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Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   00:00 Clarification about R Aryeh Kaplan and use of drugs    00:58 Is there a source for wars being prevented for learning Torah?   07:05 What is an appropriate response to answer a secular person about slavery in the Torah?   14:14 How do we visualize demons, what did they look like? How did we know they were there? Are they present today, or did they go away with certain yeridas hadoros?   19:28 How should a convert act in terms of honoring parents, shomer negiah, etc.?   23:47 What is the safek on mainstream techeles today?    31:43 Why is Miriam punished instead of Aaron if listening to Lashon Haro is worse than saying it according to the Chafetz Chaim?   33:12 How should we think about Angels?   37:46 What are the levels of Angels?   38:44 Why is the Shema such a meaningful prayer and what does it really mean?   40:25 When the Ark landed, how did animals spread to all parts of the earth? does this contribute to the idea of one continent/Pangea?   42:42 What are the Rav’s views on the different types of kiruv?   47:05 Shuckling and vigorous flailing during davening looks absurd, so should we stand still during Shemona Esrei?    51:42 What is wrong with occasionally drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana?   54:40 What are the reasons that Sephardim and Ashkanazi Jews have different ways to say certain tefillos out loud or not?   1:00:37 Are people who are married by a reform rabbi halachically married?   1:05:52 Why does the Torah state things one way but we have a mesorah that it means something else (such as eye for an eye)?   1:07:08 What is something that surprised the Rav in his  life or his favorite sefer?   1:10:53 What are the halachic ramifications of a Jewish man and woman being intimate outside of marriage?   1:17:10 Recently an animated Disney movie had a small homosexual scene. Should we not be showing cartoons to our kids?   1:21:40 Why does mashiach have to come in the form of a person? Why wouldn’t it just be Hashem himself? What depends on a human leader?   1:23:24 What is the opinion on causing a car to stop on Shabbos to cross the street?   1:25:40 What about when someone needs to use transportation for an emergency on Shabbos?   1:27:10 Should we not walk on grass on Shabbos?   1:28:00 In Parashas Shelach, why is there a seemingly larger focus on Yetzias Mitzrayim if the miracle to get to Israel is seemingly harder?   1:30:22 Where does the 250 incense offerings come from in Parashas Korach?   1:33:04 After all the miracles and revelations of Hashem in the Torah, why would anyone continue to question Moshe and Aharon’s authority?    1:37:30 Why do we say speedily in our days when amoraim prayed against that?   1:38:51 What does the Rav think of many Jews pursuing higher education in relation to going off the Derech?   1:44:31 How do we posken with non-Jews opening and pouring non-Mevushal wine?   1:49:29 Could a Kohen enter a cemetery of Karites?   1:50:40 If a convert stops being a shomer Torah Jew, do they become invalid?    Visit us @ !   Produced by Cedar Media Studios
00:00 Clarification on psychiatric care comment and options for someone who has a same-sex attraction and parts of Torah that seem unimportant.    04:32 Does Hashem favor a socialist form of government?   06:05 What other garments would a Kohen wear besides the Bigdei Kehuna?   11:20 Why are songs acrostics of names? Why is this such a common theme?   12:47 What are the cases that "heaven does not get involved in"?    15:10 What is the significance of “Ana BaCoach”?    16:53 What are the ideas behind the segulos for remembering or forgetting Torah?   20:35 Are we obligated to take ElAl airlines now that they are Shomer Shabbat?   22:36 If Jews are supposed to be a light unto the nations, why are we so few in number?   27:45 Who are we allowed to say the phrase “YEMACH SHEMO” about?   29:00 On one hand, there is an idea that one has the mitzvah of Kibud Av vEm to their in laws. On another hand, Rashi brings that a woman who is married has less of the mitzvah, because of her obligations to her husband. But if the husband is also obligated to her parents, how could it be that he should lower her’s?   32:32 Why do we address Rabbeim in the third person but Hashem in some branches and tefillos in the second?   35:34 Is there a reason why Hashem has removed his visible presence in today’s world?   37:53 What exactly was the sin of the spies?    