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Author: Wondery | The Athletic

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The first daily sports news podcast that covers everything from the world stage to the hometown. The Athletic, home to the best storytelling in sports, and Wondery, the company behind “Sports Wars” and “Gladiator,” take you beyond the box score. With the help of The Athletic’s more than 400 sports writers and editors, co-hosts Kavitha Davidson and Anders Kelto dive deep into the biggest and most fascinating stories of the day. New episodes every weekday morning. The Lead. Sports up close.

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Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo has some serious pipes. The two-time NBA All-Star sings in the locker room, sings on the court, and has won the NBA Talent Challenge the past two years. Many people also believe Oladipo is a contestant on one of the hottest -- and strangest -- shows on television: The Masked Singer. The Athletic's Scott Agness grabs his magnifying glass and walks us through the clues suggesting Oladipo is, in fact, the man behind the creepy mask.Read Scott Agness's full breakdown of the case here:
Hockey commentator Don Cherry, a Canadian icon, was fired this week over comments he made about immigrants during a television broadcast. Cherry, whose "Coach's Corner" segment has been a staple of Hockey Night In Canada for more than three decades, has a long history of making inflammatory remarks. The Athletic's Sunaya Sapurji joins to explain why this controversy was the last straw for Cherry.Read Sunaya Sapuri's take on the Don Cherry controversy:
Yes, The Astros Cheated

Yes, The Astros Cheated


A new investigation by The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich has revealed that the Houston Astros used a high-powered camera to steal other teams' pitching signs during the 2017 season, the year they won the World Series. Major League Baseball is now investigating the matter to determine who within the organization knew about the scheme. Rosenthal joins us to talk about their report, exactly how the Astros were cheating, and what all of this could mean for the team and the league.Read Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich’s story on how the Astros sought a competitive edge:
The Clippers recently angered many NBA fans by resting Kawhi Leonard during a nationally televised game. But could this strategy be the key to winning an NBA title? We speak with The Athletic's Eric Koreen about how "load management" played out during Leonard’s championship run in Toronto last year, the impact his actions have had on the league, and whether this approach to resting will become the blueprint for NBA stars in the future.
The Game of the Century*

The Game of the Century*


LSU plays Alabama on Saturday in the most highly anticipated college football match of the season. The teams also met back in 2011 in the first "Game of the Century,” with LSU prevailing 9-6. The Athletic's Stewart Mandel joins us to talk about how both teams have transformed their offenses since then, despite some initial resistance from Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. We're also joined by Dan Rubenstein, host of the podcasts Sports Wars and The Solid Verbal, for an in-depth preview of the game.Who’s going to win this Saturday? Check out Stewart Mandel’s college football picks for Week 11: to Dan Rubenstein's podcasts, Sports Wars and The Solid Verbal.
Exclusive reporting from The Athletic has revealed that the NFL broached the possibility of London as a new home for the Los Angeles Chargers. And while it might seem absurd that the Chargers could head overseas after such a short time in L.A., The Athletic’s Vincent Bonsignore says it actually makes a lot of sense for the team and the league. We speak with Bonsignore about his story, how the NFL would overcome the logistical challenges of an overseas team, and how this all ties back to the Chargers’ botched exit from San Diego.Read Vincent Bonsignore’s exclusive story about the Chargers:
Can NFL Doctors Be Trusted?

Can NFL Doctors Be Trusted?


Trent Williams recently revealed that a growth he had removed from his head during the offseason was cancerous. The Pro Bowl tackle also claimed that Redskins team doctors had initially told him it was something minor. The Athletic's Ben Standig speaks with us about Williams's health, his strained relationship with the team, and whether or not NFL players are losing faith in team doctors.Read Ben Standig’s story on Trent Williams’ claims and why he wanted to be traded:
Silent No More

Silent No More


Warning: This episode contains graphic material related to sexual assault that may not be suitable for all audiences.Sarah Klein is one of the first known victims of former gymnastics team physician and serial sexual predator, Larry Nassar. As an adult, Sarah struggled with anxiety, depression, and a range of physical ailments. Then Sarah connected with a therapist named Dr. Liz Goldman, who also had been a victim of sexual assault by a middle school wrestling coach. The two women formed a powerful connection that eventually flipped the doctor-patient relationship on its head, and both women continue to draw strength from one another. The Athletic's Armen Keteyian reports.Watch all three parts of Armen Keteyian's report: you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit and receive confidential support.
OJ's Jersey Returns

OJ's Jersey Returns


OJ Simpson's #32 jersey has returned to the football field in Buffalo for the first time in 42 years. It's being worn by a backup running back (and special teams player) named Senorise Perry. The Athletic's Tim Graham broke the story about OJ's number being put back in circulation back in May. We check in with Tim about how the decision has been received, what Senorise Perry hopes to accomplish this year, and how OJ Simpson is remembered by Buffalo Bills fans.Read Tim's original story about the jersey number going back into circulation:
Boxer Beefs

Boxer Beefs


Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, the biggest superstar in boxing, is the main event this weekend in Las Vegas. But, just as Canelo looks to win another championship belt, a rift has erupted between him and his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya. The two men aren’t on speaking terms and the feud has spilled over onto social media. Canelo opened up to The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger about the divide, and Coppinger joins us to talk about what’s going on behind the scenes as boxing’s biggest star and his hall-of-fame promoter square off in their own fight.Read Mike Coppinger’s story to find out more about the feud between Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya: listen to the story of another great boxing rivalry, listen to the 5-episode series on Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield on "Sports Wars":
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Remy Hayes

This is fucking stupid. You arguing for it is fucking stupid.

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The idea that no one thought the ball was juiced before 2017 is laughable. Poor, unchallenging reporting.

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When we talk about the political issues of other countries, it is best to understand their history, and Morey has freedom of speech but bears the consequences.

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awesome podcast. I've been looking for daily sports stories like this

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