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Throw out the scripts, Josh and Mark get real, posing one question...Why so much hate? Tune in for an answer you won't be hearing anywhere else.
Are you guilty or are you not guilty? We all are guilty. Try flipping the script just one day in your life and watch everything change.
Have you had to throw away your old life for a new life? Has Christ ever called you to something that wasn't your original plan? The question isn't what impact are we called to have, the question is, how great of an impact are you going to have. Tune in to hear Justin Ross, pastor at Impact City Church share his story on how God used him for a greater impact.
Have you ever been faced with a decision? How about a big decision? On the surface, making a decision sounds easy. I mean we do it everyday we get out of bed. What if we said there is a formula you can apply on the BEST steps to making the BEST decision. Tune in to hear about the secret sauce.
Something we all fail at on a daily basis without even realizing it. Tune in to hear what Josh and Mark have to offer on one of the most important traits but the farthest thing from easy.
Most people say, "when I feel more confident than I will (blank). But confidence is not the starting point, confidence is the result of experience.
We welcome you Dr. Jonah Staten diving deep into what some call faith. Tune in to learn how Jonah and Josh have faced many battles and adversity basing their business on "faith".
Who am I? How should I live? Who do I want to become? At the end of the day, be prepared for an answer that you only have so much control over. Tune into learn what the real meaning of owning your identity means.
We all know that guy or girl. Maybe you are that guy or girl? Why do so many of us want confidence? Is it because it makes us feel good? Maybe it's because it's how we get our way. Or maybe it's us trying to empower other individuals. Authentic...Cocky...Fake...Which are you?
Maybe Mark and Josh's best show yet... They dive deep into their leadership series that has been requested again and again. We have all heard, patience is a virtue... come listen and learn how having endurance in your life will directly effect your success.
Diving deep into the brain of Adam Atkinson. The leading health and fitness coach in the state of Ohio. Adam talks about what you have to do in order to build a successful business. Tune in and here some of Adams tips and tricks of becoming one of the leading coaches in the industry.
The world around us is taking punches left and right due to the Corona Virus. Businesses are family and households are struggling. Tune into this episode and learn how Mark and Josh suggest to deal with the trying times we are all facing.
Josh and Mark stop fake news and spit straight facts. As the pandemic continues of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, tune in to hear what Deliberately Linked says is really happening.
Josh brings on a very special guest to discuss how the coronavirus shuts down the biggest sports festival and expo in the world. Tune in to hear the adversity that was faced, but overcome.
We will all come to a point in time in our life when the clock strikes zero. A lot of times, this is completely out of our control. But what we do have control is the life we leave behind. Tune in to hear Mark discuss how he was told when his clock would strike zero.
Do you know someone, or are you someone that is always talking about why you failed instead of talking about how to succeed. At times if you find yourself never getting to where you want to be, is it because you are constantly complaining where you are at?
On today's show, Josh and Mark walk in and speak their minds. Nothing prepared just straight freestyle. Buckle up.
We face leadership everyday. Sometime its leadership from our peers, other times it is our time to lead. Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility and because of this, sometimes leaders will put themselves in another category. As a leader, is it your job to be above everyone?
Everyday we wake up and events happen. Some good, some bad, but things happen seemingly out of our control. You losing your job... is that pre determined? Is getting in a car accident pre determined? Mark and Josh discuss a beautiful gift God has granted all of us. Sometimes we use it for the best and sometimes for the worst...
In this episode, Josh and Mark question if history is going to repeat itself. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
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