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***Trigger warning***  Please be advised this episode contains some key, adult themes such as substance abuse, child abuse, anger and psychosis which some listeners may find triggering. Join Vicky who is getting ready to be discharged from the secure psychiatric hospital St Andrew’s Healthcare in Essex. During the episode she takes presenter and staff nurse John-Barry Waldron to her voluntary job at a nearby wood workshop and bravely discusses how she has overcome her mental health challenges with now a firm focus on her future. Support the show
S2 : EP5 | Education

S2 : EP5 | Education


**Trigger warning - This episode contains a discussion about suicide.**As the schools go back after lockdown 3, John explores what education is available to St Andrew's patients, and how this can help with their recovery.If you like John our host, are interested in developing a career in healthcare you can consider taking healthcare courses as an introduction to your further education.Support the show (
**Trigger warning - this episode contains a discussion about self-harm and suicidal thoughts.**We're back with our latest episode of our award-winning podcast! This episode is very special, as for the first time ever, we speak to a newly discharged patient and their carer, as they talk about a wonderful story of recovery, hope, and inspiration.Not to miss!Support the show (
In this special edition of our award-winning podcast, we go Off the Ward, and speak to those working and accessing mental health treatment in the criminal justice system.Find out how the support which St Andrew's is providing is helping address mental health issues and offending behaviours. We also explore whether mental health support can actually reduce crime, as well as looking at the stigma which people on probation may face.Support the show (
S2 : EP2 | Social Life

S2 : EP2 | Social Life


In this episode, Staff Nurse and host John Waldron talks about the social aspect of mental health, and how social life can affect people inside and outside the hospital. Join John, a former patient, and a social worker, as they discuss the challenges and benefits that a social life can have on your mental health.Support the show (
We're back with series two of On the Ward. A lot has changed, the ward has gone through a global pandemic, making life harder for both patients and staff. In this episode we hear from a staff member who contracted Covid and ended up in hospital, and a patient, about how she coped.Support the show (
On the Ward: Lockdown

On the Ward: Lockdown


St Andrew’s Healthcare is back with a one-off special exploring what life is like for patients and staff on a secure mental health ward during the COVID-19 outbreak.From being unable to go out, or see family face-to-face, to staff having to wear PPE, the episode, hosted by staff nurse John Barry Waldron, explores the additional challenges and anxieties that the virus is bringing to life in a secure psychiatric hospital.During the course of the 40 minute episode, entitled ‘Lockdown’, John speaks to two patients detained under the mental health act, as well as Caroline Power, a clinical psychologist, Katie Stanton, a nurse, and Clarence Elcock a Healthcare Assistant, to find out how they’re dealing with the new normal.Support the show (
In this episode, Staff Nurse John-Barry Waldron seeks to answer some of the burning questions which listeners have sent in – which cover everything from electric shock therapy, to the checks which happen in the hospital. Healthcare Assistant Michael Mullally, along with the patient featured in episode 1, were on hand to answer the queries.Support the show (
Episode 4 of the On the Ward podcast reveals what it’s like to move on from a mental health hospital and return to life in the community. It features two patient voices, who soon hope to be discharged from St Andrew’s.One of the patients featured has been in secure services for more than 10 years and is soon to be discharged to go a rehab facility. “I’m quite fortunate I’m going to be in the community,” she tells John-Barry Waldron, the staff nurse who hosts the podcast.“I have so much insight through therapy….I feel like I’m in quite a fortunate place….and being in services has given me that.” Another one of the patients featured is in his mid-20s. During the episode he explains how before being admitted to secure care he was a “broken man” and often had run-ins with the law. He then got hit by a bus which he said completely changed his life, for the better.“The best thing that’s happened to me in my whole life, is getting hit by the bus,” he tells John.Even though he’s now looking forward to leaving hospital, the patient explains that the three years of being in secure care has given time for his brain to heal and he now feels “on top of the world.” Episode 4 is out now on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.Read more on the St Andrew's website. Support the show (
Episode 3 focuses on music and how important this is in helping patients through their recovery journeys. During the podcast we hear some original songs, written and performed by our patients.One patient opens up to the host of the podcast and nurse, John-Barry Waldron, about her six months at St Andrew's, and how our team have helped her to make her music. The patient also performs her song, 'Gamechanger' which features the lyric “I've got history, you don't know, time to move on, time to grow." Both the patient and her music technician Val agree writing the song was a turning point in her recovery. Read more on the St Andrew's website.Support the show (
Episode 2 of 'On the Ward: Fit Mind' focuses on sport and exercise and how important this is in helping patients through their mental health journey.We hear from one patient who has cannabis psychosis- a mental health problem that causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them. The patient opens up to nurse, and host of the podcast, John-Barry Waldron, about how frightening his condition is and how football and his love of Man City has helped him through some very dark times.Assistant Psychologist Mel Morgan is on hand to provide expert advice on the positive benefits of sport and exercise. We also hear from personal trainer Glen who speaks how exercise is able to reduce anxiety, and lift negative mood by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Read more on the St Andrew's website.Support the show (
A unique five-part podcast, hosted by staff nurse John-Barry Waldron, which challenges some of the myths and taboos around mental illness in the UK today, as it provides listeners with a rare look into what life is like for patients and staff living and working in a secure mental healthcare hospital.In Episode 1 of ‘On the Ward’ we hear from one patient in his early 40s, who has been living at St Andrew’s for more than two years. During the episode the patient speaks candidly about the street drug Black Mamba, which he says ruined his life, causing him serious problems to his mental health. He also opens up to John about his childhood, and life living at St Andrew’s.Assistant psychologist Mel Morgan and Healthcare Assistant Michael Mullally also feature in the first episode providing insight and analysis on a range of topics such as the pathway in which patients end up in hospital, to how and when they can leave.Read more on the St Andrew's website.Support the show (
 ***Trigger warning*** Please be advised this episode contains some key, adult themes such as suicide, rapid cycling bipolar, depression and death which some listeners may find triggering. Julie has been a patient at St Andrew’s Healthcare for nearly three years. She has found solace in maintaining the garden there and has become very attached to the mindful activity. However, as the episode moves on, Julie discloses she has been given a community placement elsewhere and she leaves the hospital, saying goodbye to podcast presenter John-Barry Waldron, who has also worked with her during her recovery journey.Support the show
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Susan Fahy

Fantastic podcast

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Great show. Even if i do say so myself

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