DiscoverRunning 44@60 - tips and advice for those planning their first ultra marathon - originally following Trevor Lee's journey to his first ultra - the 2021 44 mile Classic Quarter
Running 44@60 - tips and advice for those planning their first ultra marathon - originally following Trevor Lee's journey to his first ultra - the 2021 44 mile Classic Quarter
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Running 44@60 - tips and advice for those planning their first ultra marathon - originally following Trevor Lee's journey to his first ultra - the 2021 44 mile Classic Quarter

Author: Trevor Lee

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On May 22nd 2021 Trevor Lee ran his first ultra marathon - the 44 mile Classic Quarter on the Cornish coastal path from Lizard Village to Lands End. The podcast is full of tips and advice from training to nutrition via race planning, kit, etc... Particularly good if you are planning/considering your first ultra. Along the way Trevor raised £6600 for the South West Children's Hospice Music Therapy Programme.
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The North Coast Challenge is 145 miles from Masland Mouth which is the border between Cornwall and Devon to Lands End. It was first run by local legendary ultra runner Steve 'The Pirate' Wyatt in Dec 2013. Since then only Wendy Chapman in 2018 had completed it in the Winter season. Until now when Jim Spencer started at 10pm on Bonfire Night.Jim talks yes through his 53 hour adventure which actually ended up being 151 miles as his navigation went astray a couple of times enroute.Jim tops tips if you are thinking of tackling this:Learn how to navigate and do some pre-run route plottingMake sure you are in prime conditionFind out more about the challenge here: North Coast Challenge
The Newport Marathon claims to be one of the flattest marathons around and offers great opportunities for PB's – well I can certain events for the flat bit and I did get within 15 minutes of a PB but there were also 16 years in between so that was quite a challenge!Most of the recording of this podcast took place whilst I was actually running so you get a feel for not just the course but the atmosphere around it and I have to say the marshals and aid station volunteers were absolutely magnificent.If you are tempted here is the link: Newport MarathonAnd if you want to send me one or two minute voicemail clip describing your plans further 2022 then please do so before the middle of November so I can include them in a future episode. Simply email your voice memo to 
Big thanks to Helen, Claire, Jim, Katie, Ben, Lia and Matt sharing their experiences of running the 2021 London Marathon. For Helen this was a journey that began just over two years ago as a complete non-runner whilst for Claire it was a PB and another good for age time and a PB for Katie who knitted 250 hats in order to raise money to be on the start line.This episode is all about inspiring you as a potential marathon runner to set yourself a target running a marathon in 2022 wherever that might be.Tips include enjoying the day, not taking a week of work prior to the run and having your name displayed on your shirt.
Here in the South-west the famous Grizzly organised by Axe Valley Runners was effectively the last major event in 2020 to take place before the first lockdown arrived.The event returns in 2022 on March 6th and in this episode 10 time finisher Colin Bathe share some tips and ideas for those thinking about running for the first time.There are two versions of the Grizzly - the full 20 and the 9 mile version known as the Cub.Even with 2000 places available entries due get snapped up very quickly.The entries open on Saturday, October 23 at 12 noonGood luck if you are trying to get in and secure a place which according to the website of the organisers is very much on a first-come first-served basis.Here is a link to the websiteDon't forget if you would like to be mentioned on the podcast do let me know what your plans are for 2022 – ideally send me a short audio clip which I can then incorporate in a future episode and if you do like the show please do share it and leave a review – that would be very much appreciated.
In this episode Trevor shares his plans for the rest of the year and his thought for runs in 2022 and encourages listeners to send in details of what they are looking to do the 2022 either in text or audio format to this email: the podcast Trevor mentioned a few runs that he is doing - here are the links to those as well as links to other events mentioned by previous guests:Oct 10th 2021: Eden Half & Marathon Oct 16th 2021: Centurion Autumn 100Oct 24th 2021: Newport Marathon Dec 4th 2021: Ford Sen MighalMay 15th 2022: Spires and ShiresAug 2022 : Roseland August Trails 2022: Race to the King2022: Comrades Marathon 2022: Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 
Mudcrew's Roseland August Trail (RAT) Festival of running is one of the highlights of the UK running calendar. 5 events are on offer from the 11 White to the 24 hour 'Bring Out Your Dead' (BOYD).In this episode Rachel Thomson re-lives completing the 2021 BOYD sharing her tips and advice on eating, drinking, being self-sufficient, not sleeping, keeping going and handling the 680 successive step section which forms part of each 5 mile out and back lap. It is an inspiring storyCheck out the Mudcrew website if this is of interest to you in 2022Rachel is next running the Eden Marathon on October for the local homeless charity St Petrocs.Here is a link to Rachel's fundraising page
The Roseland August trials hosted by the excellent Mudcrew are without doubt one of the highlights of the running year but those looking for an off-road experience whether it be 11 miles right through to 64 miles or even 24-hours. Trevor Lee did the 11 mile White Rat in 2019 and rated it via this podcast as his favourite run of that year, so with no event in 2020 he's back to live up to the Red Rat in 2021.In this episode Trevor getting an overview of the whole festival as well as recording clips en route during the run itself.
