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Author: Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom

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Podcasts and as much free music as we can stand, plus a couple of favorites. Thanks for visiting! Twang Twang Shock A Boom is Davíd Garza, Chris Searles and Jeff Haley. They have been making music together for 30 years. "It's No Secret" is a oral history of the band produced by Catherine Cuellar and Jeff Haley
18 Episodes
Writing about music is like dancing about architecture... But we are going to go ahead and try anyway! Thank you for joining Peter Blackstock, Tiffany Walker and Bobby Bridger in the second half of our tribute to the one and only Butch Hancock. As Terry Allen says “He’s made his life completely about the making of amazing things ... photographs, film, video, outlandish architectural propositions, elaborate ballpoint drawings, handmade journals filled with writings, sketches and scrawls ... and always, the songs.” In this episode we look at the effect architecture has on his songwriting. We also learn about his work as a river guide on the Rio Grande and Rio Chama for Far Flung Adventures. And we take a look at his epic group of songs entitled “Split and Slide”. Chris has been wanting to do this podcast for a good long while. After all, we have been following his career since 1990! Would you believe we were his backing band in 2014? True Story. Something about Butch just appeals to our love of stoic songwriting geniuses! Please enjoy this podcast, follow us on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts, and feel free to share with your friends. Link in bio. Song links in the comments. Photo by Butch. Incidental music by Davíd. Produced by Jefé.
Our tribute to the "West Texas Bob Dylan", Lubbock's own Butch Hancock. Listen as Peter Blackstock, Tiffany Walker and Bobby Bridger share their insights and stories about this songwriting legend. Chris Searles inspired this podcast due to his love of and many years playing with Butch Hancock. Davíd Garza provides the score. Photo by Yon Darbro. Produced by Jeff Haley. Butch Hancock song links in the comments.
Jeff describes his love of the South Carolina/Texas Trio Uncle Walt's Band which comprised of Water Hyatt, David Ball and Champ Hood. Jeff got to play with Champ a few times and tell him what a mega fan he was. Special thanks to Ominvore Recordings for the unreleased track and to Michael Arthur for the heavenly drawing. Songs: Mock, Mock, Mockingbird; As The Crow Flies; Brisk Young Widow; Aloha; An American In Texas; So Long Baby; Lean On Your Mind; Early Morning Love
Producer Catherine Cuellar @ccwriter brings our It's No Secret podcast to a close with a careful look at the last Twang Twang Shock A Boom album, #hashTwang, released in 2014. Some secrets are revealed as songwriter Davíd Garza tells Cuellar and bass player Jeff Haley the inspiration and meaning behind each of the 9 songs. Additionally, percussionist Chris Searles and Leigh Tenhet discuss the song "Yonder Bro" which is a tribute to the Twang sound man and mentor Don Yarbro. Thanks for listening, y'all! Please share us on your social media so others can hear this extensive oral history of our "fairly buzzy little band". We truly hoped you enjoyed all eight episodes. Peace, Love and Fishsticks, Catherine and Jefé
In this episode, Jeff and Catherine @ccwriter discuss Twang Twang Shock A Boom's 10-titled 1995 release, commonly called "Twang '95". Topics covered are: Love, Prog Rock, Star Trek Next Generation, What is a true Davíd composition, and why did Twang get back together again in the first place? A very special "Cookie" contains Chris reading a list of unused titles from the session. Cheers! Here is a link to the album:
In the spring of 1990, Twang Twang Shock A Boom released Me So Twangy and showcased for major label talent scouts at South by Southwest and in New York City. By fall, they played what they billed as their farewell final show. Brace yourself for The End of the Beginning — and even 2020 reunion shows! Produced by @ccwriter and Jefé
We take a deep dive into a single song, “Heaven Sent,” about two of Twang’s closest friends and biggest fans. Produced, chopped, tweaked, and recorded by Catherine Cuellar @ccwriter and Jeff Haley
Twang Shock A Boom’s enduring cassette, Me So Twangy, was initially released in 1990, During a 2019 early morning road trip across North Carolina, Davíd Garza, Jeff Haley, and Chris Searles reminisced about best-known work, sharing memories about making Me So Twangy and its songs, from “Nicotine Queen” to “Big Stick” Produced by @ccwriter and Jefé
In this episode Twang Twang Shock A Boom reminisce about live jams captured on four track and jambox which became their debut cassette. Podcast Produced by Catherine Cuellar @ccwriter and Jeff Haley "The First Semester" album is available at these platforms and more....
"I'd Rather Be Lost" Welcome to the It’s No Secret podcast! This week’s episode recalls’ Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom’s formation, from communal, impromptu jams on the University of Texas campus West Mall, to the band’s first gig at the legendary Cactus Café. Also, we interview 3 people who were there at the beginning: Yon Darbro, Tommy Tenhet and Leigh Tenhet. Thanks for listening and subscribing! Produced by @ccwriter and Jeff Haley
"I'm second guessing all my first impressions" In 1989, an acoustic pop trio took the sleepy blues hamlet of Austin by storm for a brief 13 months. In our debut, Davíd Garza and Chris Searles tell Jeff Haley how they met as teenagers through music education, and reflect on Texas’ music scene. Produced by Catherine Cuellar @ccwriter and Jeff Haley
Jeff describes how Chris got his nickname "MonChris" and how Chris would tell many youngsters in Austin about the great Thelonious Monk.
DG Interviews Jeff!

DG Interviews Jeff!


Jeff anticipated interviewing David from New York, but LA based DG quickly turned the tables. A variety of questions and history and future plans are discussed. Sorry for all of the snap, crackles and pops. This was a phone convo wth music added later by Jefe...
Jeff discusses his love for the 1989 masterpiece "3 Feet High And Rising".
Jeff discusses the classical guitar influence on Early Twang.
Enjoy this freebie and -- if you like help BioIntegrity raise $$ for Rainforest Trust's world-saving projects here: Please tell them "BioIntegrity" (not Twang Twang) sent you.
The Jolie Holland connection. Jeff talks about Twang and Jolie Holland's connection.
The Los Lobos connection. Jeff talks about Twang's love for "the pistol and heart."
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