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BE The Travel Podcast is the place where we bring supplier + partner relationships, industry knowledge, and professional travel tips straight to your ears. As an affiliate of Departure Lounge and a member of the world renowned Virtuoso Travel Network, BE The Travel, LLC is closely connected to exclusive travel providers across the globe. Unlike online booking engines, our relationships and access to top suppliers allow us to give VIP treatment catered by the best in the industry (read: inside knowledge, free upgrades, perks, and amenities) — all while simultaneously delivering the individualized, detailed attention to clients that small businesses are best known for.
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In March we experienced a tidal wave of you all wanting to travel. It was wild and all things incredible especially after last year, but when we came up for air we realized we completely missed April’s news and updates!So here we are again at the very beginning of June. We are so thrilled with the amount of new trips on our calendars, and we're ready to bring you up to speed with a recap of April and May’s news and updates.Thanks for listening!
Last month we shared the audio from our monthly newsletter video and it was a hit! If you’re new here, and have no idea what I’m talking about, each month we send out one newsletter and embedded in that is a video of me recapping all the news and updates from the previous month in the world of travel. Things like the CDC order and Covid Passports have been topics so far in 2021, and for March, we’re talking about the good news we got surrounding the reopening of travel borders.If you want to be the first to get this info, the best thing to do is to head to our website and sign up for our newsletter! But since y’all gave us so much positive feedback on the share last month, we’ll start airing these videos as short podcast episodes on the here as well. Let us know what you think!
This week we’re sharing an episode where Molly and I were guests on the Travel Tea Podcast! To be honest, the tea we spilled was just TOO GOOD not to share on the BE The Travel Podcast as well.We sat down with Destinations of Distinction (who are an incredible industry partner of ours) and chatted all about our top travel "don’ts." From airport etiquette to not drinking too much before an early morning tour, you’ll be sure to take away a few pointers that we all learned, well, the hard way. Listen in! 
This episode is for our newly engaged couples! It’s kind of a no-brainer to hire on a wedding planner these days, right? The thing is, hiring a travel advisor for honeymoon planning isn’t quite as common.That’s why, this week, we want you to hear straight from the horse's mouth and we brought on a wedding planner!Diana Medley is the Director of Marketing and Events for Essential Details and we’re lucky enough that she chose BE The Travel to plan her honeymoon earlier this year. In today’s episode, we’re talking all about why you should hire a travel advisor for your honeymoon planning needs, and how it’s not all that different from the reasons why you’d hire on a wedding planner for your big day!Listen in and tell us what you think! For more information on Diana and Essential Details, click here.
If you’re not already subscribed to our monthly newsletter, I want to encourage you to do so. With the constant changes in travel rules + regulations, it’s hard to keep up with what the world of travel looks like. Trust us, we get it! In 2021, we decided our monthly newsletters would become the spot where we condense all the noise for you into one quick, short video where I walk through anything new you might need to know about.For example, last month we talked all about the new CDC order and this month, we’re talking about Digital Travel Passport developments, Covid-19 Testing, the vaccination, and how the three will tie together. Also, a quick update on the increased demand in travel.In this week's episode, you'll listen to the audio from February’s Newsletter Video. If you like what you hear, head to our website  and at the very bottom of the page, click “newsletter” to subscribe — that way, you don’t miss next month’s! 
This week you get to meet BE The Travel Advisor, Hillary Bridges! Hillary + Bailie chat through Hillary's recent trip to Turks + Caicos: the hotels she saw, the restaurants she ate at, and perhaps most  importantly, her experience getting into the country with the latest Covid travel guidelines.For more information about Hillary or to get to know her even further, click here: start planning a new trip with BE The Travel today, click here:
The rumors are true: the travel industry has been thrown *yet another* curve ball. "On January 12th, the CDC issued an order that requires all air passengers arriving into the us from a foreign country to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to present the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. This Order will go into effect at 12:01am EST (5:01am GMT) on January 26, 2021."So, what does that mean for you?In this week's episode we're bringing you up to speed on everything you need to know about the latest CDC order: the facts, what we know, what we don't know, the grey areas to lookout for, + more.For more information from the CDC, click here.
This episode description is all in the title. We made it! We're finally here in 2021. Looking back at 2020, what does that mean for what to expect in 2021? What are the travel trends? How should I be planning? And, what are the latest BE The Travel Updates? It's all in this week's episode!
It’s been about 5 months since our last podcast episode and to sum up the time between July and now, can we just say... "What in the world?"There are some days we just sit back and wonder how any of this real. But despite all that the world has thrown at us, BE The Travel is still up and running, and that is all thanks to you. In this week’s episode we have a big announcement to discuss and Bailie is going to bring you up to speed on booking travel for the year to come and remaining weeks of 2020. Plus, Bailie will chat through what’s coming up next year for BE The Travel.
Do I have to take a Covid test before I go? Will I have to quarantine when I get there? What about when I get home, what about then? Is my experience going to be the same? Will restaurants be open? Can I get a spa treatment? Do I have to wear a mask?The list goes on + on...Not to mention, if it seems like travel rules + regulations are changing daily, it's because they are.Good news is, if you're reading this or listening to this episode, you know professionals who have a full time job of keeping up with the ever-changing world of travel — all so that you don't have to. Our newest BE The Travel Podcast episode is going to be all about our experience traveling to Mexico last week. We're also going to chat our way through what it's like planning travel right now + how to know if the time is right for you. Stay tuned! 
So we're starting a new series so cleverly titled "Just Back From" where we'll have the normal conversations we would already be having together as travel advisors after just getting back from a new place, only they'll be recorded for you to listen in!What better place to start than the first trip Bailie took since the pandemic? Listen in, because Bailie is "Just Back From: Charleston, South Carolina."
Today you're about to hear from Senior Manager of Travel Industry Sales at Hotel Bennett, Brea Strager. She and I are talking about Hotel Bennett (of course!) along with Charleston and all of its charm! Brea will also be giving us a little update from the hotel and the city in regards to current world events like Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement. So, if you’re interested in this domestic travel destination (that just so happens to be ready for you right this minute!) listen to this week’s episode of the BE The Travel Podcast.Hotel Bennett in Charleston, South Carolina:
Our planning process has framed our work in designing hundreds of traveler itineraries. The process is curated; designed to help travelers imagine a new way of travel planning. With it, our team of advisors are on a mission to rehumanize the world’s travel planning experience -- one BE inspired adventure at a time! For the full scoop on what our process looks like from start to finish, listen in here on week's episode!
We are DREAMING of some domestic travel! There are so many outstanding options for post-pandemic vacation spots here in the United States and Montage Palmetto Bluff is one you definitely want to hear about. So of course we just had to chat with Heather Williams who is the Director of Sales at Montage Palmetto Bluff. We wanted you to hear all about what this southern gem has to offer straight from Heather! Be sure to listen to the very end of the episode because Montage is offering an exclusive offer to BE The Travel Podcast listeners on bookings now through October 2020. Listen in and tell us what you think! Montage Palmetto BluffNestled along the scenic May River in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Montage Palmetto Bluff is set within a vibrant 20,000-acre community between Hilton Head Island and Savannah. Providing guests access to all that Palmetto Bluff has to offer, the resort encompasses an extensive nature preserve, two picturesque villages featuring nine Southern-inspired dining options, a riverfront marina and a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.
We're back! It's our first episode since the global health crisis. Can you believe it? If you're wondering about the complete and total chaos that any travel advisor on earth experienced during the first few weeks of the outbreak, you'll get just a small taste of what that was like in this week's episode. We're also diving into what our "new normal" looks like during these uncertain times, plus what we're preparing to happen in our industry next!
The state of Colorado, like a lot of places in the Western US, makes for a great vacation spot! And visiting the state during different parts of the year will give you two completely different experiences, which only adds to its uniqueness.BTT Advisor, Molly Gay, just got back from a trip to Aspen! She went for a quick ski trip and to scout the town for us, of course! Listen in as she and Bailie debrief the trip and touch on Colorado as a whole, as well. Hotels mentioned: The Little NellHotel JeromeThe GantLimelight Snowmass
8: The Mint Collection