Running is coming alive again - Club Night is back, Park Run is due on July 24th, The RAT series on August 7th, Bude Pirate Run on Sept 12th and Newport Marathon on October 24th - dare we suggest things are feeling a bit more 'normal' - let's hope that are!If you want to contribute to the podcast here's how:Send me an audio clip - could be your top running tip or details of an event or drop me an email - either way use Fancy coming on the show and sharing your running experiences? Again drop me an email of message me. If you like the show please do leave a review - here's how on:Apple PodcastsSpotify
The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is an iconic staged self-sufficient 250km run known as the 'Big Daddy'. Starting in 2000 it attracts those seeking one of the ultimate tests of 7 day running. Edward Chapman has completed the event a record 12 times - 5 more than anyone else. Edward shares his experiences, tips, and advice on how to prepare and plan and complete this gruelling event. In October 2021 he's planning to take it number 13.Find out more about the event hereEdward also mentions the 6 stage 250km self supported Ultra Race Romania taking place in August 2021 and which he is due to compete in. Details here.You can connect with Edward in Linked In and on Twitter
The Comrades Marathon is described as 'The Ultimate Human Race'. It is 54 miles between Durban and Pietermaritzburg alternating each year with the Durban start known as the 'Up' version and Pietermaritzburg start known as the 'Down' version.It is the world's oldest ultramarathon starting with the race won by Bill Rowan in 1921.In this episode Trevor Nel, who ran Comrades 10 successive times to earn a much prized 'Green Number', talks about and shares the toughness of the race and his own adventures in it.Trevor's article which appeared on Linked In illustrates how Comrades is a metaphor for life. Trevor also took part in the 120km Dusi Canoe Marathon -  which like Comrades runs between Pietermaritzburg and Durban and is the biggest canoeing event on the African continent.
Phil Begnett returns to the podcast to share his experience of his first large-scale ultra run 'Race to the King' which was along the South Downs Way starting at Goodwood racecourse and finishing at Winchester Cathedral to meet the 'King' although it seems the King had another engagement to attend when Phil arrived. Phil shares his tips and ideas for fellow first time ultra runners including the benefits of a shoe change and why he wouldn't recommend running 35 miles just 4 weeks before! It is called 'Race to the King' because in 827 the first king of all England, Egbert, was crowned in Winchester.  Phil did the full 53 miles in one go but there is an option with this event to split it over two days and a 23 on the first day and 30 on the second day. To find out more click here:
In this episode Trevor aims at first time Ultra Runners sharing his tips from being a first time ultra runner. A summary of those tips is below:Find the ultramarathon you want to do, book it, and then tell everyone you’re doing itStudy the course plan, if you can do some recces great if not use Google maps / earth watch videos, listen to podcasts  etc...Have a training plan that works for you. My recommendation would be in the last 13 weeks do some back-to-back runs maybe 16 one day and 13 the next and build in some hill work (run up the hills in training) Practice eating and drinking  in the last 3 to 4 months of training. You need to know what you’re going to be comfortable eating on the day . Practice eating even on short runs so  if you’re doing 6 miles take something to eat after 3.Taper early - I did from three weeks out and the four short runs I did in those last three weeks were all at ultra paceRecruit a reliable crew if you need crew for your event.  If it is going to be hilly then walk up all the hills and consider using running poles but of course if you do that then do practice with them prior. And the bonus one -  go and have a big day out, you know you’ve done the planning and the preparation so all you’ve got to do now is go and enjoy the dayGood luck
2 weeks on from the Classic Quarter so what has happened?  Legs felt good - far better than expectedFund-raising for Childrens Hospice South West will come in at £6600 - £150 per mileNext job - write the 44@60 book If you want to come on the show get in touch via : 
Having run the 2020 Classic Quarter Andy Williams and Trevor Lee went the whole hog and did the full 44 miles.In this episode of the podcast they reflect on their big day outThis was the finale of  Trevor’s 44@60 campaign where he has been raising money for the Children’s Hospice South West Music  Therapy  programmeThe Just Giving page remains open until June 10th 2021Here is the link if you wish to support
May 22nd 2021 - the big day out - the epic adventure that was the Classic Quarter and I made it! Not that I ever doubted I wouldn't make it provided I didn't do something silly like twist my ankle or fall of the cliff! The audio is wind affected - despite buying a wind resistant mic cover - in parts and my phone goes on the blink for the last 11 miles.Nevertheless I hope this gives you a flavour of what it was like.If you want to help me finish off my fundraising please click here
This podcast was recorded at 11am on Friday May 21st - the day before the Classic Quarter. At this point the fund-raising total has reached an amazing £6639 + around £470 in gift aid. Wow! So here's a shout to all individuals and companies who have sponsored. Still time to get involved - fundraising closes on June 10th and I'll do another shout then Just Giving 44@60
Just 4 days to go to Trevor's 44@60 run - the Classic Quarter - but what's your challenge for 2021?10K? Half Marathon? First Marathon? First Ultra? Trevor challenges you to set your goal and then plan the route to achieving it.
A short episode going through all the various bits of kit, clothing, food, drink etc.. I will be wearing, using, eating, drinking on my first ultra - the Classic Quarter on May 22nd. I'm raising money for the Children's Hospice South West Music Therapy Programme .My target is £100/year now - so £6000If you'd like to help please click hereYou can watch a video version of this episode here
In this episode ultra runner Anna Pascoe makes a return to the podcast talk about the plans that she kindly put together for me for both the last few weeks of training and for nutrition.If you want to know more about the plans that Anna and her team offer check it out here: Make Me A Plan
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