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Mind over Muscle with Dr. Sarah Houhoulis

Mind over Muscle with Dr. Sarah Houhoulis

Author: Dr. Sarah Houhoulis, DC

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Mind over Muscle with Dr. Sarah Houhoulis is a podcast that explores the mental aspects of strength training and competition. Featuring specific meditations and visualizations, sports psychology research reviews, and interviews with field experts and strength sports celebrities, Mind over Muscle will help you get closer to achieving 100% of your potential.
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The pelvic floor is a muscle group located at the bottom of the inner core, and can be a source of pelvic pain and dysfunction, low back pain, hip pain and stress urinary incontinence. This exercise will acquaint you with the muscles of your inner core and your pelvic floor!If you are tired of peeing on the deadlift platform or during double-unders, give this exercise a try!If this podcast helped you, click on the 5-star review on whatever platform you stream on and subscribe! This video might help you visualize during the exercise.
Dr. Sarah takes you through a powerlifting competition visualization exercise. Visualizing game day repeatedly will help you feel more experienced on the platform, and may reduce harmful performance anxiety. This episode will take you through weigh-ins and check-in procedure, what the warm-up room will feel like, and your squat, bench and deadlift attempts. I recommend listening to this in a quiet, personal space so that you can truly immerse yourself in the visualization. For people with hearing loss, I have a copy of the visualization drill that I would love to share with you. Please email me at Like and subscribe to the channel for more tips, research, and content on mental training. You can also leave a 5-star review on whatever platform you listen from. Thanks!
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