46:22 Why does the Gemara sometimes conceal some parts of a Braissa?   48:41 How can Rashi or other commentary tells us what the verse “your thoughts are not My thoughts” mean?   50:34 How can we correlate the theory of evolution and genetics with Judaism?    53:41 Why is the grave of Moshe not revealed?    56:35 How can I understand the phenomenon of people who were talmidei chachamim joining JTS. Saul Lieberman for example.   1:03:27 If a person isn’t going to send their kids to a religious school, should a person put their kid in public school or reform?   1:09:50 How do we understand the idea that angels deliver our prayers to Hashem? Aren’t we praying directly to Hashem?   1:13:08 How should the Rabbanim react to YU voting to recognize the LGBTQ club?   1:17:00 Why is passing gas while wearing tefillin prohibited but burping is not?   1:19:08 Could the Rebbe explain the phrase “KEVITZAS HADERECH”?   1:21:05 What is the Halacha on unfiltered internet/digital access?   1:23:40 What is the distinction between Neviim and Kesuvim?    1:25:51 When the Men of the Great Assembly helped remove the desire for idol worship, how else did this change the world?   1:27:45 Can someone’s tefillos affect someone else’s free will?   1:30:13 Do Sephardim have an obligation to daven with a minyan?   1:31:44 What would happen if one of the bulls that were offered for the other nations on Succos missed?   1:34:40 Why do we mention the tree and the vine in addition to the fruit and the wine in the Me’ein shalosh bracha?   1:36:02 What is the main point of tefilla?   1:38:32 What is the significance of the different terms used to refer to certain prophets?   1:41:00 Does the Rebbe have a list of go-to books he recommend to help explain Judaism to parents of Baalei Teshuva or otherwise?   Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @    Produced by Cedar Media Studios Podcasting  
00:00 What’s the significance of listing Esav’s family in the Torah?   06:12 What is the rebbe’s personal view on the age of the universe?   17:20 Is it kavodik to say prayers under breathe while the Chazan chants?   23:45 Why are we not allowed to discuss the Divine Chariot?   29:47 What exactly does it mean to be created in the image of Gd? And what is the breath of Gd?   37:52 Is there a source for lead pouring as a way of getting rid of ayin hara? And why is it whenever it's referenced in books or even nowadays it is something women do?   44:52 Does beauty get in the way of Torah?   47:05 Does the idea of Gd being “in things” interfere with the Arizal’s concept of TzimTzum?   55:47 Did Gd make particular mitzvos because it’s good, or is it good because it’s a mitzvah?    1:04:57 Why does the Arizal get Z”L permanently affixed to his name, and not Rashi or Rambam?   1:06:12 In Gemara Shabbos, what does it mean that angels burnt Moshe with their tongues?    1:07:30 What does it mean that even if Chazal are wrong we still listen to them?   1:12:48 What’s the point of 2 day Rosh Chodesh with the 30th day observed?   1:16:00 Why is the first question we’re asked is did we conduct business honestly? What if someone never went into business? Or was an employee their whole life? Does this apply to women?   1:19:27 Should we not support China (economically) due to their unethical practices?   1:25:10 Is it possible to marry the wrong person?    1:26:38 Could you talk about communal punishment?   1:31:44 How does someone know they married the right person?   1:34:05 Why did Rav Chaim hold not to wear wrist watches?   1:34:59 What’s the Halacha on certain men’s grooming actions?    1:38:00 Should we cut our beard?   1:40:22 Where do we draw the line with technology and the will of Gd (such as extending lifespan)?   1:44:43 What would happen if the Sanhedrin were obviously completely corrupt?   1:47:40 Does wearing a suit all the time present a problem with discomfort?    1:50:06 What does the Rav think about the Chabad Rebbe’s and Chofetz Chaim’s opinions of cutting the beard?   Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @     
SPECIAL: Isru Chag

SPECIAL: Isru Chag


Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @ 
