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Join hosts - Lauren Sharp & Craig Watson as we explore the wonderful and wacky world of Talent Acquisition & Recruitment. We speak with TA Legends, Thought Leaders & Industry suppliers. We explore challenges, changes & confusion in a world that is crying out for a voice. We aim to be informative... a little controversial... with a side of fun. Join us... won't you?
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This week on The Scoop - the team from TaPod brings you all manner of TA & Recruitment news from here and around the globe... Auspost is hiring 3k Christmas casuals... 'Cannabis is here!' is the war cry from NZ employers... should massage be a key skill requirement for an EA role? And much, much more.Thanks to Indeed for your amazing support in helping to bring The Scoop to you every week.
This week on TaPod we sit down with Derek DelSimone – GM Talent and Mobility at Greencross Pet Wellness Company. Derek recently won the Enterprise Talent Team of the Year at the Internal Talent Awards and just listening to what Derek and his team have achieved over the past 12 months is phenomenal! If you were working in an industry where it typically took 6-12 months to fill a role what would you do? And if you discovered that 23% of your candidates were sourced via Facebook what would you do? Never fear – Derek and his Teamhas all the answers. We also talk animals and Derek gives us an exclusive on his future…Thanks so much to SmartRecruiters for partnering with us this month, being major sponsor of the ITAs and sponsoring this prestigious award!
On our special Monthly Partner episode we sit down with Tapod regular Rich Lewis-Jones to discuss all manner of things. From the exciting launch of Hiring Success APAC (make sure you get around that one), to understanding the evolution of the SmartRecruiters suite and even TA Trends in the market. Rich is very clever... way cleverer than the hosts and there is heaps for us to unpack in this gem of the podcast.
This week on The Scoop (little late – sorry) the team from Tapod brings you all the latest TA & Recruitment News including… Insta for Recruitment… Qantas loses appeal… Google smash their TA Team… Lauren finally has her voice back and much, much more. Thanks to Indeed for your ongoing partnership in helping us bring this free news service!
This week on TaPod we speak with Sandra Lim – Winner of the Corporate Talent Leader of the Year at ITAs2023 – sponsored by Makesure.In her own words Sandra has smashed the ‘bamboo ceiling’ with this award and she shares with us the challenges of forging a career in TA in Australia being both Female and Asian.We also learn about some of the amazing initiatives Sandra was involved with firstly at Indebted and then at Papercut including 4 Day Work Week… Women in Tech… Candidate Experience and Employee Benefits uplift and much more.To aspiring Leaders and those looking to implement strategy, this is a fascinating listen.Thank you to our brilliant partner for this month Smartrecruiters – we love you!
In yet another episode of The Scoop, the crew from Tapod brings you all of the weekly TA & Recruitment news from here and abroad. This week we do a quick overview of the ITAs2023 (Lauren is still suffering its after-effects!).We cover breaches in child employment laws... more CEOs using X (formally Twitter) as a tool for firing people... A NZ employer tells the Courts to 'eff off!' and much, much more.Thank you to Indeed for your continued support!
This week on Tapod we sit down with ‘Big Al’ Schirmer – GM Technology & Innovation at TQ Solutions.Alistair is at the forefront of building Tech Stacks that support talent functions and his insights on AI and how they will affect HRtech are unmissable. He encourages us to embrace AI and look at it like an Administrator or Assistant to help us make recruitment easier.According to Alastair we are entering a golden age of Tech and who are we to argue? It’s really fascinating and anyone looking to explore their tech should take a listen.Thanks to Smart Recruiters for supporting us in ITAs month.
For those that missed it... or those that can't remember it. Here are all the winners from last night's amazing Internal Talent Awards - the ITAs!Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the fantastic sponsors!Thanks to Indeed for your support of The Scoop
It’s The Scoop live from Sunny Sydney during ITAs week. The crew at Tapod spoil you with an extra 5 minutes of news and fun from the world of TA & Recruitment. In this week’s episode we look at the serial pest candidate (some people never learn)… same work-same pay updates… Grumpy Staying… AI and L&D don’t play well, and much, much more!Thanks to Indeed for your amazing support!
