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On today's episode, we are catching up on all things F45 City Square. Head trainer Keri Bourgeois is having a baby, and we are getting the scoop on how functional fitness is great for expecting mothers. Hear what modifications Keri's making in the gym, and how you can get involved in a new challenge and new classes.
For the first time in 12 years, the LSU Tiger Girls brought the Hip-Hop National Championship title to Baton Rouge.Anthony chats with Caliea Koehler and Sanai Frierson about the meaning behind their win after being denied the chance to compete in 2021.Get all the details about their performance in this week’s episode of The Up and In Show, presented by Draft Kings.
On Episode 73 of The Up & In Show, Anthony sits down with Cards and Cultures first NIL signees, Tiana Caffey and Riley Dixon. Tiana and Riley are both student-athletes on the LSU soccer team. On this episode, the group talks about the new name, image and likeness (NIL) rules passed by the NCAA. Tiana and Riley discuss navigating NIL partnerships while being student-athletes, and Anthony discusses the NIL vision he’s trying to execute with Cards and Culture. Find out what visions have already come to life and see where the rest of their partnership is headed. Tune in for some good laughs and great conversations! If you enjoyed this episode, please like and subscribe. It goes a long way!
On Ep. 71 of The Up and In Show, Anthony sits down with former LSU basketball player Jaelyn Richard-Harris. Jaelyn was Anthony's first hire at his newest business venture, Cards and Culture. In this episode, Jaelyn reflects on her time as an LSU basketball player and how she committed to LSU on a whim. After living in Houston for the last year, during the coronavirus pandemic, Jaelyn officially made her way back to Baton Rouge to become the store manager of Cards and Culture. Find out what Jaelyn and Anthony have been executing  for the Cards and Culture brand. Tune in for some good laughs and great conversations! If you enjoyed this episode, please like and subscribe. It goes a long way!
On this episode, Anthony sits down with Chelsea Borruano, founder and executive director of the You Aren’t Alone Project. Chelsea opens up about seeking mental health guidance and her goal of bringing mental health awareness to the Baton Rouge community. The first ever event she hosted showcased local artists expressing their mental health experience through art. After an overwhelming amount of success, Chelsea started the non-profit, You Aren’t Alone Project and is now reenrolled back in school to become a mental health counselor.  Tune in to a great conversation! If you enjoyed the episode please leave a review or share, it goes a long way!
In episode 69 - Anthony sits down and talks with Beau about F45 training, his recent marathon, the journey he is on in his life right now and much more!  Beau has recently finished the North Olympic Discovery Marathon, and is working his way towards the Boston Marathon, and gives some insight to the work it has taken him so far. Anthony and Beau also discuss the opening of a second F45 Training location, Cards and Culture, and the trials and tribulations of opening a business.Tune into a great conversation! If you enjoyed the episode please leave a review or share, it goes a long way! 
On this episode Anthony catches up with professional softball player and friend, AJ Andrews, since her first time on the show.AJ and Anthony go in depth about the highs and lows they have both experienced and lessons learned while going after their goals in life, overcoming the fear of failure and what their current mindsets are.You can find AJ Andrews through her social media platforms empowering woman, and giving motivational inspiration - Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 
After taking some time to open the shop— Anthony sits down with one of his business partners with F45, a former college teammate at LSU, and mentor.Nick Pontiff is a New Orleans native with deep LSU Baseball family history.The guys dive deep into entrepreneurship and the effort and sacrifices it takes to succeed but the real gold is in the storytelling.Nick lost his brother at the age of 16 (Wally was 21) and tells the story and how it has ignited him to become the ball player he was, the businessman he became, and the father and husband he is. Check it out. 
Anthony catches up with everyone after a longer time between episodes due to business demands, mental health space, and travel!Anthony is preparing to open his shop in Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and dives deep into some of the entrepreneurial challenges he has faced and battled the past few weeks, as well as a beautiful lesson learned through all of this.Let us know what you think!
Anthony Ranaudo sits down and catches up with a childhood friend and former D1 baseball player at Elon University, Mike Melillo.Mike is CEO and co-founder of a company called The Wanderlust Group. Founded in 2014, The Wanderlust Group is an outdoor technology company composed of Dockwa,, and From their website: "We believe that the world is a better place when people are able to spend time outdoors, connected to nature and each other. To support this mission, we are building the infrastructure of the outdoors -- a marketplace and technology platform that connects adventurers to destinations and helps those destinations grow. You’ll find our apps and software used by more than 250,000 people, across 15,000 destinations in more than 30 countries. We are a remote-first company with home-base offices in Newport, RI, and Cambridge, MA."The duo catches up about everything in the next phase of their career and the business-side of being a founder and CEO.
Anthony sits down with one of his best friends in the world and share an opportunity to speak with world-renowned meditation practitioner and teach, Sharon Salzberg.After having a troubled childhood in New York, Sharon started diving into mediation and studied in India....and after that the rest was history.Sharon has simply gone on to change an industry and has made her name synonymous in the meditation, self-love, happiness, and loving-kindness world.Please listen to the episode and please please check out some of her work.
In this episode, Anthony talks with. previous guest, Dr. Joe. Marchitelli, owner of Thrive Sports and Spine Rehab in NJ.Dr. Joe joined our show during the first shut down of COVID, and talked mainly about his practice, entrepreneurship, and overall wellness. In this episode the two guys dive deep into some typical stereotypes that were developed around a man's emotional wellness, and these two men talk for an hour on feelings, intuition, conditioning, mental health and mindset training.Let us know what you think and if you enjoyed this episode, please share with a friend or leave a review.
