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The Empath Metamorphosis Podcast

Author: Rachel Ceness

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This is a show for Empaths, Sensitives, Intuitives and Lightworkers looking to thrive in every way. Learn to embrace your natural gifts and strengthen your sensitive superpowers so you can show up as the most radiant version of yourself and align with your authentic truth.
40 Episodes
Have you been overwhelmed or confused searching for the TRUTH about what's happening in the world right now? You're in good company! In an age filled with information overload, it's easy to get lost. Learn about how to open up to multiple realities and navigate interaction with more compassion. Join COME TOGETHER, a 21 day journey of gratitude, joy and collective evolution for just $11! Click HERE to join. We start December 1st! If you're listening to this after that date, you're welcome to join and catch up. In this episode I discuss:-Why so many of us are confused about what the heck is TRUE this year-What TRUTH really it black or white? -How multiple truths can exist at the same time, for different people-How and why we each attract and find the content and people that affirm our already accepted truths about the world. -Why it's important to stay open and compassionate in order to create new dynamics and systems on the planet. Follow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! Click HERE for more. Support the show (
Have you found it increasingly difficult to remain optimistic this year with all of the chaos happening externally? Join me for some simple tips to shift your mindset and remember how to keep the faith and maintain inner peace.Join COME TOGETHER, a 21 day journey of gratitude, joy and collective evolution for just $11! Click HERE to join. In this episode I discuss:-How 2020 is manifesting on an individual level, and how it's ultimately a catalyst for greater change-What it means to "keep the faith" and how to widen your perspective and remember that we're multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional reality-Fostering more internal optimismFollow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! Click HERE for more. Support the show (
Are you an Empath? Are you curious what that even means? Learn how to tell for sure if you or someone you love may be highly Empathic.In this episode I discuss:-What being an Empath means to me-What it means to others in their own words based on the results of  survey I conducted a few months ago-The spectrum of Empathy-Signs that you may be an EmpathFollow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! the show (
Which stage are you in, dear Empath? Have a listen to find out.In this episode I discuss:-The 3 stages of Empath Awakening-Stage 1: Asleep-Stage 2: Awareness-Stage 3: Integration-The process and cycle of moving and evolving through each stage and how it may or may not be a linear processFollow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! the show (
Feeling overwhelmed or simply exhausted by 2020? You're in good company. Tune in for some tips and points of reflection.In this episode I discuss:-How 2020 has specifically affected us Empaths/Sensitives-The challenges of 2020; overwhelm and overstimulation-The gifts of 2020; transformation, evolution, re-evaluation of our belief system-Cognitive dissonance and truth-What it all means for us moving forwardFollow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! the show (
Feeling stuck, blah or overwhelmed by all of the energy you're taking on?Tune into this episode where I discuss 5 simple ways to shift your energy quickly. Move from down, low, or feeling defeated to shifting towards joy, peace and flow. The 5 suggestions I give are:1. Use the affirmation “I release all energy that is not mine”2. Take an intentionally clearing/cleansing shower/bath3. Dance it out!4. Shake your body out5. Program a drink and sip with intentionFollow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! the show (
Welcome back!!!I'm so excited to be back recording and to re-launch the show with a fresh vibe and name!In this episode I discuss:Why the break & my vision for this new version of the showBehind the scenes of my 2020 personal transformationMy thoughts on 2020 as a catalyst for massive transformation individually & globally Follow on IG @empathmetamorphosispodcastSupport me on Patreon! the show (
In this episode I discuss:-My decision to take a summer hiatus from the podcast-Why I started the show, how it has evolved and lessons I've learned so far-What you can expect when I re-launch-My niche & focus on Empath well-being-*Upcoming mini-course* The Empath Self-Care Tool Kit-stay tuned for more!-I need your support and feedback!! Stay connected, reach out to me and let me know what episodes have been your favorite and what YOU would like to hear more of-Let's stay connected on social media, find me @bloomingwithhealth <3Support the show (
In this episode, I discuss:-The concept of quantum reality-Why no two people will ever have the same view of the world or live in the same reality-Falling victim to external circumstances versus focusing on controlling your inner world-External reality as a reflection of our collective internal states and how we're seeing this big time right now!-How to move forward from here-The importance of prioritizing self-care & compassion, feeling your emotions and riding the waves-You're invited to my *NEW* Facebook community "The Sanctuary Within". Join us HERE < the show (