This week on TaPod we sit down with Odette Brimblecombe – Group Manager, Workforce Resourcing @Whitehaven Coal to discuss sending distant talent to remote locations. We all whinge about trying to get workers who live 3 bus stops away back to the office… imagine the logistical nightmare of bringing in a workforce from overseas to work on remote mine sites. Bloody Tough! But Odette has some tricks!Thanks to Smartrecruiters for your support in ITAs month!
This week on the Scoop - your weekly TA & Recruitment news from here and around the Globe - the TaPod crew talks AI busting... stats that make you go Hmmmmm... Boundaries vs Ultimatums in the Workplace... Candidates swinging both ways and much more. Thanks to Indeed for your support.
This week on Tapod we catch up with Anton Boner - Co-Founder & Commercial Director at Screenloop. It's always interesting recording a poddie on a Friday Night across an Australian/UK timezone. Lauren is more relaxed than usual and whilst Craig has a beer, Anton has a coffee... the world has gone mad!Recfest UK this year opened up a whole new world of tech for us and we love sharing it. Screenloop has also graciously offered a discount to TaPod listeners. Make sure you use it!Thanks to CXC for your support this month.
This week on the Scoop the TaPod crew covers all manner of TA & Recruitment News, including Lazy Girl Jobs (with some surprising results), Unemployment figures & Gender pay gap, career assassination on Linkedin, events in your neck of the woods and much more.Thanks to Indeed for your continued support - couldn't do it without you!
For our 250th Show, we have a real treat for you! Hands up if you hate taking interview notes… This week on Tapod we catch up with Siadhal Magos Co-Founder & CEO at Metaview who has a very interesting solution.For the first time Lauren is genuinely interested in AI and why wouldn’t you be? Metaview acts as an assistant that takes your notes for you… mind blowing right? Siadhal also talks about his views about where and what AI will mean for the future of recruitment…  And we know you have heaps of questions, so take a listen and anything that’s not answered we promise we’ll find out for you!Thanks to CXC for your ongoing support.
At TaPod we value our sponsors, they're pretty bloody clever people and Darren Morris - MD (ANZ) CXC is no exception.We discuss the power of Global Talent in a post-COVID world... touch on Digital Nomads and Lazy Girl Jobs... and drill down on the benefits of engaging staff in other locations. In a landscape where the way we work has changed... dramatically - it's important you have the tools to succeed.
Enjoy your weekly TA & Recruitment news on The Scoop. This week the Tapod crew looks at the world's stupidest recruitment tiktok hack... WFH employee accused of being a 'bludger'... Lauren is dead against a possible Matilda-inspired public holiday, and much, much more!Thanks to Indeed for your support of this much-needed news service.
This week on Tapod we catch up with Nicola Harrison - Executive Director at Monash College.Nicola is renowned throughout the industry as a 'truth-teller' and 'strategic thinker' and a bloody great person. We roll all 3 of those attributes up into today's poddie.If you are struggling to influence the C-Suite you need to know what drives them... and add value to their job. Nothing will happen without a business case and you may just need a 'buddy' on the inside.Heaps of gold nuggets here so strap in and take a listen.Thanks to CXC for your support.
Welcome to your weekly round-up of TA & Recruitment news from here and around the Globe!This week we tackle 'same work same pay', Elon Musk's latest brain fart, employees taking the piss and much much more.Thanks so much to Indeed for supporting news in our industry!
This week on TaPod we sit down with Ben Cartland - Head of Talent at Luxury Escapes.As much as we don't want to 'revisit' the dark old days of COVID, Ben shares with us an amazing success story of how Luxury Escapes not only survived the pandemic but thrived with an amazing internal mobility program and an ambitious transformation project including moving from a base of about 70 deals on the platform to becoming a Luxury Travel marketplace with over 15, 000 holiday offers and an app used by over 7 million people.We talk Tech-Stack, EVP and Recruitment Process, and much, much more.Given that everybody 'else' in the world seems to be traveling right now... we all need a tropical break... and we know the place to get one!Thanks to CXC Global for your support in helping bring TaPod to life.
Join the Tapod Team as they present all the weekly TA & Recruitment News from here and abroad in their own quirky style.We look at Bullying in the Workplace, Dogs in the Office, AI (again) and much... much... more!Thanks to Indeed for your ongoing support!
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Tazeen Razi

I really wanted to listen to this but the voice from the interview is sadly incomprehensible :(

Apr 27th
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