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The Nebula Music Podcast is an interview series that teaches you how to build and grow your music career using social media and other creative ways. Featuring interviews from musicians and entrepreneurs that used social media to catapult their career to the next level, The Nebula Music Podcast will dive into actionable strategies to propel your music career to the next level, no matter what stage you’re on.

Aside from being obsessed with music, I absolutely LOVE space and everything in it. Believe it or not I wanted to be an astronaut for most of my life (haven’t given up yet… just waiting for commercial "Mars Travel" to become a thing). It’s so vast, yet empty. We know so much about it, yet almost nothing in comparison to how large it is. Needless to say, anytime I stare at the night sky I feel inspired.

Nebulas are clouds of dust, gas and other space elements that float around aimlessly. These clouds can become almost anything, but they almost always turn into stars.

With that in mind, I came up with the name “Nebula Music Podcast”. A series that helps you discover how to use your elements to become the star you were meant to be!
90 Episodes
AVATAR Interview

AVATAR Interview


Interview with Johannes Eckerström, the lead singer from Sweden's most creative and exciting metal export, AVATAR. Check out their latest project, Hunter-Gatherer:
Grist Mil Interview

Grist Mil Interview


Interview with Grist Mil (Derrick Sherman). Grist Mil is the new project of Derrick Sherman from Sainthood Reps. We had a great conversation about his career and what led him to change his life course almost 5 years ago.
I've been exposed to so many great artists that I decided to share their music. Now's the perfect time to discover new music and support creatorsARTISTS:|| MacK - "Pretty" (01:21) |||| Halle Abadi - "Summersong"  (05:15) |||| Kate Vogel - "The Truth" (10:54) |||| DNNY - "GOOD GOOD" (16:02) |||| Sailmaker - "Leave It All Behind" (20:14) |||| Atlas Knox - "Honeypot" (25:48) |||| Mescal Street - "Bad Luck" (32:14) ||
MOSAIC MSC Interview

MOSAIC MSC Interview


Interview with MOSAIC MSC band members: Andy Figueroa & Colin Denard
MOBLEY Interview

MOBLEY Interview


Diving deep with musician/multimedia artist Mobley. He's an incredibly talented artist with an eye for perfection. He's paved his own unique path by combining his love of film and music. A HOME UNFAMILIAR film project:
The Shadowboxers Interview

The Shadowboxers Interview


Diving deep with The Shadowboxer's frontman, Scott Tyler
Interview with the up & coming group: Lav.ish
I've been exposed to so many great artists that I decided to share their music. Now's the perfect time to discover new music and support creators.ARTISTS:|| Dax x Tech N9ne - "Faster" (02:17) |||| Logan Prescott - "Love Again…"  (07:00) |||| FLØRIS - "Smooth Sailing" (12:57) |||| Evan Crommett - "NostⒶlgic" (18:02) |||| Christian Dupree - "Back To Life" (22:58) |||| Rose Hills - "Neon Blue" (28:33) |||| Jonathan Wyndham - "Give It All" (33:14) ||
ARTISTS: 1. Johnny Cattini - "Now She's Gone"2. Pawl x Discrete - "In My Heart"3. Jonny Glenn - "Don't Wanna Let You Down"4. Late Lilo - "Late Last Night"5. Braaten & Chrit Leaf - "Vacation Night"6. Sammy Listoe - "Where It Feels Like Home"7. Ethan French - "The More I See"8. Scott Boyd - "Restless Heart"9. Sabrina Lee - "Hurt"10. Chris Waters - "Blurry"12. Wiese - "Never Let Me Go"11. Kelsey - "Middle School"13. Lincoln Jesser - "Boba"
Mondo Cozmo Interview

Mondo Cozmo Interview


The talented Mondo Cozmo joins me for an in-depth conversation about how his efficient way of songwriting has defined his successful career.
Benny Mayne

Benny Mayne


Interview Preview
FEATURED ARTISTS:Melanie Pierce - IllusionsSammy Porter x Jess Bays - DevotionRonnie Lott - TeaseAnn Vriend - Hurt People Hurt PeopleNeon Dreams - Sick of Feeling UselessCat Marina - Ex Friends + Bad EndingsEvery Living Soul - PoisonStina Battle - UninvitedSØDR - No BrasilNone Sense - Wonder Why I'mMemoryy x Troy Ramey - First LoveJackEL x Monäva x Avis Ellis - IsolatedINGER - Playing GamesMelissa Ramsay - PromisesCloudy June - Psycho
The talented songwriter John Mark McMillan joins me for an in-depth conversation about how his unique approach to songwriting built his successful career.
I've been exposed to so many great "up and coming" artists that I decided to share their music. Now's the perfect time to discover new music and support those creators.FEATURED ARTISTS:Rallie & Coal - Cold To MeZELAH - Let GoDezabel - TattooedEasy Wanderlings - Enjoy it while it lastsZero Effect - Jet LagLidia Buble x Jay Maly x Costi - La Lunamlady - ProximityDj Marlon - FantasyBraden the Young x Moia Bri - Like MeIvoryghost - ZooSarah Thiele - Time Goes By
Out of 1,000 submissions, here are my favorite "Up & Coming" artistsFEATURED ARTISTS:1. Kylee Laynee - I'm Home2. Love Ghost - I'll be fine3. Macey Estes - Wreck It All4. Annika Rose - Naïve5. The Bergamot - Bones6. Camden Welles - I Could Die Right Now7. David Burchfield - You're OK, It's Alright8. Every Living Soul - Forever Is Over9. Harry Nathan - Frontin Me10. The Northern Belle - Gemini11. J + The Bishops - Stop Stop12. itscanturan - sorry
Dylan Matthew

Dylan Matthew


Dylan Matthew joins me for an in-depth conversation about his extensive career in the music industry, songwriting, creativity, and what his new music is all about. In this special episode we're featuring Dylan's single, Don't Forget, off of his latest EP. Stayed tuned until the end of the interview to check it out.
Out of 1,000 submissions, here are my favorite "Up & Coming" artists.Name / Song:1. The Floyd - Neon Spirit2. JAYZAW - Reach3. Shitty Princess - I Know You Want To4. Jacko Hooper - You Don't Understand5. Carolina Martins - INSANE6. Edora - Everybody Knows7. Kate Vogel - The Grave8. Euan Allison - November9. Forrest Taylor - Only One10. NSH x Jaksch - California11. Hermitude - Too High12. Timmies-be someone to never lose (feat. Mishaal)13. Steve Eamer - If Death Gave You Warning
An interview with up and coming artist: Emmett Kai
An interview with John Andrew Fredrick of The Black Watch.
I was honored to interview Tarek Jafar, lead guitarist of The Blue Stones. We went into how he developed his unique guitar style and what influences helped develop the blue stones' sound.
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