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Hashing it Out with Billy Francesca

Author: Billy Francesca

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Part drag queen with a beard, part alien with an opinion— 'Hashing it Out' with Billy Francesca covers an array of topics... from current to the bizarre... to the crazy to the, well, crazier. Join the world's first bearded queen on navigating this crazy world, learn some valuable lessons, and laugh your eyelashes off each week!
18 Episodes
Um...Why do you have to write a description for a podcast? I mean, listen to it, if you hate it, than stop listening...I could litterally write Whateves I want here,and if you Trusted the Desciption, than YOU'd Be Fucked...So...It's basically me just bitching about, HOW, Even in a Global Pandemic, People are still Horrid and Selfish. -End Scene Support the show (
I mean...Does this thing even work. I did a litte tester here to see if I could figure all this out...I am SURE the sound is terible so STFU about it, I will try and fix it. XO Sending You all Love, as I unravel here on the Frezzing Fucking Cold East Coast. Fuck this Noise. XOSupport the show (
Support the show (
Ooh, she's back and has a few things to say about the Democratic party, Oscars, and more advice questions and answers!Support the show (
Billy covers a range of topics this week—from the Superbowl to the State of The Union address, and takes time to zero in on hypocrites and advice to those dealing with people who LOVE to pull focus!Support the show (
This week Billy takes us along on his field trip to... COSTA MESA! And of course, he offers up his amazing advice, and let's us in a little on his own dating life!Support the show (
This week Billy talks about energy and it being slightly off, and offers his advice to a listener who was trolled on Grindr.Support the show (
We're back kids with another episode. Diving deep into the second week of 2020, Billy delivers more advice on how to deal with liens at club, where he hides his vodka, and more Memos on his phone!Support the show (
Oh, Happy New Year from the magical world of Billy Francesca. We're back and ready to give sage advice and talk about hidden treasures on voice memos and the state of the world today!Support the show (
Billy's back to regale us with his trip to Helen, Georgia. Also, how would you handle a long-distance relationship? Well, Billy dispels his advice and lets us know how to handle a 19-hour delayed flight.Support the show (
Thanksgiving is coming up, and Billy is back with some advice on how to handle the holidays, insight on his latest Facebook video, and why "Mercury In Retrograde" is just an a-hole. Support the show (
Gay Christmas (AKA Halloween) is over, and Billy is back with advice, lessons, and stories about how to handle unruly patrons and smelly people. Also, some heartfelt advice on getting out of your head these days, and staying true to yourself.  Yes. A positive note!Support the show (
Billy is back this week, and offering up more advice ranging from Debbie-downer friends, and if marijuana is actually bad. Oh, and let's not forget the bamboo landlord.Support the show (
This week Billy tackles important issues such as Ellen & George W., Straight White Girls at house parties, and plastic surgeries!Support the show (
Billy is back, and this time we take a trip down memory lane and hear about his teacher who tormented him, leg braces, leaking refrigerators, and also his thoughts on "minorities". Support the show (
Oh, girl... Billy is feeling it this week.  Tune-in at your own risk to ehar Billy's rants and raves, and extra special packed episode of everything ranging from advice to addiction!Support the show (
Billy continues his topics and advice, and even dabbles in on the rainforest on this episode of "Hashing It Out with Billy Francesca"! Support the show (
Billy covers a ton of topics from advice to his rants, and even conspiracy theories on his maiden (it's not a boat) episode of "Hashing It Out with Billy Francesca"!Support the show (
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