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Author: Neil Olcott

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Compass Point Church of Mechanicsburg, Pa. is a church that preaches and teaches the word of God. The people are encouraged to open their Bibles each week and learn from the Scriptures as God's revelation to us.
110 Episodes
This sermon looks at the value of finding God's perfect peace in our soul as we humble ourselves and seek contentment in Christ.
This sermon looks at the way God blesses us both in our work and in our homes!  He is worthy of all praise and worship!!
This sermon looks at arriving at our place of worship.  It shows us the attitude and the anticipation that truly should be ours as we look forward to worshipping together with God's people.
This is the first sermon in our new series on the Psalms of Ascent.  It looks at the way in which God is our ever-present help in times of trouble.  How He watches over us and is always with us.  He never sleeps nor slumbers!
This sermon looks at what the Bible has to say about our physical health and how God values our lives.  We will look at how the Scriptures teach us to take good care of and be good stewards of our physical bodies.
This Sermon looks a how God truly views our wealth as opposed to some of the false teaching today by the Health and Wealth Gospel Preachers.
Christmas Expectations

Christmas Expectations


What impact does the Christmas event have on our expectations in this life?  This sermon will look at how God being "with Us" impacts how we view life.  God meets us and ministers to us and those encounters can and should cause us to be encouraged as we set our expectations based on who He is rather than what we want.
This sermon looks at four primary ways we can incorporate God's grace and enhance God's grace in our day to day lives.
This sermon will look at how God's Grace not only is God's unmerited Mercy, but also His Divine Assistance in doing things that only His grace could do through us and in us.
This is sermon 1 in our new series, "Grace Changes Everything".
This sermon looks specifically at the Apostle Paul and his conversion from being an expert on all the other postures of approaching God to become a man who desired to be "With God" in Life. 
This sermon looks at how we can experience genuine authentic hope for the future both eternally and day-to-day as we live WITH GOD. 
Living With God

Living With God


This sermon looks at how we can overcome false postures people take toward God and instead, live "With God" as He has always desired for us to do. 
This sermon looks at what the Bible has to say about the third person of the Trinity, The Holy Spirit.  We we look at how He lives in us and how He fills us and works in us.
This sermon looks at the coming Judgement and what is the criteria to be those who go to heaven?
This sermon looks at the "hell" Jesus went through on the cross and what His resurrection means for us today.
This sermon looks at the death and burial of Jesus Christ and what implications that has on us.  
This sermon begins an in depth look at Christology and who Jesus is as given to us from the Scriptures.  Our Savior and our Lord!
This second message begins us looking at what we are to believe as Christians seeking sound doctrine.
This sermon is the first in our series on the Apostles Creed where we will look at the Creed and use it's great theological themes to guide us in our Biblical study of each idea.  This first sermon looks at the value and importance of genuine belief. 
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