DiscoverImpact - Exploring the Impact of James Valley Christian School
Impact - Exploring the Impact of James Valley Christian School
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Impact - Exploring the Impact of James Valley Christian School

Author: Coalt

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This Podcast explores the impact that James Valley Christian School has had over the years and the lives that are continually being impacted as God continues to use this school for His own glory.Learn more about James Valley Christian School by visiting their website at http// The mission of JVCS is to provide a Biblically-based education, transforming hearts and minds to impact the world for Christ.
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Mr. Borchard continues to speak of Pressing On in the Christian faith at James Valley Christian School. Support the show (
This is the first chapel of the year with Mr. Borchard -- check it out! Support the show (
In today's episode, we visit James Valley Chapel back on February 7, 2020.  Jay Wipf shares the biblical answer to the question: What is the gospel? Support the show (
Dinner Theater tickets can be purchased online here! Support the show (
Pastor Tom Brantner is the pastor at Restoration Church in Huron South Dakota. Support the show (
In 7-12 grade chapel at James Valley Christian School, Pastor Bryan Pichura shared with the Students about how we know that Peter loved Jesus. Listen and be encouraged in your walk with Jesus! Support the show (
Sasha is the daughter of Larry and Lauri Taunton (Alumni of James Valley Christian School) and was raised in an orphanage in the Ukraine and shared her story during chapel. Larry wrote a book with the details of the adoption process and how it changed their lives - and you can find that book HERE. Support the show (
Dan, who is a bit hopped up on coffee from McDonald's tells a few funny stories from his time at James Valley Christian and then opens the Word to 2 Corinthians 4:1-7! Support the show (
Mrs. Blom "On Music"

Mrs. Blom "On Music"


Elijah and I sit down with Lorena Blom and discover what it is like to be "on music" at James Valley Christian School! Mrs. Blom is the K-12 vocal teacher at JVC and has her hands in a lot of different activities (Find out more here). We visited about what brought Mrs. Blom to JVC and her story as well as some recent events like All-State Chorus and Orchestra.  The K-12 Christmas Concert is on December 12 in the New Auditorium (Lord willing) and we learned about that as well!. Support the show (
James Valley Christian 7-12 Chapel with Mr. Borchard Mr. Borchard made a couple of comments after he sent me the audio -- I'll just post his text to me for clarification: "Uh oh. After listening to this I realized 2 errors of mine. First I accidentally said Luther nailed the these at Wartburg when it was actually Wittenburg. Secondly, I accidentally said, “cease the gospel” instead of “cease the gossip” at the end of the message. My bad!"Support the show (
Today Elijah and Coalt sit down with Jaime O'Neill who is the student body president and involved in a number of things on and off-campus. Connect with Jaime on Facebook Here!Check out Trinity Hill Music on YouTube Here! Like the Trinity Hill Facebook page Here! Support the show (
Elijah and Coalt visit with Darwin Hofer about his life in the public school and how that has compared to his experience at James Valley Christian School.Support the show (
Today on the Impact podcast we may be missing Elijah but have some wonderful content as we talk to the teachers in the 5th-grade classroom.  Today we visit with Maria Wipf and Desirae Robinson about the co-teaching situation in the 5th-grade and learn about how the Lord brought them to James Valley Christian School and their heart for ministry here.  Become a Patreon and support this podcast by clicking HERE! Listen to us on the web by heading to! Find us on iTunes Here! Listen on Spotify! Find us on Google Podcasts -- really its on there but you will have to find it :) Support the show (
Meet the PrinciPALS

Meet the PrinciPALS


On this episode, Elijah and I sit down with Paula Kleinsasser and Cindy Niederbaumer and quiz them on JVCS history and ask them how they got into Christian Education.  It was a fun conversation we hope that you enjoy it. Like the Podcast and think it is beneficial? Check out our Patreon website and find out how you can help us! Support the show (
Second episode and haven't gotten rid of all of the mic issues -- bear with us we will...or we will try to! Elijah and Coalt visit with Charlie and Evie Borchard.  Charlie is the Bible teacher at James Valley Christian School, and his wife Evie works in the development office as the event coordinator. We think that you will really enjoy a short glimpse of this couple's heart and love for King Jesus.  If you would like to support the Impact podcast and technology at James Valley Christian School, you can do that HERE! Want to give directly to the school? You can do that HERE!Support the show (
In this episode, Elijah and Coalt introduce both themselves and the Impact Podcast! Links: http://jvcs.orgSupport the show (
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