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   00:00 Why do we say the language of “hamotzei lechem” if Hashem doesn’t take out bread?    02:29 Can the Rav expound on Judaism’s view of homosexuality?   10:10 How should Jews look at accounts of near-death experiences?    17:42 What is Rav Kook’s position on korbanos?   28:20 Why is it that we don’t "acquire" women through other means than money?   33:13 What is the Rebbe’s opinion on vanity cosmetic surgery or otherwise and how should we approach it?   38:20 The Gemara in Yevamos עו. discusses a certain ritual to test a bochor with certain medical problems for infertility before he gets married. How then can some of poskim argue against /married/ guys getting fertility tested if there are problems?   40:45 Can a person who cannot have children marry a mamzer or convert?   41:23 What exactly constitutes a siyum?    48:44 If mashiach can come from the dead, does this make Chabad’s view heretical?   54:32 What are some reasons that there are machlokesim in Mishnayos?   59:43 Some hold that there are parts of the Gemara that were written by the Gaonim themselves. Is this true?   1:02:00 How does the Rav speak to the idea of feminism?   1:07:40 Is there a concept of overturning precedence in Halacha. For example, is it possible that a contemporary Posek could permit electricity on Shabbat?   1:11:03 What is a gay Jew supposed to do?   1:22:30 How can we help secular people make sense of the shidduch process?   1:28:02 What is out responsibility to not patronize unethical commerce (such as places that employ sweatshops)?   1:32:24 How will Eliyahu HaNavi’s paskening work?   1:33:25 Would there be a leniency to switching sects of Judaism?    1:34:37 What is the Rambam’s position on reconstituting the Sanhedrin?   1:37:52 Is it a halachic requirement to say Baruch hu or varuch shemo? What about just shemo?   1:40:42 To what extent should someone go to avoid machlokes?   1:42:35 How do we understand great Torah personalities in Tanach doing certain things that people today would be ostracized for?    Visit us @         
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   00:00 What is the basis of the Magen David?   01:46 What is the Torah view on liability of a self driving vehicle?   8:23 How important is pronunciation in the formula of tefilla? For example, many people don’t pronounce a moving shvah (like in Kedusha or Kaddish), or they misplace an emphasis, such as mezoinos instead of mezonos. Also, when we sing songs, like Lecha dodi or zemiros, or Shir hamalos, we might change the emphasis. Since difference nusachs exist, or people use modern Hebrew, etc…how does that work?   15:49 Do halachos of Rabbeim apply even in a time with no official smicha?    18:37 What response do we as Jews have to school shootings and how should we view gun policies?   23:03 What is the definition of divorce for non-Jews and how should we approach giving advice or otherwise?   28:30 The State of New York is attempting to strengthen oversight of Yeshiva education. Ostensibly, they want to enforce the "core" curriculum of math, science, and the like. If they were to stick to those issues, does a secular government have a right to insist on a population education in math, etc.?   35:19 How does the concept of a Shabbos Goy work?   42:14 Does maaris ayin apply in the case of eating heter mechira?   44:09 Could I put up a sign stating I’m a kosher Jew in a treyf restaurant?   47:05 How do we justify the idea that someone that has “chen” or grace, they have fear of Gd, but in Eshes Chayil, it states that chen is sheker or false?   51:18 What’s the rules on after-brachos?   54:35 How can someone understand the idea of uvdin d’chol or a “mundane activity” on Shabbos?    58:18 What is your halachic and legal take on halachic prenups? Do you think couples should get a halachic prenup? Do you think that the way people protested on social media and outside homes last spring is something that should be encouraged especially because many agunos received their gets that way?   1:10:26 There’s a new section in the Israel Museum about “magic” in Judaism and segulos—do we believe in them or not?   1:15:44 How do we understand going to a mikveh on Shabbos?   1:18:24 Why are the words RAH and REYAH so similar?   1:20:52 Where do the minhagim of black and white outfits and hats come from?   1:27:20 Why does the bracha for kiddush hat on on Friday night say “Vrozavanu” instead of “Vitzivanu” when seemingly every other bracha on a mitzvah contains the latter?    1:31:09 Why are Shabbos and kosher the main factors mentioned when discussing frumkeit?   1:34:25 Why do Talmudic rabbis use certain hermeneutical principles when inferring various laws?   Visit us @     
