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Author: National School Transportation Association

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Your one stop shop for all things NSTA and school transportation industry. Check back for new content being added weekly. The National School Transportation Association (NSTA) provides “The Bus Stop” podcast as a public service, but it is neither a legal interpretation nor a statement of NSTA policy. Reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by NSTA. The views expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. NSTA encourages interested parties to circulate podcast episodes via appropriate venues, but the podcast can only be rebroadcast in its entirety, and editing The Bus Stop podcasts is expressly prohibited. The views and opinions expressed on The Bus Stop podcasts are for informational purposes only, and listeners can raise questions or concerns via email at
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Welcome to a special edition of NSTA: The Bus Stop taped live at the NSTA Midwinter Meeting. Curt’s guest is Antonio Civitella, CEO of Transfinder. Tony speaks with Curt about positive changes that have occurred in student transportation, despite the challenges of the pandemic. The duo talks about what the future holds for the industry, and Tony has a “surprising” revelation. You’ll find this content only at NSTA: The Bus Stop. Listen to us on Apple podcasts, Buzzsprout, or Spotify!Support the show (
With Curt Macysyn at NSTA: The Bus Stop is Charlie Hood, executive director of NASDPTS. Curt and Charlie discuss the challenges of pupil transportation, and what changes can be made to support the industry. Also, Charlie has a special announcement he will make, and he goes over what may be the future of the NASDPTS "illegal passing" survey. The information you need that keeps student transportation professionals informed and involved, only at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
NSTA: The Bus Stop this week features Corey Muirhead, executive vice president of Logan Bus Co. and current president of the New York School Bus Contractors Association. Corey engages with NSTA Executive Director Curt Macysyn on the status of school re-openings in New York state, as well as the challenges of getting school bus drivers vaccinated for COVID-19. Also, you'll want to hear Corey's hot take on the electric vehicle wave that will impact the yellow bus. What you need to know when you need to know it at NSTA: The Bus Stop. Subscribe today!Support the show (
Join us at NSTA: The Bus Stop this week, as Curt Macysyn invites current association president John Benish, Jr. onto the podcast. John and Curt talk about the opening up of states for in-class learning, as well as what's on the horizon as school districts get back into the classroom. Also, see how the "Love the Bus" campaign has transitioned into a virtual activity this year, and what you can look forward to with the NSTA Midwinter Meeting in Florida. NSTA: The Bus Stop continues to provide timely information for today's student transportation leaders. Become a subscriber today.Support the show (
Join us at NSTA: The Bus Stop this week, as Curt Macysyn, NSTA executive director, invites Jessica Pinkerton, NSTA Member Services Coordinator to speak about the upcoming Midwinter Meeting. Learn about how this live event is being executed with COVID-19 protocols in place. Jessica outlines the overall program that NSTA will be hosting at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, adjacent to Old Tampa Bay in Florida. She also gives breaking news about the live streaming platform that's being launched. Plenty of information to go along with your morning coffee at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
The week join us at NSTA: The Bus Stop for an engaging conversation about student transportation. NSTA Executive Director Curt Macysyn invites Tim Ammon co-owner of Decision Support Group onto the podcast. Tim and Curt talk the future of the industry, as well as trends they've seen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the post-pandemic challenges for contractors? School transportation professionals rely on NSTA: The Bus Stop for their information. Add it to your library of podcasts today!Support the show (
At NSTA: The Bus Stop this week, join executive director Curt Macysyn as he talks with Dennis Roche, president of Burbio, an online platform that specializes in aggregating school, government, library, and community event information. Curt and Dennis discuss the three K-12 educational cohorts - virtual (remote), in-person, and hybrid. How has COVID-19 affected the overall percentages within the three models? Are there trends that help explain the percentages? And what's in store for the rest of 2021? Student transportation's first podcast, and still the one, NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
Happy New Year from NSTA: The Bus Stop, the official podcast of the National School Transportation Association. Our first guest in 2021 is Patrick Dean, Vice President for Dean Transportation in Lansing, MI. Patrick also serves as vice-chair of the NSTA Business Development Committee, as well as a representative for NSTA on the American School Bus Council. NSTA Executive Director Curt Macysyn and Patrick talk about the important industry roles he tackles on behalf of private school bus contracting, as well as the challenges facing the industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Make listening to NSTA: The Bus Stop your 2021 New Year's resolution!Support the show (
Happy Holidays from NSTA: The Bus Stop. In the final week of 2020, NSTA executive director Curt Macysyn invites Rich Kelly, Esq. of RC Kelly Law Associates. Rich serves as NSTA Legal Counsel, and RCKLA is an NSTA Royalty Partner Program member. Rich and Curt talk about the Business Counsel Program (BCP), and they cover the landscape of interim agreements, contract provisions, and litigation, as school bus contractors seek continuity payments to maintain the student transportation system throughout the country. It's our final podcast of 2020, so join us at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
Happy Holidays from NSTA: The Bus Stop, where this week NSTA executive director Curt Macysyn hosts Charlie Hood, executive director of NASDPTS. Charlie takes time to explain the role of NASDPTS in the student transportation realm, and Curt and Charlie talk about joint projects between the organizations. Also, NASDPTS held a virtual conference recently, and hear about the topics they covered. Pupil transportation's first industry podcast, and it comes to you directly each week at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