In this episode I discuss:-My NEW weekly series on mindfulness available on my social media accounts-What escapism really is and how is can be sneaky and show up in many ways-Why we get uncomfortable in the present and look towards the past or future to escape-How to embrace mindful living and raise awareness around your habitsFollow me on social media (FB & IG) @ bloomingwithhealthSend me a DM or an email to with feedback or topic suggestions! Please rate & review if you feel called :)Support the show (
In this special episode, I share a guided meditation with you to assist in healing, cleansing and clearing the body of stagnant energy & illness and boosting the immune system.Please, don't listen while driving!Enjoy :)Share if you loved it, I appreciate your support!Follow me on social media @bloomingwithhealthSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss:-Current energies being felt personally & collectively -How this pandemic is illuminating all of our shadows for evaluation-How  and why to "zoom out" and remind yourself of the bigger picture-Global happenings as a mirror for our internal landscapes-Discernment around the "news" and information consumption-Having compassion for ourselves & others is more important than ever right nowPlease share this episode with a friend or on social media if it resonates with you! Send me a message to let me know what you think <3Let's stay connected, follow me @bloomingwithhealth on IG and FBSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss:-An update of the current energy-Why compassion is coming up as one of the most important themes of this time-What intuitive movement is and what it looks like for me-How to get started with this powerful practiceFollow me on social media and stay me an email with feedback or topic ideas here:imbloomingwithhealth@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode, we discuss:-How Michelle & I connected and our similar philosophies on holistic wellness-Michelle's story & evolution into an empowered coach who helps others gain confidence in their own lives-Nutrition as a starting point for catalyzing the process of awakening & self-growth -Using self-love & intuition to navigate towards optimal health-A health focus as a bridge to deeper, inner work-The importance of prioritizing your own wellness, especially as an entrepreneur and multi-passionate-The ways being an empath & sensitive affect the attention and space we need to hold for our own self-care to prevent or mitigate burn-out-The psychology of behavior change & why it's so difficult to make true lasting change-The value of small, quiet moments & silence-Taking conditions out of your why, connecting back to inner motivation & values-The current world circumstances with the pandemic & how to shift your perspective and view it as an opportunityYou can connect with Michelle the show (
In this episode I discuss:-My take on what's currently happening-How to move forward and get through these challenging times-Transmuting fear and learning from our shadows-The increased need for compassion, lightworkers and revolutionShare your thoughts with me! Send me an email or a message on social media @bloomingwithhealth (FB & IG)Please share, and leave a rating and review if you feel called. I would greatly appreciate your support!Support the show (
In this episode I discuss:-Why plant based eating and veganism has gained such traction in recent years, especially amongst the Spiritual community-The 3 major benefits of choosing a more plant based lifestyle: Animal Rights/Advocacy, Environmental impact & Health-Why the path of moderation, intuitive eating and flexibility is what I always recommend-Bio-individuality with nutrition and the diversity among humans -Why doing your own research and being your own advocate is always a smart ideaFollow me on social media @bloomingwithhealthSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss:-The story of my Thyroid diagnosis, circumstances and thoughts around being diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid condition-What I've tried, and how I continue to pursue healing and balance through personal empowerment and aligning with trusted healthcare providers-Where I'm at now in my journey and what to expect in my next steps-Part 2 coming TBD!!Don't forget to leave a rating & review if you enjoy the show! I greatly appreciate your support :)Follow me on social media @bloomingwithhealthSend me an email to let me know what you thought of this episode: imbloomingwithhealth@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss:-My journey as a self-identified "perfectionist"-How perfectionism can hold you back from progress and lead to cycles of self-sabotage-How our society fosters a competitive mindset infused with a need for external validation-How to go about breaking free from this mindset and creating a new belief system-How social media exacerbates our need for approval and instant boosts of validation outside of ourselvesFollow me on social media @bloomingwithhealthSend me an email with feedback or episode ideas to: imbloomingwithhealth@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss:-How NOT investing in yourself can be rooted in feelings of unworthiness-Why feeling worthy is the first step towards making healthy changes-Becoming more intentional with investing any of our primary resources-How to start claiming your worth-Shifting patterns of self-sabotageFollow me on social media @bloomingwithhealthsend me an email: imbloomingwithhealth@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss:-Why it's important to slow down and BE-Unlearning the busy-body mindset-The power that presence allows up to tap into-How small shifts are truly the most needed and most impactful on the world -Expressing and speaking from the heart vs. the headFollow me on IG & FB @BloomingwithhealthSupport the show (
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