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   00:00 Could the Rav elaborate on the Gra’s view that the days of creation correspond to millennia?   02:47 How does the Rav feel about the state messing with the Meron situation?   7:40 Is there an issur of Kol Isha in front of a gentile man, and likewise is there an obligation for tznius if the Jewish woman is not responsible for their aveiras?   15:10 What is the Rebbe’s advice if someone is attacked by inappropriate thoughts in the moment?   17:26 Zionists think that since we’re not in Galus, the Talmud Yerushalmi has more authority now—does it?   25:55 Why don’t women change their Hebrew name once they get married (since they change many other minhagim by their husband)?   27:35 Could the Rav speak on the topic of politician Aryeh Deri, what are the Rav’s thoughts, whether he should be leading Am Yisrael, is the media blowing things out of proportion or is there truth to their claims, etc.?   29:55 How will Halacha work when techiyas Hamesim happens, in light of many changes that have happened over time?   34:00 Does the Rav think that the war in Ukraine has anything to do with precursors to Mashiach?   37:42 Since it’s common to wear clothing made of animals, why is that not considered tumah?   42:10 Why are Pesach and Yom Tov names but not Sukkos, Shavuos, or Shabbos?   45:39 Is there a deeper (spiritual) understanding to if a man is mazria before a woman, having a daughter first?   49:09 Why are the curses in Bechukosai much stronger than the brachos in terms of description (and in Ki Savo)?   1:01:25 Do souls watch over us from above?   1:04:18 Why are the four questions we ask seemingly the only questions that are preempted by the Torah?   1:10:23 Why is there controversy around the author of the Zohar and how does this affect other controversial sefer authorships?   1:16:44 If tzitzis is lacking tcheles, why do we still say a bracha if the mitzvah is seemingly incomplete?   1:20:06 Recently there are images of Mars and new findings of caves, does Judaism accept the idea of life on other planets?   1:25:12 Is there a validity to the Yeshivish concept of “shtultz” (honoring older bachurim)?    1:28:38 Can you use Alexa/Siri/Google Home on Shabbos to turn on the lights or the AC? And is their a difference by Yom Tov?   1:29:26 What are the conditions necessary to make something no longer considered woman’s clothing?    1:31:43 With regards to offerings or food in general, what did the Jews do when all they had was manna?   1:34:15 What does the Torah state is the ideal lifestyle (Nomadic vs Urban)?   1:37:10 What should we think about during Lag B’Omer?   Visit us @   
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   00:00 Correction of nekudos from last week regarding Megillah.    01:03 How do we answer someone that asks “why should I marry a Jew?”?   5:30 Why do we have to repeat Shemona Esrei when we miss even one phrase or bracha?    10:29 Why are we not encouraged to put on tefillin at other times besides Shacharis?    15:45 Why can we kill things that are made through Chazal’s definition of spontaneous generation?    26:09 How do we understand Rashbi’s notion of 18,000 or 2 righteous people in Gemara Succah?   31:04 How do we navigate the Israel kashrus system compared to the American one (or otherwise)?   33:43 Why did Hashem create a man in the way he did with guilt of getting a free ride?   38:52 What are the different opinions about giving up land in order to make peace with Arabs and Palestinians?   47:53 What should a BT refer to himself as haskafically? Can I not just say shomer Torah mitzvos? Or do I have to say Haredi, etc? Am I locking myself out of tents? Would a certain girl avoid me due to a label?   51:09 Do we hold by ״we want Mashiach now”?    55:26 What is the source and halachic basis of married women wearing a headband as a head covering?   1:03:20 What is the level of Shmiras Eynaim according to Halacha today?   1:05:35 Why are there some Aramaic words that end up in the Chumash?   1:07:14 Where does the Sefer HaMitzvis Katzar get the age of 25 to not get married if a Bachur can’t afford that life?   1:10:31 When learning all day how does one transfer his learning from Binah to Da’as?    1:19:14 Regarding gilgul, is it possible for a kohen soul to be reincarnated to other tribes?   1:21:40 How does one maximize remembering the Torah they have learned?   1:23:40 Is the idea that 80% of the Jews died in the plague of darkness a universal teaching?   1:26:13 What is the rebbe’s opinion on Bnei Torah being supported by in-laws or parents?   1:34:48 In terms of the blessings and curses of the Torah, are we to view these as cause and effect or as reward in the actions themselves?   1:38:58 Does a Jew have an obligation to protest on the side of pro-life in the abortion argument?   Visit us @   
