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On today's milestone episode we talk Talent with Hung Lee - one of the greatest global minds in Talent Acquisition & Recruitment.Hung has a unique and progressive way of viewing the world and you can count on some absolute gems in this little chat!Thank's to Oncore Services for your continued support.
This week on TaPod we speak with the amazing Julie Harbert & Paul Martin from Monash Talent. Have you considered student talent as part of your recruitment strategy? From 12 week internships to part-time employees and beyond. You can secure talent before the large 'Grad Programs' take hold and build your business for success. At TaPod we have just hired through this strategy and suggest you look at it too!Thanks to Oncore for your support
This week on TaPod we catch up with Vanessa Hofman - Talent Acquisition Lead @Energy Australia. Let's face it - everyone is struggling to hire and retain staff, so how do we get ahead of the game? At Energy Australia, 65% of roles are filled via internal mobility - impressed? You should be!Thanks to Oncore Services for your support
We sit down with Bevan Stephenson from our sponsor Deel to understand more about what they do and how they can help...You can hire anyone in a new country in minutes and automate onboarding, payroll, and compliance... something to think about in the brave new world of work!
This week on Tapod we catch up with Linkedin Trainer and Profile Writer - Karen Tisdell. On one of our most enjoyable interviews ever, we delve into the seedy under bottom (maybe a slight exaggeration) of the professional network and all that it holds. We even uncover an alarming case of identity theft.It's a roller coaster of fun and information. Craig definitely learned a few things... and was humiliated along the way. Just remember 'Clarity trumps Cleverness.'Thanks to Deel for supporting us.
In today's little treat we speak with Harriet Templer - Senior Recruitment Manager @Canva and Ella Hamilton - CEO at @Pirkx Australia.Canva recently won the Excellence in Candidate Experience gong at the ITAs. For them, it's all about creating 'peak moments' for candidates to bring them along the journey. Want to know how they do it? Have a listen...Thanks to Deel for your support
This week on TaPod we speak with Edan Haddock - Senior Manager @Flybuys - Winner of Excellence in Onboarding at the 2021 ITAs and Richard Gregory - Enterprise Manager at @Flare.Want to know about Onboarding? You should... 25% of candidates leave during the Onboarding phase... that's right 25%! Learn how to improve that...Thanks to Deel for your support
We've wanted to get Bas on Tapod for ages - Why? Because he's a legend and calls it like it is. Bas recently spoke at Talentpalooza and his topic 'Doing Good by Hiring Better' was brilliant.He's radical, forthright and passionate. Have a listen.Thanks to Deel for sponsoring this episode.
This week on TaPod we catch up with Conor Donoghue - Director of TA & EB at Zip.FinTech and particularly Online Commerce has been going 'gangbusters' and the need for more headcount has never been stronger... So you need to attract & retain and it's bloody hard! Let's find out how they do it at Zip.
Online Shopping Carts get it right, so why can't TA?This week on TaPod we speak with David Creelman - Global TA Strategist and CEO of Creelman Research. So when you jump on an online store checkout is easy... couple of clicks and you're on your way... So why do we make it so hard for Candidates to apply for roles?Did you know that 95% of Candidates who click on a job ad don't complete the application? Isn't it time we fixed this problem?
On TaPod - We Talk Talent what do you get when you mix Government, an Enterprise Veterinarian business and Australia's next #Tech Unicorn?...One of the most interesting chats' we've had in a long time that's for sure!We catch up with Trang Nguyen from the #DepartmentofJusticeAndCommunitySafety (Winners of the #ExcellenceinInnovation #ITA), Derek Del Simone from #VetPartners, (Winners of the #BestTechStack #ITA) and Adam Malski from Reejig to talk TECH in your #TAFunction.Lauren Sharp#recruitment #talentacquisition #hrtech #recstra #sharppeople
In this episode, we speak with Omer Molad (Founder & CEO @Vervoe).  In a time when engaging candidates throughout the attraction phase has never been more important... most of us are failing to get it right. 
This week on TaPod we are joined by Kara McLeod - Regional Employer Branding (Asia Pac) @Allianz and Marion Robinson - Chief Growth Officer @PageUpPeople to discuss Employer Branding.Allianz took home the Gold in the 'Excellence in Employer Branding' category of the ITAs and Kara shares all her secrets right here...
TaPod got a little crowded this week as we were joined by Hassanah Rudd and Edan Haddock - joint winners of the Corporate Talent Leader of the Year award at the ITAs. Rebecca Houghton (sponsor of the Award) joins us as we attempt to herd the pair and learn what it takes to lead a team of 1-5 in the Talent arena.
This week on TaPod we welcome back an old friend.Bill Boorman has spent the pandemic out of the spotlight. For the last 2 years, he has worked tirelessly with homeless communities to provide better lives. Initially sceptical of the 'Man in the Hat', Bill was accepted as a trusted friend. In his own words, it was 'Extreme Networking' and it is this skill that will make you a better recruiter.Thanks to Globalization Partners for your support during February.
This week on Tapod we speak with one of our favourites Michael Dobbie Paralympian & Senior Manager - Integrated Infrastructure - Accessibility Lead - PwC Australia. Michael recently co-authored 'What Businesses can do to Close the Disability Employment Gap' with Julie McKay and we get right into the nitty-gritty. Thanks to Globalization Partners for your ongoing support.
On our very special mid-week episode we catch up with Craig Goldblatt - VP Partners & Alliances @Globalization Partners our sponsor for the month of February.If you want to make it easier to expand your workforce globally here is a ripping place to start.
Canva was named Enterprise Talent Team of the Year at the 2021 Internal Talent Awards. We catch up with our great friend Amy Schultz as we learn what it takes to be the best Talent Team in the land.Joining us is Rich Lewis-Jones from Smart Recruiters - ITAs Major Sponsor and Award Sponsor.At Canva it's all about 'Enjoying what you do & who you do it with' and this is more than evident in this fantastic team!A big thanks to Globalization Partners for supporting this month.
She's done it! Pam Stroud from REA Group was named Enterprise Talent Leader of the Year at the 2021 Internal Talent Awards. Joining the TaPod Team for this episode is Gareth Flynn - MD @ TQ Solutions (Event Partner & Award Sponsor).We deep-dive into leadership, the importance of culture and what's next for Pam and the Team. It's must-listen stuff!A big thanks to Globalization Partners for supporting this month.
In this episode, we sit down with Cotton On Group - Head of Talent - Jo Barr.Jo walks us through fear-based recruitment in 2022 and how to write our own playbook... and the first step? HAVE FUN!Speaking of fun we have heaps of it with Jo come and join us!Thanks so much to Globalization Partners for supporting us for this month.
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Tazeen Razi

I really wanted to listen to this but the voice from the interview is sadly incomprehensible :(

Apr 27th
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