This week at NSTA: The Bus Stop, John Benish, COO of Cook-Illinois and NSTA President, joins executive director Curt Macysyn.  John and Curt talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected student transportation and concerns about a bus driver shortage. What's on the horizon for 2021? All this and more at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
You will want to listen this week to NSTA: The Bus Stop with Regina Phelps, author and founder of EMS Solutions - a crisis management firm, and NSTA executive director Curt Macysyn. Regina and Curt talk about the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impending deployment of a vaccine. Regina is the first four-time guest on NSTA: The Bus Stop, and always brings us great information. Don’t miss this episode!Support the show (
Joining us at NSTA: The Bus Stop this week is Joe Leggett, Vice President of National Accounts for Collins Bus. NSTA executive director Curt Macysyn speaks with Joe about how the pandemic has affected the school bus industry. The duo talk about cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and what Collins Bus has in store for 2021. Get all this great information at the home of the first student transportation podcast - NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
Coming in hot this week, all the way from sunny Phoenix, AZ is Richard Tackett to join us at NSTA: The Bus Stop. Richard is the CEO of Power Trade Media and will be chatting with our Executive Director Curt Macysyn about industry media and the birth of a new trade publication, School BUSRide, for which he is the Editor-in-Chief. Curt and Richard discuss his partnership with NAPT, and the duo goes over what readers will see on a regular basis. Lastly, Richard also gives a sneak peek into what’s on tap for December’s School BUSRide issue. Stop by and hear about the latest and greatest industry happenings, all at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
It’s getting cold at NSTA: The Bus Stop but that’s nothing new for our guest this week, Dan Kobussen, VP of Kobussen Buses. This week, Dan sits down with NSTA Executive Director Curt Macysyn to discuss how Kobussen Buses and Wisconsin as whole are dealing with varying student transportation challenges brought on by the pandemic. Dan gives us a brief history of the family business, and how he has seen the landscape change over the years.  Curt explores Dan’s role as VP of NSTA, his involvement in important NSTA committees and what Dan has in store for these committees and members in the coming year. Dan’s perspective for the industry and NSTA is one of optimism and it couldn’t be a better time for it. Please join Curt and Dan for this interesting chat on this week’s episode of NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
Swinging by our NSTA: The Bus Stop podcast this week is Bill Stone, Business Development Executive for Staples. Bill pulls up for a chat with our Executive Director, Curt Macysyn, to discuss the changes being made at Staples to the benefit of our contractor members. Staples is a proud NSTA Royalty Partner and has stepped up to accommodate the needs of our members. From selling all the PPE and janitorial supplies you require in the COVID-19 environment, to handling printing signs and business cards, Staples is one-stop shopping. They even have non-stock item procurement capabilities, so Staples has met this year’s new challenges with innovations and solutions. Listen to Bill tell you how you can take advantage of the expanding benefits and where you can sign up. It’s a money-saving talk you can’t afford to miss, this week on NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
Another week at NSTA: The Bus Stop brings with it our guest Ken Zagroba, Senior Program Manager -Digital Part Sales of IC Parts. Ken sits down with our host, NSTA Executive Director Curt Macysyn, to go over the exciting innovations happening at IC Parts, and its cutting edge platform - RepairLink. Hear how this user-friendly system was developed, and how it can help you streamline your ordering processes. If you haven't signed up for this NSTA Royalty Partner Program, find out how you can. You can’t afford to miss this episode of NSTA: The Bus Stop! Support the show (
At NSTA: The Bus Stop this week, Executive Director Curt Macysyn welcomes Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) Executive Director, Mike Berk, to the podcast, where they discuss best practices when engaging your legislators.  Curt and Mike also take a deep dive into the advocacy efforts that PSBA has been undertaking that assist contractors in efforts to receive continuing payments, as well as other unique challenges cropping up in Pennsylvania that are relatable across the country. Mike describes the success the association has had meeting with legislators via Zoom calls, and strategic planning of the organization for when the legislature reconvenes. Advertise your product or service to our growing audience, more than 300 industry professionals have now subscribed to NSTA: The Bus Stop; advertising rates can be found HERE.Support the show (
Join us at NSTA: The Bus Stop this week, as Curt Macysyn invites NSTA Member Services Coordinator Jessica Pinkerton to the show. Curt and Jessica talk about the big changes for the 2021 NSTA Midwinter Meeting, now being held in Safety Harbor, FL (February 21-23, 2021). They also discuss the various NSTA membership benefits, how the COVID-19 pandemic altered the focus of the organization, and where NSTA is heading in the future. Take advantage of student transportation’s maiden podcast by advertising on NSTA: The Bus Stop. An advertising rate sheet is available at the show (
At NSTA: The Bus Stop this week: October is DERA month at NSTA, and Curt Macysyn invites Sandi Steelhammer - NSTA Grants Administrator onto the podcast. Curt and Sandi outline two separate programs that NSTA members can take advantage of, for a limited time: the EPA, School Bus Rebate, and the NSTA Members-Only DERA grant program. Don’t miss out on how your company can take advantage of EPA funding, as well as become more environmentally friendly. Information for student transportation professionals, only at NSTA: The Bus Stop.Support the show (
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