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @   
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @   
00:00 Are we allowed to smoke or vape in a beis Midrash?    05:17 Why would Hashem design a system of impurity at all?   09:39 Ramchal describes a spiritual energy of each day, so does this mean that negative events that occur on those days interfere with the energies?   15:34 Why was the punishment of R Akiva’s students considered balanced in regards to their deeds (lack of respect to each other)?   23:55 In NACH there’s a concept of having a legitimate government, are anti-Zionist stories irrelevant?    37:27 How should we view the possible overturning of Roe V Wade?   45:46 Many of our great rabbis we’re holding in science and math, so for one seeking wisdom to satisfy the heart and the mind, is it better to dive into (one area of) Halacha or dive into astronomy and the like?   52:02 What happens to people who are alive when resurrection of the dead occurs? Will their bodies be the same? Etc.    54:55 How does the Rav suggest that we approach the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch when there are Halachos that may be confusing at face value?   57:30 What is in the power of a kli (a vessel)? Why do we need to use it to wash, etc.?   1:01:03 What should be our response to a Jewish state seemingly already being established?    1:06:47 During the times of the Sanhendrin, what were the laws surrounding illegal abortion?    1:10:35 What are the purposes and differences in Kaddishes, and further halachos?   1:18:44 Why is the mitzvah for having children only for men and the curse is on the woman?   1:23:40 If one is learning in Yeshiva and he hears the national siren, should he stop and stand in honor?   1:26:49 If you’re in an area with a lot of elderly people passing by, to what extent does one have to stand in respect?   1:29:37 How do we understand the Mishna in Pirkei Avos about our ages and the roles they entail?   1:34:26 When it comes to Tcheles (strand of blue in Tzitzis), why don’t we all wear it if the Halacha says to be more machmir and we have no downsides if it doesn’t make the tzitzis passul?   1:37:24 Does that decision rely on the Arizal?   1:39:04 If there’s no eruv, would fake tcheles be considered carrying?   1:39:56 What is the origin of the segula to daven for shidduchim at the kever of R' Yonoson Ben Uziel (aka Amuka)?    1:45:17 Why did the practice of putting Shivisi end in Ashkenaz?   Produced by: Cedar Media Studios
Yom Ha'atzmaut

Yom Ha'atzmaut


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ACCESS OHR SOMAYACH PESACH CONTENT HERE!   Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz - The Four Cups of Wine and the Four Enslavements     Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @   
Access the Braisa here.  Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @   
Access the Braisa here.  Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you : Visit us @    Produced by: Cedar Media Studios
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @    00:00 Is there a Heter for kiruv groups putting on events where mixed dancing is inevitable?   07:37 What kinds of advice can the Rav give to help us make more of our davening?   18:20 Why was the GRA so vehemently against Chassidus?   30:28 What is the Torah view of the drug known as Ayahuasca?    36:21 What’s the purpose of life once we reach a perfect reality/complete tikkun?   41:08 Does the Rambam hold that a Tinok Shenishbah would get resurrection?   55:19 Is it halachically permissible for women to take birth control?   58:30 What’s the difference between Rav SR Hirsch’s TIDES view and Rav Soleveichik’s Torah Umada view?   1:01:59 What is the Torah view on the following: In business if one deals with another company or client that treated them and their company poorly or ripped them off, what’s the right way to approach the transgressor from a professional standpoint?   1:04:32 How do we understand the idea that God “regretted” certain things?   1:08:06 How can we describe God using attributes when He is unlimited?   1:15:05 Why is a mother that gives birth to a female impure for longer than when she gives birth to a male?   1:18:05 Is there always some type of coherent arc in the Gemara or are there parts that are seemingly pieced together?   