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Crazy conversations always happen over a smoke break.

What's life without a smoke break? Where the best conversations are had even if you're a non-smoker. Join 3 guys and a girl as we engage. Nobody knows what we'll be talking about, not even us, but join us as we try and figure it out. We hope our journey in this will assist you to open up more about issues that evoke positive or negative emotions within you so that you're able to find peace, grow, or have a little laugh. Views expressed are our own and not that of our employer's.
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#SmokeBreak Conversation 3

#SmokeBreak Conversation 3


#SmokeBreak Conversation 3Missed us? WE'RE BACK, with another one, #SmokeBreak Episode 3📢📢📢📢📢!! This week we discuss depression, faking orgasms 🤭... And one of us give you relationship advice😅, can you guess who it is? 🤔 Engage with us on Twitter - @SmokeBreakChats and Instagram as well @SmokeBreakChats Views are our own and not our employer's! Enjoy 😉
#SmokeBreak Conversation 2

#SmokeBreak Conversation 2


#SmokeBreak Conversation 2!!This week we chat about Xenophobic Attacks, Gender Based Violence, Parenting and give you a little more of ourselves! Let us know what you think 😆😆 aaaaand let us know which topics you would like us to cover next week!Please note that views expressed are our own and not the views of our employer's. Song: TellPattyImSorry: Father Forgive Me
#SmokeBreak Conversation 1

#SmokeBreak Conversation 1


#SmokeBreak Conversation 1! Join in our conversation and let us know what you think of the first episode! We hope you enjoy it and please be advised that this episode and those going forward are not for sensitive listeners and have an age restriction of 16.Song: tellpattyimsorry: Cigarettes
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