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Dovish or hawkish? Over or underweight? We speak to analysts to understand how decisions and events affect key markets across the world.
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Last month, Singapore's stock exchange saw its strongest performance in over a decade, on positive developments in the search for a Covid-19 vaccine. We speak to Geoff Howie, Market Strategist at the Singapore Exchange, about whether the easy money has already been made in Singapore's financial sector, the future of REITs, as well as whether we can continue to bank on this market rally.
The end of the year is fast approaching. Will equity markets take a breather after the November surge? How will the US fare as President-elect Biden assembles an economic team? We speak to Tim Mulholland, President of TJM Limited, to find out.
The recent earnings trend suggests that the economy is continuing to show signs of recovery. As the third-quarter earnings season reaches a close, we speak to Koh Huat Soon, Head of Research at Kenanga Investment Bank, for some analysis on what lies ahead for markets.
What impact will the US 10-year Treasury yield spike have on assets such as equities and gold? We also discuss the US stimulus package proposal, Southeast Asian equity markets, and Australia's quick recovery to GDP growth with Vishnu Varathan.What impact will the US 10-year Treasury yield spike have on assets such as equities and gold? We also discuss the US stimulus package proposal, Southeast Asian equity markets, and Australia's GDP growth with Vishnu Varathan.
On the back of big IPO news and a tie-up between Slack and Salesforce, what lies ahead for these Covid-19 winners? Jack Kouzi, Director of Strategy at VFS Group, gives us his thoughts on Big Tech, vaccine euphoria, and whether or not Salesforce can really take on the elephant in the room - Microsoft.
US Markets fell into the red on the last day of November, which has been a strong month, particularly for small-cap stocks. We ask Joe Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist at the US Trust-BofA Private Wealth Management, what would be his choice of investment strategy heading into December, as well as his thoughts on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony to Congress, which begins this week.
As Vaccine Economics continue to dominate markets, are we seeing investors move into the rotational plays? Will the Fed and the ECB announce more stimulus? And seeing as November was such a good month for US equities - the Dow Jones and the S&P500 both charted double-digit gains - will this momentum carry us through into the last month of 2020? We ask Stephen Innes, Chief Global Market Strategist at Axi, about all of this and more.
The market is still in a risk-on mode as news as investors react positively to the vaccine and potential stimulus newsflow. Tan Chung Han, Market Analyst at FXTM, weighs in on how this rally will last. He also gives us a view of regional currencies, especially the Ringgit, and explains the dynamics of the carry trade.
The Morning Run speaks to Tony Nash about the Dow breaking past 30,000 and whether he's risk-on or risk-off, the stuttering economic recovery in the US, Janet Yellen as Biden's Treasury Secretary and what that could mean, as well as whether oil has more legs to rally. Image Credit: Red Money /
The Dow hit an all-time high of 30,000 points as investors piled into cyclicals on the back of positive vaccine news and the potential stimulus plan in the US. Jack Kouzi, Director of Strategy at VFS Group, tells us if this rally is sustainable. He also weighs in on Big Tech names and the recent risks.
As President-elect Joe Biden looks set to nominate former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to the position of Treasury Secretary, we speak to Joe Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist at the US Trust-Bank of America Private Wealth Management, for his thoughts on whether this will herald a significant shift to US economic policy. We also ask Joe whether it's time to jump on the cyclical train, as more vaccine news emerges.
Fund flows, cyclical sectors and new China plays are the order of the day, even as America grapples with the Presidential transition and markets wait for a US government stimulus that has divided policymakers. Kingsley Jones, Chief Investment Officer of Jevons Global, discusses.
Is it time to go back to tech stocks for the long term, with the possibility of further US lockdowns and restrictions? The Morning Run also speaks to Tim Mulholland about Tesla entering the S&P500, US Dollar weakness, US stimulus measures, and the disconnect between financial asset prices and the real economy.
The US Equity markets have pulled back from their recent highs, raising questions over whether this is a return to more risk-averse behaviour on the part of investors. We speak to Vishnu Varathan, Head of Economics and Strategy at Mizuho Bank, on what he thinks of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's recent comments, the signing of RCEP, as well as whether the strength of the Rupiah will play a role in Bank Indonesia's decision on whether to cut rates at its meeting today.
Rotational plays have reached Asian equities, so apart from stocks, what other assets are benefiting from this shift? The Morning Run speaks to Jeffrey Halley about this, whether gold still holds lustre, Amazon taking on the pharmacy business, thoughts on aviation as shares surge, and whether the Ringgit's strengthening will continue.
With Moderna’s vaccine reporting an efficacy rate of 94.5% and the Dow hitting an all-time high of 30,000, is it time to change your investment plan? The Morning Run also gets into US Treasuries, how RCEP will impact the US, and whether increased regulatory scrutiny in China is a concern for investors.
On news that Pfizer and BioNTech could come out with a Covid-19 vaccine as early as September, glovemakers have taken a hit. But overall, will this industry still be able to keep some momentum going? We speak to Stephen Innes, Global Chief Market Strategist at Axi, about Asian glovemakers, trade ties in the wake of RCEP, and the rotation into cyclicals seen in US equity markets.
With a vaccine in sight, rotation was the name of the game as investors shifted into cyclicals, selling down the winners of this pandemic like work from home and technology stocks. Patrick Chang, Chief Investment Officer for ASEAN Equities at Principal Asset Management, gives us his views on what investment strategy works best while reminding us that a vaccine is no silver bullet.
The rotation trade is starting to lose momentum - why is that happening? We also speak to Jeffrey Halley on the shape of the economic recovery, US-EU trade relations, and bullish currencies.
Budget 2021 saw a 38% increase in the allocation for development expenditure. To find out which companies stand to benefit, we speak to Loong Chee Wei, Senior Associate Director at Affin Hwang Investment Bank. Image Credit: masuti / Shutterstock
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