In this episode we dual-purpose the audio from Anthony being on a podcast in the sports card collecting community.Last week, Anthony caught up with the guys from The LukaTigerLeBron Podcast and dive in to everything around the community, NFT's, and Anthony's ideas for a brick and mortar shop in Baton Rouge.
In episode 60- Anthony sits down and catches up with co-owner  Beau Didier, and Head Trainer at F45 Keri Bourgeios.Beau recently finished The Louisiana Marathon in his personal best time 3 hours and 48 minutes after having strep throat for a week. The trio dive into the mental side of the training and race, some of the prep work and physical struggles he went through, and some of his plans for the future in training.Check out a great conversation on all things health, wellness, mindset, and training!If you enjoyed the episode please leave a review or share, it goes a long way!
In this episode Anthony takes some time to introduce his business partner in his sports cards and memorabilia company, Cards and Culture.Vito Fragale has been a long time graphic designer, and memorabilia collector. The duo met through a company they were working with in 2019, and came up with the concept of Cards and Culture during the 2020 pandemic.Whether Vito is collecting sports cards, comics, movie props or painting/designing 1/1 paintings or NFT collectibles, he brings expertise to the hobby that Anthony feels he lacks.Look for Anthony and Vito to be doing more YouTube series shows and for various educational content throughout their channels.Check it out!
What does it mean to be human? What questions are we not asking ourselves to stay in default mode network and continue on the hamster wheel? How do we get BETTER?!Well— this episode dives deep into some of life’s hardest questions, but the ones that often give us the best results.Mac Brazina is the human builder. Mac resides in Florida and what started as a personal training business— has now grown into a full on program of building better humans.From her website, Mac says “While training is what lights my heart up, I found that there was so much more to a transformation than just that one hour in the gym. The whole experience, and evolution, of both client and coach, reside within the other 23 hours of the day — where life happens. I realized that I didn’t want to just be a “trainer,” as the workout can only get you so far.Now — I’m a Human Builder.I believe we’re all unique formulas, with differing variables,  that deserve dedicated, and authentic education, from a human “who gets it…” By coaching for success — not JUST that 1 hour in the gym — but for The Other 23 hours of the day, we are able to effectively integrate the elements of  fitness, nutrition, brain health and mental wellness, in a way that makes sense for you.”If you’d like to connect with Mac, here is her instagram, twitter, facebook, and her website.Check it out, leave a review, or share with a friend. We are in this together.
In this episode, Anthony Ranaudo works with the VP of Performance Programs at NeuroPeak Pro, Nick Bolhuis and director of golf performance, Andy Matthews to shed some light on an innovative system helping individuals achieve peak performance.In the episode, Anthony goes through a breathing protocol with Andy while wearing some of the equipment NeuroPeak provides to it's individuals- and Nick begins the episode explaining a lot of the neurofeedback and bran wave training they use.Neuropeak Pro offers precision breathing, heart rate variability (HRV), and neurofeedback training programs to maximize your potential and better your life.Check out the episode and let us know what you think!
Check an awesome episode between Anthony Ranaudo and former MLB pitcher, Don Carman.Don pitched across at least eight different seasons and was a professional for over a decade, winning over 50 games and pitching in 342 major league games, but is more impact fully making a difference off the field.Don has worked for the Scott Boras Corporation for over 15 years, and works with some of today's top-performing major league players.Check out an episode where the guys dive into the dreaded "yips", the mental side of the game, and learning from the legendary, Harvey Dorfmann.
Cade Beloso is a current All-American baseball player at LSU in Baton Rouge, getting ready to start his junior campaign as the Tigers are pre-season ranked in the top 15 in most polls.From left-handed throwing, left-handed hitting first baseman with power … has played the past two seasons as LSU’s starting first baseman and should be one of the top power hitters in the SEC in 2021 … was named the 2018 Louisiana High School Player of the Year after leading John Curtis High School to the state championship … powerfully-built slugger who has great bat control and rarely strikes out … a member of the 2020 SEC Academic Honor Roll and the 2019 SEC First-Year Academic Honor Roll as a sport administration major.Tune in, catch some good vibes, and learn a little about the mind of an elite D1 athlete!More on Cade: Instagram, Twitter
Dr. Jade Teta is a man of many things. In his own words..."I have a degree in biochemistry and I am a physician. Although, my friends give me a hard time for never referring to myself as "Doctor." I guess I always found it too formal, have grown past the need for accolades and, depending on who you ask, some don't consider me a doctor at all. Given my specialty in natural medicine, I have been called everything from "quack" to "witch doctor." Believe it or not, I take that as a compliment. The choice to go into alternative medicine was conscious and deliberate.My medical specialty is in a subset of medicine called naturopathic medicine. Think of your family doctor, but instead of using drugs and surgery first, while knowing little to nothing about diet and exercise, I use drugs second and I am an expert in nutrition, exercise and supplements.My specialty is "integrative endocrinology." It's the study of hormones & metabolism. The integrative part just means that I integrate both conventional and alternative methods. Most of my career has been helping the most difficult metabolic cases lose weight."Anthony and Jade had an awesome conversation around human performance, mindset, and the human experience as a whole.Jade works with a lot of executives and high-profile clients who are looking to rebound from adversity or change their lifestyle and way of thinking.One of our deepest episode on Up and In for sure— check it out, let me know what you think.More on Jade: Instagram, website
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