DiscoverVisit Andalucia in Southern Spain
Visit Andalucia in Southern Spain
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Visit Andalucia in Southern Spain

Author: Nick Nutter

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Explore Andalucia with us. Places to go, things to do, towns, cities and villages, museums and galleries. Personal experiences you will not find in a travel guide. For that matter we go to many places not in the travel guides.
3 Episodes
The Malaga Museum of Automobiles is not just a museum packed with motor vehicles. They have created a journey through time illustrating how the first vehicles, only available to the wealthy, created a demand for cheaper cars that could be afforded by the masses. At the same time the Victorian manufacturers’ attitude of defining the market according to what they produced; as Henry Ford expressed it ‘You can have any colour you want so long as it is black’, was overturned. The automobile market became market-led; the customer determined how the car developed and that development depended on the job the vehicle had to perform, the fashions, the social activities of the time and changing class values.
The Gibralfaro and Alcazabar dominate the skyline of Malaga city, they date back to the 11th century AD and compare favourably with those at Almeria and Granada
Re-opened after nearly two thousand years, the Teatro Romano in Malaga was built by Emperor Augustus in the 1st century BC. This is the story of the theatre.
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