8: The Mint Collection


In today's podcast we are talking with Julie Cardamone. Julie is the founder of The Mint Collection, and we wanted you to hear about her experience in the travel industry and what led her to create The Mint Collection.The Mint Collection is so much more than a representation company;  it is a cooperative endeavor linking the finest hotels in the world to the progressive travel advisor. In partnership with our clients, we illuminate the inimitable quality and unique story of each property.Listen in as we highlight the 3 boutique properties in her portfolio. You just simply have to hear about them from her!The Mint Collection website:       The Mint Collection instagram: @themintcollection_travel
7: Bahama Mama!

7: Bahama Mama!


In this week's BE The Travel Podcast episode, we're recapping our first trip of 2020: the Bahamas! Bailie took her mom to Sandals Royal Bahamian for a quick winter escape in sunshine. Listen in as Molly and Bailie debrief the trip, chat about Sandals Resorts in general, and the Bahamas as a destination altogether -- including hurricane Dorian recovery status and how you can help the islands!
Listen in as BE The Travel Advisors, Bailie White and Molly Gay, discuss all things Honeymoon Planning in 2020!BE The Travel's 3 Best Honeymoon Planning Tips? 1: BE Realistic with your budget: we plan trips that are $30,000+, but we also plan trips that are $3,000. While the itinerary details of those budgets might look a little different, we say, spend what you are COMFORTABLE with. Don't worry about spending a certain amount of money to feel like you're getting that "picture perfect" honeymoon. A good TA will point you in the right direction with any budget type!2. BE Flexible where you can: your time spent on the honeymoon, your departure day, your destination, etc. Flexibility is an easy way to make sure you're getting the best value for your honeymoon!3. BE Open to working with a Travel Advisor. Their expertise, professional knowledge and hands on experience is something that will undoubtedly bring your honeymoon to the next level! Not to mention, you'll have someone working in your best interest throughout the entire planning process and during travel!
When the podcast first launched, Bailie got a listener topic request and it was: What are the benefits and importances of traveling via self care and cultural experiences? Listen in as Bailie chats with wellness travel expert, Stephanie Rest, CEO of Caribbean Wellness and Education, to dive into this topic. You'll learn how Stephanie became a pro in wellness travel, and also why she and Bailie both think traveling intentionally with a cultural + wellness experience in mind can actually help change the world. Plus, if you aren’t sure where to begin with wellness and cultural travel, they're talking all about that too!Travel Facts website referenced: Rest, Caribbean Wellness & Education:
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