1:22:50 What are some in your opinion over the top cleanings that people do for Pesach?   1:25:03 Is there a difference between a Jewish and non-Jewish soul?   1:28:12 Why did Shmuel of the Gemara not listen to a woman in distress?   1:31:18 Why do we refer to Bar Kochba as that name specifically to this day and not reverting back to Shimon Ben Kuziba?    1:34:08 what does it mean to give power to the ayin horo?   1:35:10 In light of terrorist events lately, would it be a worthy hishtadlus to get a gun and should people avoid making aliyah?   1:38:38 What is the origin of Mishmar specifically on Thursday nights?   1:41:00 What should be out attitude on different machlokesim—follow the herd or have our own views?   1:43:44 Why can a ben eretz Yisrael go to chutz la’aretz and what kinds of Halachas apply?   1:47:37 In the Hespeidim, everyone commented that Rav Chaim never accepted money for his advice and brochos. He also famously never had a job/position. Even if we say that he lived on very little, how did he afford the little he did have?   1:49:40 Why does the Gemara present so many views that end up being refuted?   1:52:52 Can a Jew get a PCR test on Shabbos if it is administered by a non-Jew?   1:54:47 How does someone (namely the Amshinov Rebbe) keep Shabbos until Tuesday?    1:56:22 What halachic complications can occur with IVF?   Produced by: Cedar Media Studios
Access the Braisa here.  Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you : Visit us @    Produced by: Cedar Media Studios
Hesped in Bais Medrash of Yeshivas Ohr Somayach.   Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you :   Visit us @    Produced by:   Cedar Media Studios    
Dedicated in Loving Memory of Cliff Drazen- צדוק בן ראובן   Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you : Visit us @    00:00 How do you convey a positive connection to intimacy if it’s something we avoid before marriage and also how do we counteract society’s influence toward it?   03:42 When someone speak lashon hara about you, you accrue their mitzvos?   14:00 Why are there so many differences in sefardi and Ashkenazic Halacha? Is it based on Minhag? At what point does minhag become Halacha? What is the soul effect?   34:34 Is there a strong background of Mizrachi being related to ashkenazim?   36:10 Are all nusachs inclusive of the Arizal’s Kabbalah?   42:43 Why did Rav Moshe speak against Rav Steinzaltz’s translation of the Gemara?   49:20 Should we hold back on talking about ourselves as to avoid jealousy from others and does Hashgscha Pratis have an effect of preventing that?   57:50 If someone never knew or connected to Rav Chaim z”l, should they still mourn for him, or any tzadik in general?   1:04:40 How do we respond to the comment that Yeshiva is a brainwashing operation?   1:07:50 What are the origins of dressing up and eating hamentashen on Purim?   1:10:12 If the majority of nations agree to it, does International Law like the UN conventions, Geneva Convention, etc. fulfil Dinim to the point that NATO and other countries would be obligated to enforce violations under Torah law?   1:14:45 Where is the Torah source for Shadchans and why are there mechizas for events that don’t have to do with tefilla?   1:21:50 What is the logic behind the reasoning that certain mezonos could be bread, especially concerning matza?   1:24:49 Does the Gemara define romance at any point?   1:28:05 How are principles (eg Tznius or Shalom Bayis) defined in Halacha?—How can a principle be enough to outweigh a mitzva like women’s zimmun?   1:32:13 In regards to increasing a cooking flame on Yom Tov, can one use a boiling pot to extinguish the flame? (see amplification below)   1:34:18 Should we be abstaining or partaking in Judaism (asceticism)?   1:37:41 Could one be Yotzei Matanos Leevnyonim on both days of Purim?   1:40:08 What happened to Moshe Rabbeinu’s kids and why are they seemingly not mentioned very much in Tanach?   1:41:59 How literally should we take the fact that Rav Chaim Kanievsky was the last gadol hador?   1:44:00 What is the general controversy between Rav Moshe Feinstein and the Satmar Rebbe?    1:46:40 How does the Rav censor himself on camera versus off camera?   1:49:17 Outside of tzinus reasoning, are there permissibilities in movies and gaming if they are going to increase someone’s learning?    1:51:24 What is it about Aramaic that we find such deep inyanim?   1:52:50 Amplificatons on R' Steinzatlz and Hilchos Shabbos   Produced by: Cedar Media Studios  
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