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Cisco Manufacturing Leaders brings you the best-in-class manufacturing knowledge to help you make better decisions for your business. Understand the latest groundbreaking tech trends. Gain actionable insights from the industry's most influential thought leaders. Discover where your organization stands today and identify new opportunities to build a competitive edge. We are here to educate and guide you every step of the way as you grow and evolve on your digital transformation journey. In manufacturing, change is the only constant and new opportunities are always evolving. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to navigating digital transformation; which is why we believe in providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to overcome your toughest challenges and become an industry leader. It's more than just a podcast, it's a strategic partnership. Because together, we're better.
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Welcome back! What better way to kick off the new year than to chat about what's trending in the industry? Listen to this first episode on 2021 manufacturing trends, where we outline our topics of focus in this (mini) series, including sustainability, data management and visibility, automation, and security.To read the blog, written by special guest Carlos Rojas, go here.
In this special edition episode, join Cisco and Rockwell Automation as we discuss our critical partnership during the Rockwell Automation Fair at Home 2020. Hear from Johannes zu Eltz, VP of Market Access at Rockwell Automation, and Steve Gansen, a Manufacturing Sales Lead for the Americas at Cisco.To read the blog, written by the host, Mara Fowler, go here.
Manufacturing facilities have never been more vulnerable to security breaches. As cyber attacks continue to rise, find out how you can be one step ahead with Work Cell Security.Interested in learning more? Read Dave's blog.
We're back!

We're back!


Manufacturing Leaders is back! A lot has changed since our last episode aired in March. As we re-launch the podcast, hear our take on the impacts of COVID-19, industry trends, and what’s next for manufacturing.Interested in learning more? Read Wes' blog. how to directly align business value to new and evolving technology investmentsImplement Industry 4.0 initiatives to improve daily workflows and processesLearn how to direct your resources on what matters most for driving productivityGuest Speaker: Carlos Rojas, Global Manufacturing Lead at Cisco
Make the most of your IoT data. Learn how to manage it securely and effectively to drive new business insights and improve productivity. Special Guests: Joe Malenfant and Mike Trojecki
Read this episode's blog >Visit our website > What if, remotely.......Operators could run tools, technicians could monitor and maintain equipment, and supervisors and foreman could manage workflow and safety conditions?In this episode we will explain how connected and mobile technologies enable manufacturing companies to:Increase worker productivity – use mobile devices to give workers instructions, notifications, and information at the place of workReduce response and repair times – monitor equipment remotely to shift from preventive to predictive maintenance as well as remotely repair/tune equipment (when safety conditions allow)Enhance recruiting and development – enable the digitally capable worker to use augmented (AR) and virtual reality to solve problems faster with remote expertsImprove plant safety – connect mobile and remote sensors to ensure environmental and personal safety conditions prevail
Visit our website >Link to blog episode >This special feature episode is recorded live from the 2019 Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago, Illinois!! Cisco's participation in this event every year brings thousands of industry experts to the show floor for a week filled with engaging sessions, on-site demos, and more! In this episode, we'll share key highlights from the event including: Excerpts from Cisco's recording with Rockwell Automation in the #RokLive media boothAn exclusive interview with Rockwell's Director of Global Partnering, Carol Shumate discussing the value of our strategic partnership, the evolution of IT OT convergence, industrial security challenges and how to solve them, and opportunities for certification programs and worker enablement!Featured Guest: Carol Shumate, Director of Global Partnering from Rockwell Automation
Visit our website >Read this episode's blog >Discover how network automation can save time, improve worker safety, and protect against malicious cyber attacks.Learn the basic requirements for enabling network automation, including the pros and cons of managed and unmanaged switches, Hear unique perspectives from both IT and operations on the common challenges and concerns with industrial network management
Visit our website >Read this episode's blog >Where are the boundaries for threats to your operational systems? Who should be involved when responding to a cybersecurity incident? In this episode...Learn what boundaries are and why your strategy depends on themBuild a realistic action plan to respond to threats and prevent damageDiscover where the majority of attacks are happening todayUse your organization and processes to build an effective execution plan to mitigate increasing risks 
Visit our website >Read this episode's blog >Digital transformation requires us to disrupt ourselves and to change our approach. This new generation of advanced robotics allows us to overcome the physiological and psychological limitations of human beings. Technology has enabled us to build bigger, better products and meet today's expanding needs. For this reason, manufacturers traditionally first consider how they can change the products they are producing before considering the implications of their people. But the human asset goes far beyond labor. In this episode, you'll learn how to successfully tap into your people strategy while simultaneously adopting new technologies to disrupt the market and become a leader in the industry. Guests: Cecile Willems, Director of Global Industry MarketingWes Sylvester, Director of Global Manufacturing and Energy Industry Solutions
When it comes to attracting new talent and retaining tribal knowledge within your organization, the hardest part can simply be figuring out where to start. In this episode, we'll learnKey questions to ask yourself when looking to build a long term strategyUnderstand how your customer directly benefits from your business's ability to successfully engage your entire workforceUnderstand what is a digital systems integrator and how can they help?Learn how to be the catalyst for starting this conversation within your organization
The skills gap isn’t coming. It’s already here. The good news is, every manufacturer has the opportunity to not only overcome this unprecedented shortage of skilled labor; but also take advantage of the opportunities that come with it to build a competitive edge. How is this massive shortage of unfilled manufacturing jobs impacting your profitability and company culture? In this episode, we’ll learnWhat is the “skills gap”? And how has it evolved into a massive hurdle for the entire industry?Why does tribal knowledge matter?Leadership is an action, not a positionWhat does successful IT OT convergence really look like?Nothing matters without securityWhy is it so difficult to calculate ROI for investments that solve this challenge?Can wireless help?
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