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Millennials aren’t on Facebook, Baby Boomers don’t know how to use Snapchat, and Gen X is only active half of the time. As as a social media agency, we’ve heard it all and are here to challenge the status quo. You don’t have to be a millennial to be socially savvy. We believe anyone can join Generation Social Media. On each episode of the Generation Social Media Podcast, we share our philosophy on social media and are giving the tools and tactics to help you get there. At the end of each episode we’re highlighting a user’s social media use and how you can use social media to reach them.
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Step into the world of Generation Social Media by Chatterkick with Beth Trejo and Mariah Black-Overholt. In this episode, they dive into the nitty-gritty of making content magic happen at events, turning everyday moments into memorable stories.
In this thrilling episode of Generation Social Media Podcast, Beth Trejo, the Captain of Creativity (CEO) and founder of Chatterkick, delves into the exhilarating world of crafting authentic content on a grand scale. Joining her on this adventure is Allison Gates, Creative Maestro (Manager). Buckle up for an epic chat about unlocking the power of creators, influencers and the unsung heroes of your company – your employees!
In this exciting episode, your trusty guides, Visual Content Wizard (Strategist), Hannah Maymon and the Creative Dynamo (Manager), Allison Gates explore the concept of capturing genuine content that resonates with consumers.   They discuss the importance of content captures, which involve creating an authentic bank of photos and videos that showcase a brand’s unique identity, culture and people. By working with skilled photographers and videographers and carefully planning shot lists, brands can showcase their uniqueness and connect with their consumers on a deeper level.
A virtual content capture is a method used to gather content remotely from clients or individuals in different locations. It allows for flexibility and creativity in content creation, resulting in a diverse range of assets that can be used effectively in social media marketing and other promotional efforts. In this episode, creative nerd and Visual Content Strategist, Hannah Maymon, is joined by our Customer Experience Manager, Kristy Plucker, to discuss the concept of a virtual content capture and its significance in social media marketing.
In this episode, our very own CEO, Beth Trejo, is joined by our Creative Manager, Allison Gates, to discuss the importance of building a creative strategic partnership network for businesses. These partnerships can help infuse creativity into organizations, make them more elastic and agile, and provide additional creative resources when needed.   The goal is to align with partners who share core values and establish relationships that allow for flexibility and expansion without incurring unnecessary costs.   Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at   Learn more about Chatterkick at
Executive Social

Executive Social


In this episode, Allison Gates and Keyiera Wright discuss the concept of “Executive Social”. Executive social is a branding solution for personal brands, particularly for executives and business owners who want to elevate their brand beyond what they typically post on platforms like LinkedIn.   Unlike typical social content for brands, executive social focuses on showcasing the full human behind the brand, including their backstory, career journey and advice for others.   Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at   Learn more about Chatterkick at
Social Due Diligence

Social Due Diligence


How does social media play into the role of mergers and acquisitions within an organization? Beth is joined by Liv Myers, a Customer Success Specialist for Chatterkick, to give you all of the answers you may need.
Mariah is one of our biggest data nerds here at Chatterkick and in this episode, she interviews Willie Mullen from Sprout about how important it is to have a robust yet nimble platform for managing social media campaigns. She’ll ask some tough questions and share her thoughts on how Sprout enables her to create high impact\social strategies for her clients. They'll discuss the top 3 metrics every marketer needs to stay focused on for success and how LinkedIn's online presence is very effective at driving offline engagement.
You’ve heard of NFTs, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 – but do you truly understand what they are and how marketers can use them to engage their consumers? In this episode, Beth is joined by Dale Alexander, a fellow agency leader who has evolved his creative direction from words to widgets to wallets. Listen as he takes you through his journey and shares some insight into the evolving world of digital currency.
Beth Trejo is joined by Reesheda Graham Washington to chat about her mission alongside her team at RGW Consulting, LLC in creating environments in which businesses are able to build a framework for businesses to operate equitably in order to facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion for all.
Beth Trejo is joined by Adam Lindheim from Curastory to get his insights on the do's and don'ts for businesses looking to form partnerships with content creators. Finding the right ROI when forming these partnerships has always been hard to quantify for both businesses and creators so Curastory was created to address this need. Their platform allows content creators to shoot and edit high-quality video, monetize shows, and distribute to all of their video channels, 100% free.
Beth Trejo is joined by her daughter Lola to kick off season 3 of the podcast and takes us back through the early days of founding a social media agency when many people weren't sure that social media marketing was even a real industry, the changes that social media has seen over the last 10 years and what the future holds for Chatterkick. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
2020 has been a wild year; we don't even need to say it anymore. It's time to lean into human connections and building culture within your teams. In this episode, Kelsey and Bri share a ton of EPIC ideas to create moments to boost your team culture through games, events, or memorable moments. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
How does a random cellphone video of a middle-aged man skateboarding, chugging juice, and jamming to a 40-year old banger from Fleetwood Mac go viral on a platform for Gen Z? A viral video might just be as lightning in a bottle as Fleetwood Mac's songs topping the charts, but there are replicable elements you need to draw inspiration from. Honeywave owner Taylor Grote, and Chatterkick COO, Kelsey Martin talk influencers, finding content creators, and creating relatable, engaging human stories. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
Creepy tool alert! You've always wanted to see what ads your competitors are running, and there's a FREE tool that lets you do it. Facebook created the Page Transparency section to increase accountability and transparency on the platform. In this episode, Kelsey and Bri dig into the Page Transparency tool, what you can see, and ideas on how you can use what you find for inspiration. If you haven't checked the Pages Ads Library before, prepare to have your mind blown. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing, and hyper-local, oh my! These are some of the hottest buzzwords in marketing, which means they often get misused and abused. In this episode, KeyMedia Solutions CEO, Korena Keys, chats with Beth and breaks down what each term means and why businesses need to be paying attention to them. If you're looking for a trade show strategy or a way to increase student enrollment, Korena shares a killer strategy for you. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
On Facebook activity, location sharing, transcripts, and data being tracked when you're off Facebook, the list goes on and on. It's time to review and update these Facebook settings to help you get the most out of the platform without giving up all of your data. Kelsey Martin shares some of Facebook's creepiest settings and how you can shut them off to save yourself from frustration down the road. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
Warning: this is the REAL WORLD, true stories, fear factor episode! We've talked about social account access in multiple episodes, but we're going to stop being polite and start getting real; this is episode 30! Beth and Kelsey tell three horror stories that could have been avoided if the accounts were set up more securely. Trust us; you do NOT want to become familiar with these situations. Follow the tips from this episode to avoid making these social account mistakes that you may not be able to recover from. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
Facebook advertising really paved the way for a lot of the social targeting, bidding, and optimizing tools available now. Investing in social ads is all about finding the people who will love your business. Custom audiences and lookalike audiences are some of the advanced audience selection tools widely used across platforms. In this episode, Kelsey, Bri, and Molly talk about using Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to find people who are most likely to find your ads relevant. Buckle in for this one; these ladies are digging into the trenches of the differences between these two targeting tools and sneaky ways to use them. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at
Businesses are reviewing their marketing budgets and efforts and trying to develop economical ways to approach their strategies. In this episode of the podcast, Beth and Kelsey share three FREE tools that you can use, and a few more because they got super inspired on number three. All of these tools are 100% free and just take a little time with a secret ninja approach. Listen, watch & read more on the podcast at Learn more about Chatterkick at