors, having other children, depression, anxiety,  bi-polar disorder, and it can be one of the most challenging seasons of your life. Are you pregnant in this time? Are you dealing with the emotional highs and lows of stress and or a mental illness? Are you thinking about taking medication while pregnant? We know how difficult these decisions can be and we would like to walk along side you as you go though this challenging time. Currently, Shea is 7 months pregnant and is in the thick of it. Check out this episode to hear how she's coping and doing everything she can to get through her pregnancy as safely and emotionally healthy as possible. Remember, you're not alone! 
The topic of anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications have always been a "hot-button" topic. Fear has caused many people to shy away from exploring the benefits of medication for mental illness. Alongside their faith in God, counseling, wholistic living AND medication, both Mylin and Shea have experienced freedom from depression and anxiety. They discuss what they went through during the initial phases of trying medication in hopes to "de-mystify" the process and help take away the fear behind it. For many, when the right medication has been found, not only have they've been able to gain their lives back, but they have been able to thrive. The Fight Squad wants this for you! NOTE: Undergoing medication for mental illness should only be done under the supervision of a medical doctor, mainly a Psychiatrist. For best overall results, this would be done in combination with a counselor or Psychologist who can help you work through areas of emotional struggle. 
For over 20 years, Mylin struggled with depression. Signs started as early as 14 years old. She describes herself as having been a "functioning depressed person," and no one, but her husband saw the depths of her struggle. With help from God, through counseling and medication, she has been free of depression for 7 years now. Listen to Mylin's story and be encouraged to know that you are not alone and there is help.
For the first time ever, Shea publicly opens up about her life-long struggle with Bi-Polar II Disorder and how a year ago she was finally diagnosed. Join her as she takes you on her journey, candid, confident, unashamed and grateful for where she finds herself today...on the road to complete freedom and victory. 
Even today, in 2019, with all the work to bring awareness to mental illness, there is still stigma attached. In our very first episode, we discuss the misunderstanding and confusion about mental illness within the Christian Church. We speak openly about our personal battles with mental illness, as well as the healing we have both experienced. Our desire is to help others find freedom as well, no matter if you're a person of faith or not. 
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